This will be a list of all the things I could think of that coaching can do for you. It’s not the full list but it’s a good start. In the end, I invite you to get in touch with me if you wish to discuss coaching for you. For you specifically. So here we go:


What coaching can do for you is 

  • Get you organized in ideas, actions, things you need to do 
  • Get you clarity from small percentage of know what you need to know, to high, in short time 
  • Get you the barriers and fears out the way 
  • Get you closer to your goals, visions or dreams 
  • Get you unstuck 
  • Get you moving again with inspired thoughts and actions that come from that inspiration  
  • Provide an accountability buddy  
  • Help you find your voice  
  • Reflect back where you are in your process and point out which way you need to go next 
  • Provide you with empowerment, self-esteem, confidence and motivation  
  • Give ideas and help you understand your own 
  • Create immediate results for you 
  • Stretch you outside of your comfort zone 
  • Make you feel heard, seen, felt, understood and acknowledged 
  • Get you frustrated only so that you can then get to feel relief as well  
  • Open up possibilities, remind you that everything is possible, get you to see the possibilities  
  • Get you knowledgeable on yourself, how you work or how you function and tick 
  • Point out the obvious so that you see it, face it, accept it and move on with clear action in mind 
  • Balance out your energy so that you feel grounded and present again  
  • Bring you back into connection with your heart space instead of always being in your head 
  • Change your life forever  
  • Change your perspective forever 
  • Make you aware of the things you don’t know, you don’t know 
  • Refer you to psychiatrist, counsellor, therapist, consultant or mentor who will be better suited for your needs if you coach figures your needs are not for coaching.  
  • Connect you back with your inner wisdom, your inner child, your free innocent self  
  • Get you a cheerleader who would celebrate your journey with you 
  • Get you a confidant who would keep your darkest or brightest secrets 
  • Get you a companion who would love and adore you along the way 
  • Get you to realize what is true for you personally and live-in integrity with that truth  
  • Create the life you want and do it your way 
  • Remind you of authentic and grateful living, being and doing 
  • Get you permission to hate, to scheme, to plot, and overcome all barriers in your way 
  • Get you touched on the deepest level 
  • Get your heart beat going again  
  • Get you to sit in the fire or flames of your own consciousness  
  • Get you a breakthrough and a breakdown while holding your hand throughout it 
  • Get you to transform 
  • Get you to heal 
  • Get you to live your life by the art of completion, teach how good it is to complete and begin  
  • Get you to travel  
  • Get you freed from rage, anger, grief and back into passion, drive, creativity 
  • Teach you about context and how to use it 
  • Teach you about the power of the word and how to create new realities with it 
  • Get you to do things in a sequence, one after the other 
  • Help you avoid overwhelm 
  • Clear away your doubts and create a blame free zone for you  
  • Help you express yourself 
  • Show you what it means to be around someone who isn’t judging you 
  • Give you tools that you can use to create or build the life you want 
  • Put you in the company of someone who is stronger than you and therefore you get power 
  • Get you to do things as soon as you remember about them 
  • Get rid of procrastination  
  • Acquaint you familiarize you with the part of you that is a creator by nature  



I think that’s enough for now. You get the picture and there probably is more, like I haven’t even touched on finances yet but for sure coaching can do that for you too. You know, like get you motivated to reach your financial goals.  


I guess the most important thing I wish to get across with this writing is that my kind of coaching, which is creative consciousness coaching, coupled with my kind of personality, which is vibrant and expressive, can significantly help you along your journey of life. I am a proud Life Coach to myself and to my peeps. It would be an honor and a pleasure to be yours too.  


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