Telling my vision about coaching and card readings. 

 (honoring the experiencer) 


More and more I get to see how I am the experiencer of life and love honors me as that experience whereas the ego blames me for everything that isn’t right. As the experiencer of a vision, I must be honored by the greatest force. I am being red like a book, in which the pages roll over revealing the what, the how, the why, the when and the who. Sh%^&, f876, if this is the case, then I welcome myself in. Into my life’s vision, one step more.  

I am a healer, of an unusual kind and I am a soul, shining bright with infinite wisdom, treasures and immortal gifts inside for anyone who dares to see, to see. As such, my vision about coaching and card readings is to honor you, the experiencer. After all the teachings, all the trainings, all path that lead to the same place within, I want to be that one, who simply acknowledges you, accepts you as you are and honors your experience of life.  

Before, it was about sexual fantasies being lived out. Later after the sexy stuff, it was about raising awareness. Now, my awareness has arisen and my vision is to honor you, the experiencer. It’s no news to anyone of us that there is abuse, neglect and disappointment on planet earth at this time. Yet, having your experience seen and respected by another is very healing, it’s freeing and affirming. I’ve noticed the changes in my vision but I am highlighting the consistency too. I am consistent in wanting to give card readings to peeps and having coaching sessions. Both services, I do with joy and with love in my heart and in that I am passing the bliss that exists within me.  

For example, the card readings will develop into an online product in a shop that you buy and receive within ten days. The coaching sessions will grow in the direction of more honor, respect and acknowledgement for my clients instead of concerns about the right methodology.  

And so my true vision with these two hear-driven services of mine is to welcome you as my client into a white palace like space in the mountains overlooking the sea in the distance. Evergreen trees will bring the smell, the breeze will bring the leaves and fresh juice with home-baked cookies will await you. A coaching session will start with the check-in as per the coaching protocols. I will see how you are doing as a whole, I will see how you are with your integrity and I will open up the space for you to share what has opened up since our last session. We will then go into creation mode and finish with building inspiring, moving and touching goals for you. Then we will close the session with a sharing of our greatest value given and taken from the session.  

If it were a card reading meeting, I would welcome you with my turban hat on, the neckless that I wear when I read cards and the three decks. The Healing Mantras of Matt Kahn and The Blind Spot Oracle with The Divine Guidance Frequency Tarot of Teal Swan. We would unravel the messages of the cards for you to understand them fully and then I will help you with practical steps to move forward. Moving forward means making conscious changes to yourself and life such that you experience yourself as being loved. You know you are loved when you can honor yourself as the experiencer of both negative and positive. No judgment, no guilt, no blame or shame, just a blame-free-zone, which really equals a happy place inside.  

I envision people from all over the world coming to visit me. My girlfriend and her daughter are involved in the healing of those we attract. Another new girlfriend of mine is potential involved in the healing team as well and she uses touch to heal you. So, what I see, is potential, progress, expansion and things just being right!  

I want to say a few words about the How. How will this happen? The answer is by honoring myself as the experiencer of life in every given moment. If something triggers me, I honor myself as the one experiencing disappointment or frustration or anger. So as long as I stay focused on my vision, I keep coming back to it every time I can and I honor myself as the experiencer of life along the way, I think the How will simply show itself to me. The minute I forget to read a soul as the experiencer of doubt or certainty, I am in my ego and not in my soul. When I am in my ego, I see other egos and I get pissed off about things. If I am in my soul, I see other sentient beings and I am full of solutions. So the how, is about solutions and practicality but I have noticed that in my soul, I have it all.  

This is my vision about coaching and card readings. They happen in a certain kind of setting but they are also centred around more acknowledgement and respect towards you, the client, than ever before. I visualize myself as that tarot reader that everyone in Europe knows about and tells you to go ask her. I see myself, in my house, still overlooking the forest, still reading cards for peeps and I am old. I am aged and achy and yet, I give guidance, signposting you and you left right and center. I see myself coaching people for the rest of my life and I am happy with that. I want to honor you, no matter what and I am honoring myself more and more each day, so I am feeling good and I hope you will feel my good juju through this writing.  

With love and with light 


p.s. I am looking for one more client by the end of 2020 so please message me if you want a coaching session with me. Thank you.  

p.s.s. I live by the seaside, not yet, but I will soon.  

I am on the beach every day, not yet, but soon.  

I am worthy of all of my clients coming to see me.  

I am confident in my skills.  

I live fully and aligned each day.  

My ego is my friend not my enemy.  

I am my own teacher and I am my own sovereign.  

I am the solace I seek and I am the salve for my feet.  

I am healed. I am growing. I am expanded.  

This 21st December 2020 is the day when I receive confirmation from the universe that all my wishes are granted. I am open to new feelings, I am open to new explorations, I am open to new experiences.  


I say all this because I am holding back no more. I am reading Ralph Smart’s book Feeling Alive and I feel alive so right away I am putting to practice all the wisdom he is giving me. This article was inspired by his book or his videos. He said that I should tell my vision and that that is my job now so I am telling you my vision and I am feeling into it. Thank you Ralph Smart and thank you Universe. Giving thanks to everybody and especially I am grateful for my body.