#What Coaching Is NOT. 


Coaching is not therapy nor counselling or reading cards for people. It isn’t just any conversation where you listen and ask questions. There is much more to it and I am going to write about in this post.  

Coaching is not mentoring nor consulting. I won’t describe what all of those other practices are, instead I will describe what coaching is. Yes, it’s a conversation but its aim to reach a higher, more efficient and effective way of thinking, seeing, being, hearing, knowing and understanding.  

A conversation that follows a specific structure, hugs in all of you, everything you are must come into the conversation. Your mind, your body and your spirit, as well as your emotions. It isn’t focusing on your past or focusing on specific topic, like you would in consulting. Very simply said, coaching comes from a state of being. I, as a coach, have been trained to not only do the coaching but to be it.  

Being a coach is more than doing the coaching as a profession. When I be it, then I must follow my own dreams and visions. I must be incorruptible in myself.  

Coaching is not something you need; it is something you want. The definition of want and needs is as follows: 

What you want is a need that you desire but you are not supposed to have it.  

What you need is a want you are ready to receive the moment you require it. 

So, let’s say you know yourself to be a write all of your life but you are busy with working for somebody that has nothing to do with writing. When you are on your own, you think about starting to write again but you just can’t because x y z. This becomes a desire of yours but again the excuses you hold against yourself stop you from having it. This is where coaching comes in. It drives you to the think you desire and along the way it unravels all the barriers you have that say why you cannot have it.  

Each session hugs your heart, mind, body and soul, your ego and your breath gently guiding you towards the thing you desire the most. It gives you the goals you have set for yourself. The one that comes from being does that. The very fundamental factor of being in the present moment and coaching from that space starts up a shift in you.  

When you are being coached by a Creative Consciousness Coach the results you want are bound to come. I talk about it in more depth here.

Creative Consciousness Coaching is not like any other type. The training process is unique and it changes you to the core. It shapes your coach being.  

 If you are interested in coaching please go train with Creative Consciousness and if you are interested in something personal but you still ain’t got it yet, then message me.