The best coach is someone who YOU resonate with. If you and your coach feel connected from first interaction then that’s the best coach for you.

As far as guidelines and code of practice is concerned, all coaches must follow these 10 guidelines.

The best coach guidelines

These are the International Coaching Federation requirements and desires that every coach expresses the ability to have these 10 skills.

So… what else can determine the best coach?

Location, age, skin colour, whatever you fancy, perhaps the lifestyle of the coach is going to ring a bell for you when you choose.

Most important of all is to find the one that resonates with you the most. 

Here’s 3 steps to figure that out:

The Best coach must resonate with you


It’s pretty self-explanatory but still, may be you like the tone of my voice in writing I am going to explain with one sentence about each step.

#1. SMILE – if your coach makes you smile thats a good sign, you can use that for any professional relationship, the more you base your decisions on what makes you smile the better. Life will naturally affirm that to you over time.

#2. “AHA” – yes, this “aha” moment is crucial for all of us when it comes to making any kind of decision and especially if we are seeing if something resonates with us, our core. So keep it up.

#3. BREATH-IN – OK, this one is about the next immediate moment after an “aha” moment is to breath-in sharp and fast and deep almost as if you are taking a puff of a joint. If you go “mmm” then it is not resonating, if you go ‘Huuuu” breath-out and sharp breath-in then it is resonating.

Cool, so the best coach has to resonate with you and these are three steps you can use to figure out what resonates or not.

After you have found your best match, you should expect to fill out a questionnaire and reveal some stuff about yourself so that your coach get’s to know, like and trust you. You both have to build the trust and then the work will flow.

At the end of the day we are all here together on this Planet and we are co-inhabitants. It’s best practice to have yourself surrounded with people you love or people that make you smile just when you look at them.

Note: Your coach is not going to help you, he/she is going to coach you which is very different to helping ok. Please bare this in mind. Helping and coaching are not the same. Helping is someone telling you what to do and giving you an advice. Coaching is someone asking you questions and believing in your ability to find your own answers and your own way forward.

As far as money is concerned, there are various rates about so again trust yourself to have found the best coach that resonates with you and trust yourself to discuss this with your coach so as to achieve agreeable stance.

That’s all. With love and with light.



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