The Opening. It’s quite late at night and I have been thinking about this topic since morning, only my day has been jam packed with beautiful men and lots of coaching sessions.

There is an opening inside an opening and inside that there is another opening and quite frankly I think the “rabbit hole goes down quite far”.

Yes, it is inside “down under” and then in and in. I am a turned on women and I am liberated from limiting beliefs. I wish I can do the same for every women since there is a deep well of experiences and sensations awaiting to be unraveled and shaken by the beautiful men that walk on this Earth.

There is an opening that happens when I want to transform, expand and learn the next big lesson of my life.

Another time, the opening is simply in the mouth, to eat food and drink water.

Other times, the opening is near the clitoris where the urine comes out from.

Sometimes the opening is in the crown chakra, where the spiritual downloads come in.

There is an opening in the heart too, love and blossoms coming to surface.

Let’s say I start a cycle, and we all know that life is wavy with ups and downs, the up-flow of a cycle can feel like an opening. A cylinder filling up or literally emptying out.

The intimate opening that I have experienced recently left my partner absolutely stunt for he did not know what hit him. I did not know what happened. I know it felt insanely good for me, deep down and under. I mean it felt like it’s an opening with no end, hungry, longing, taking, grabbing, yet vulnerable and hot.

What life am I living noticing things like that. I snap out of it trust me and when I do, I get super motivated to inspire people, other women and men to seek what I seek and believe in what I believe and to meditate like I meditate.

What do men go through? Do you men have an opening?

There is an opening at the end of your p-e-n-i-s and few other bits bobs but what about on energetic level?


The word Moist on yellow background, relating moist to opening


Anyway, thinking about an opening can be related to think about a New Beginning, starting something for yourself.

The days of this new year are already rolling with a speed to my liking and so I am going to keep putting it out there that Self-Love is the way forward.

The playful way to self-love is a self-exploration process that will happen intensely in six weeks. I highly recommend you do this course because it is time we live and be the change we want to see in this world.

There are millions of processes and procedures and things you can do and that are available to you. The playful way to self-love is different because I created it with the intention to feel alive, keep the child within entertained, heard and reach that place of pure joy. It’s a six weeks process that basically gets you to hear your inner voice. I believe you are your best teacher.

How do you know if you are hearing your intuition or if it’s the voice of the ego all the time?

I would love to hear from you, hit the reply button or leave a comment below. That’s all from me this week.

Next week “Have I Become a Robot Part II” is coming up.

With love and with light




p.s. Teal Swan’s pick of the week is a very very exciting one, she will talk about sexuality with two lovely giggling ladies. For all the men this is worth watching and learning.


p.s.s. Also, this week it is finally time to share a gem stone with you. Michael Burnstain works to awake the masculine and feminine energies in us and I recommend his coach being as he is gentle and very caring. Gift yourself a coach this year, there really is nothing better than sharing. Sharing is caring.