This month we are exploring how to get rid of possessions in order to free up space so that we can welcome Spring with fresh mind, body and heart. The importance of welcoming Spring with openness is related to the bringing of NEW energy, ideas, attitudes, desires, and so on.


Today we are going to look at the number ONE possession that you want to have so that you prepare for the welcoming of the new season. You can check out my article on the three most common layers of possessions here. Today we are going to look at one of the layers.


A mental possession can be understood as any intellectual concept or any ‘story’ that is kept on re-play and is either serving you or de-serving you.


The Number ONE Possession That You Want To Have.


Our ability to choose is the only freedom we have left so… 

Choose the number one possession to be 


A ‘menthol’ possession is what I put out to create contrast and from that contrast learn, get educated and see the distinction. It’s the type of possession that has the flavour of menthol, it’s minty and fresh.

How do we get a ‘menthol’ possession?

Get rid of the intellectual concepts or stories that don’t serve you. There are many ways to do that. I would love for you to ask your inner world and go from there. I personally stand for your decisions to be coming from your internal reality and not the other way around. In the playful way to self-love I teach all about it and you can find out more about this coaching programme here.

So, get rid of the mental constructs that don’t serve you and hold on the ones that make you glee or smile from the inside. You will recognise a ‘menthol’ possession when you have a moment with yourself and its that moment of a secret glow. 

All you got to do is think further about it. You will notice that the glow expands and elevates your chest.

First we have to let go of all the other ones. So you acknowledge that you have so many and then you choose to let them go, put them to the side. Take a conscious moment to do that. This is the only way. Don’t forget that that’s what you are doing, putting the intellectual concepts down and returning to the same dot where the NEW MENTHOL possessions are waiting to be received.

If you are really struggling with this I suggest you work with a coach being. A coach’s job is to get you and by getting you he/she can facilitate a present time conversation by the end of which you will have reached a new level of development.

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Instant relief can be achieved by practicing one of these two exercise.

Instant Relief From Intellectual Possessions - write it out or share it with another


With love and with light