Your perception of chaos begins inside you. It is always a matter of organizing your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings and ideas. As we focus on loving ourselves, we start to see how perfectly everything fits together. For example, our bodies contain so much orchestration on so many levels and everything works in harmony. This alignment can be reflected in the external world which means the chaos will now be perceived as a purposeful arrangement by the universe at large.  

Getting to the nitty-gritty of your core beliefs is not an easy thing to do and you must be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself. Everything happens in divine time and you must remember that it is about the journey, not the destination.  

Your chaos is my chaos. Your harmony is my harmony. Your chaos is our chaos and your harmony is our harmony. We are all connected so your idea of separation is what’s keeping you asleep or stuck.  

Where you see chaos and malice, others see the evolutionary process.  

Always think you have the choice to turn your focus back at yourself and begin to give yourself approval or acknowledgements and validation by simply saying: Hey, I am here with you and everything is changeable but I am still going to be here with you, because who is having this experience right now? What is having this experience right now? I am.  

Returning to the I AM presence is one way. 

Acknowledging the Unity Consciousness is another way. For real, the WE consciousness is a powerful stream that you can tap into by simply saying: All I am, we are. All We are, I am.  

Chaos is a fear-based reality and when you are fearful you choose self-destructive behaviours and actions. Nothing wrong with that but it definitely highlights the chaos. It will attract horrible news and it will bring evidence to your door to confirm the many reasons why you should be fearful.  

Call everything harmony exactly as it is, exactly as you see it and what your perception change. There is also Choiceless Harmony which frees you up in times of stuck-ness. You are in a position without choosing it and yet you can choose to call it harmony and feel.  

The chaos can very easily go away if you choose to be in alignment with your soul’s desires. So ask yourself the question: what do I desire, really? Look for it, don’t rush, feel the passion of desire come and it will. But then also have the courage to go in the direction of your desire.  

This going … is best done with people who are doing the same for themselves and it is always a good idea to work with someone along the way.  

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