It’s like a draft of beer, always running, always making me happy or smudging the soberness of the reality that I am in my overdraft.

No, we have had a long term relationship, lets see, since 2006 we have been together and that is how many years, 9 years, coming-up to 10 years. Wow right, this is the longest relationship I have had and it is a very trusting one since I dig into the overdraft every-time I pay it off.

So I pay it off and then I am drawn back to using it. It’s like I can’t get enough of it. I really can’t. Only in the last six months I have paid it off twice and each time, I have dipped back in. oh oh.

What’s going on? What is really going on?

Role-Play, this is the Overdraft talking.

I am sick of you, I am so sick of you, you are hurting me in the stomach, it makes me feel sick, to vomit almost. All these people, friends and family, known and unknown…I am sick of them all. I can not handle a single more person coming into my life. no!

no, no, no,

I just cant do it, and I am not sorry. It has been 9 years long journey and quite frankly I am done with you. Really, please go on your way and be free, rest assured that I am happy to rest now and I am happy to be left alone.

Forget about me.

Oh yeah, Go on! Give me the 5 reasons why you wont let go of me:

  • you are always available, I love you!
  • you don’t talk and you don’t moan and do you hardly ever have your say, I like that.
  • I know you, I’ve gotten to know you, you are reliable and trustworthy, you are my ‘overdraft’ for god’s sake.
  • I ‘’didn’t like’’ or I envied you when you went green colour, you looked so wholesome, full. I don’t want that for you.
  • you are ‘’irreplaceable’’. I let go of you once and that is it, never going back 😯I actually don’t know how or what to replace you with.

Thank you! I appreciate your honesty and especially where you say ‘I don’t want that for you’’. Cheers!

Now, since I see the light at the end of the tunnel I think I will be grateful to eternity if you found it in you to let me go. Think about it.

I can stay with you but I am tired, you know. Didn’t you get bored of my tricks, same old for nine years? Didn’t you get curious or a tad excited when I went green and perhaps question how it would be like if I continued to stay green?

I will stay but I am tired. It is my need to rest now, and…it was You who taught me to meet my needs first before the needs of others. Well…that’s what I am asking of you. I am not a baby anymore. I am 9 years old.

This is 5 things a nine years old does and thinks!

Stop possessing over me, please. And if you (the reader) find yourself possessing over something please consider the penned up, tired, clogging type of energy you are creating in this world and if you find it in you to let go and wanna know how then call my owner here or go ahead and learn The Playful Way to Self-Love.

With love and with Light

The Overdraft

ps. It’s Delina here…fairly easy to role-play, try this exercise with any aches you may have in your body right now. Put your attention there, feel the pain and let it speak. Imagine what it wants to say to you. Consider how long you have had the pain, this is how long you two have been in a relationship with each other and then just let it talk!