Hello dear reader,

I had an experience today walking around Escazu, Costa Rica, feeling overly sensitive to every single man I came to cross by and at one point (being a women) I had enough, I swore silently in my mind and instantly felt that’s not the way is it.

The power of intention – ever useful and applicable gave me a sense of peace. I affirmed to myself several times:

“May I feel peace towards all men.”

And Boom. Pressure, intensity and stress – moved away from my senses and I felt peaceful.

This is how to use the power of intention:

Step 1: Affirmative sentence starts with “May I…” And you complete with the opposite of that which you do not want to feel.

In my case I was feeling stressed out and very violent towards men. The opposite of what I was feeling was peace. Love usually works but somehow it didn’t this time, any other positive feeling word I tried didn’t work as I would of liked it to. PEACE was it.

Step 2: Take a little bit of time to change the affirmative sentences until you find one that really is simple and that works for you.

I changed my mind several times before I found the affirmation that worked. Usually, I complicate things thinking it will have better results whereas this time I went for what sounded simple, short. Nailing my affirmative stand was ace.

Step 3: Repeat the affirmation several times until you feel a sense of relief which is a sign of openness.

For me it works instantly but that’s probably because I rely on affirmations heavily to ease my mind from gripping on ideas and thoughts that don’t serve me. I’ve learned over time that simple and easy affirmative statements work the best. I like positive and I think the world needs more love, not less. More connection, not less.

I also want you to think about how to apply the power of intention which in my opinion is about the situations in which you use this enormous power. Simple answer is – any and every. We can start our day with intention or we can quickly reach to it as a tool in stressful and high pressured situations. You can use it when you are thinking about money, for example, setting the intention “May I recognize my best client today.” Relationships, health, visions and everything, anything.

It is my best wish that you will start to practice the power of intention in your life and for further information I am suggesting you this video – Matt Kahn – The Essential Key of Intention
Loving all that arises.