The caveman is an uncomplicated man, things are simple: food, shelter, protection, pro-creation.

He doesn’t like change but when change is inevitable he must adapt or perish.



The caveman has the ability to adapt to anything but chooses to keep it simple until there is no other choice.

When a disturbance in routine happens it causes the caveman discomfort.

Un-comfortability is when the caveman learns the most about himself.

Vanity is not a concern for the caveman until he feels the need to pro-create. Then he finds himself tidying and cleaning and preening in an attempt to attract a mate.

But once he has the attention of a women he finds that she wants more.

She wants more than just the food, shelter and protection, she wants expansion, exploration and communication.

This troubles the caveman and he has thoughts of bashing her with his trusted club.

But he knows this will drive the women away after she regains consciousness.

So he tries a new way, he listens to what she has to say and finds that the new ways are not so bad, and in fact they prove to be good.

Good like building areas to grow food naturally and looking for a larger place to construct a family home.

Even going places new that could provide new opportunities and new discoveries.

The increased communication also has its benefits now rather then acting on a situation, the situation can be discussed before it happens therefore allowing multiple solutions, given different outcomes.

Now the caveman and his women have a child, the communication is even more important as there is an in fact to consider, food and safety are once more very important.

Now the caveman must be a teacher as well. Teach the child the ways if life. To stay healthy and safe at all times.

Teach the child all that he has learned in hope that the child will grow into an even better caveman, more aware and more in tune with his surroundings then his father.

This progression allows the child time to focus on inner wisdom, something not previously done.

Going on a self-discovery journey allows the growth of creation. Creating art, and music and dance. These things also bring joy and happiness and the noise of joy and music entice new people to the caveman’s family home and before long there is a small community of people all living together.

Now this brings many benefits, more people to gather and grow food, more people to build and protect, this in-turn allows more time for reflection, discussion and self-discovery.

Before long a religion is born and all the community have daily rituals they practice and this brings peace and hope among the tribe, art and dance flourish and all are filled with joy and happiness.

As the time passes the old man nears his end and as a mark of respect to the caveman a statue is built in his honour.

The caveman reflects on his journey from isolation and fear to companionship on to family then community to leader.

Now the community thrives and at the heart of all activities is the statue of the caveman, the leader, the one without him and his wide none of this would have been possible.

So get into uncomfortable situations, be bold and try the new and grow and expand into whatever you can wish for. 💖




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With love and with light




P.S. Recommended book: Carolyn Myss: Energy Anatomy.