What is Creative Consciousness?
How it applies to the everyday person.

Creative Consciousness is a source of infinite abundant tools, ideas, perspectives, practices and tried and tested experiences that the everyday person can use to make life easier, lighter, and wealthier. Consciousness in and of itself is the omnipresent field all around us. Creativity however is the coming of something out of nothing. Here’s nothing and then we do something with that nothing and it becomes something therefore we have created something. If this is nothing and we just change it, it’s still nothing but in a different form. We don’t know how nothing turns into something, we just know what to do and we do it. People from all over the world try and do things and then when they succeed at it, it gets uploaded into the Creative Consciousness system. A system that we all have access to. How we can access it is by asking empowering questions. Open-ended questions are also a great access point into Creative Consciousness.

So in essence, this system is only to serve us and never to impede our growth. It provides us with all that we need in every given moment just as soon as we remember to tap into it. Every time we come back to that question that resonates with us and we sit with it for a little bit, asking it over and over again, we will access the Creative Consciousness within us and we will find answers. The everyday person needs answers and needs relief which comes from answers. Everybody in their life needs solutions, responses, acknowledgements, love and happiness. All of which can be found in Creative Consciousness. There are people who are more intelligent than others, there are also those who are more heart-centred than others. No matter which is greater for you, every time you come to realise what works for you, how you created something out of nothing, it goes into the collective creative consciousness and it is now available for others to access it too.

Sometimes Creative Consciousness can be called Unity Consciousness. No matter what you choose to call it, its essence stays the same. It will always provide you with what you need in every given moment.

I think everyday people experience too much life and so this system applies to them perfectly. For example, you took on one more ‘I will do it, I will check it, I will see task on behalf of a friend or co-worker. Now, this new task adds to the top of your already long to-do list. Most likely, the first response is avoidance like ‘I’ll do that later, procrastinate. It is in this situation that Creative Consciousness applies to you. For example, the nothing out of something creative will be to say to your friend or co-worker that you already have so much to do. You would love to help but instead, you would say no and refer him or her to someone else. This is one creation, whereby you refer them to someone else and therefore complete the energy with love. Or, you notice that you create space for yourself to complete the projects you got going on. You could feel good about creating space and you could release yourself from feeling bad that you can’t take on your friend’s task. Being creative and employing creative consciousness adds value, clarity and completion not only to yourself but to others too. Compare it to taking on the task and now stressing out, avoiding and procrastinating. Your friend or co-worker is waiting on you. Every other task on your to-do list is waiting on you, yet you feel disempowered or may even be stuck. You did not create a solution for your friend’s task and you did not create a solution for your other tasks, therefore this is more like Limited Consciousness.

There is nothing wrong with either path you choose because even in the most painful situations, we are simply building up the pressure to reach the tipping point.

Lack of mentality, limiting beliefs and the fear of saying no to someone is genuine everyday person predicaments. I sympathise with that and I wish nothing but the best for the world, every day. Creative Consciousness wishes the best for the world every day, being on standby for the lay one to tap into it. In addition, this system applies to absolutely all of us in every situation be it health, leisure, finance, home, or relationships.

Examples of Creative Consciousness in action are:
Tools of empowerment
The power of the spoken word
Action steps
Mission and vision and legacy
Comfort zone
Self-created context
Breaking through barriers
Speaking your truth

You get the point. You will probably be able to add something and trust me it will be part of Creative Consciousness in action. As always though, it’s all well said but we need to apply these actions to our daily lives in order to see results.

So let’s talk about questions for a bit. If the everyday person can access Creative Consciousness through questioning, then what exactly should one ask? Well… one of the best questions to start with is ‘What do I need?’ and then you can go on to ask ‘How do I feel?’ and thirdly you could say ‘How can I serve you?’. Other examples of good open-ended questions are:

What would open up for me if I said no?
You can substitute the ‘i said no’ with whatever else is happening for you. What would open up for me if… and then you finish the sentence with literally infinite possibilities.

Or you could ask yourself this question:

What can I acknowledge, let go of or decide in order to feel free right now?
Change ‘feel free’ with your personal predicament or feeling and you will get it. The question will instantly start to bring Creative Consciousness into your field.

Finally, I would like to clarify that every successful person started off as being a normal everyday person in and of his or her own reality. Even the richest man Jeff Bezos was an everyday person in his reality until he became rich one day. So, I am looking to eliminate any degree of separation between this person and that person and instead remind us that we are one.

I love you very much. Thank you for reading and Namaste.