The two most asked questions in coaching are:

What do you want?  


What do you need in order to get that?  

Although, I think two juicer questions are: 

Who do you need to be in order to get that? 


What will open up for you if you got want you want? 


The problem is I don’t consciously think about the last three questions and instead I mostly dwell in the answers to the first question. I am sure you know very well, excellently in fact, what it is that you want and don’t want. The lack of answers to the last three questions is a problem only a coach can solve for you. You want coaching sessions because someone, like your coach, is willing, ready and available to listen to you or to wait for you until you come up with answers for all questions.  

In addition to questions and answers, a coach provides you with insights but only like 10% of the time. 90% is questioning. An exceptional coach is one who knows the questions to ask you such that you arrive at your answers with fullness and surety. My goodness, is this essential in my line of work. My job as a coach is mostly about asking you stuff and waiting for your answers. The problem is, you may really struggle to find your answers because emotions get in the way. Feelings and pain that has not been fully processed by your body are perfect barriers to your answers. You need to want to find your answers and then the coach will ask you so what do you need in order to find your answers. In which case you would need to face your emotions, face your light, your ego, your consciousness and mostly examine the context in which you are being at the time of working with a coach.  

Let me ask you this question: 

What context am I in that creates the experience I have?  

You know how some people see the glass half empty and others see it half full. I think this has to do with the context that they are in. I often forget about the power of the context but since I am evolving every day, it came to my attention. My experience with my boyfriend is created off of the context I have, the context in which I am being. If I see him from the context of, he is the man of my life no matter what, then I will respond and relate to him in a way that affirms why he is the man of my life. Often, I am in the context of he is pissing me off, therefore I get more evidence or happenings to piss me off.  Context can be consciously created and chosen by you if you wish to do so. In fact, a lot of the coaching that I do is about the power of the words we use. It is not new that conscious usage of language is powerful enough to create a whole new reality.  


And 2021

What context will you choose to create for yourself such that your experience of 2021 is elevated? I am giving the word elevated because we have no more time to waste. The horrible reality of loneliness, fear, bullying and disconnection must be shape shifted into a reality that is together, peace, love, connection. Come on. There is no time.  

Choose your words, choose your context, make the universe your ally, receive everything good, bad, negative, positive, hard, easy as a gift and say thank you. Say thank you one million and hundred times or more.  

For instance, The Covid – 19 situations are a context you and I are in, this context is creating our experiences. We are not powerless to the context we find ourselves in at all. I am a singing bird, bringing this to your attention.  


What context AM I in that creates the experience I have? 

As a coach, I ask the questions, you arrive at the answers for yourself and share them with me afterwards.  

May the light and the force be with you.  

May you be blessed with crypto stuff, knowledge, coins, decimals and so on.  

May you and I, both be blessed with closeness and cuddles and touch.