What is ok and what’s not ok in society? A Spiritual viewpoint. 

How come some things are ok in society when really, they should not be. Others things that should be ok in society are not ok. This is about acceptance and asking for the spiritual perspective on it.  

For sure, acceptance is a huge topic but the kind of spirituality that I am going to view this from is all about inclusion. This is the heart-centred approach to everything life and society related. For example, going to the theatre with glitter on your face is not acceptable in society as we know it today. At the same time, it is acceptable to swear and shout. You see, the spirituality that I follow would always bring back your attention to the fact that there are hearts who hurt and because they hurt, they still go out their way to hurt other hearts. This is all about being the victim. Victimhood is an allergic reaction that some of us get just for being on planet earth and for being in a human body. The human body creates a set of conditions for us to abide by and so there have been four allergic reactions to that human condition. These four inflammations are victimhood, righteousness, neediness and entitlement.  very much so, in society, today, we are still observing these inflammatory behaviours and it is only through the power of love that we can bring down the redness. A kind of love that turns toward your heart and says ‘hey, I am here with you, I am you and I am grateful first and for most for the ability to put my hand on my heart and to tell you how much I love you still. Hey, let me show you compassion, let me be connected with you, let me show you what humility looks like. Listen, heart, I want you to slow down and listen to me, for I am the light, the light I am and I am the resolver of all things because if you just slow down and listen you will hear my call to include, accept, admit. Be grateful heart even for the things that you cannot. And if you can’t do that than just say ‘I wish I was grateful for this or for that.’’  

You see, it is the people with closed hearts that go out shouting and fighting and they are the ones that will give you the impression that it is not ok to wear glitter at the theatre. Those closed hearted people though are still worthy of love. Their own love, as and when they wake up.  


So, I don’t know about other spiritual perspectives but I know about this heart-centred consciousness and that it always begins with honesty. Our ability to say ‘I admit that x y z’ or to say ‘I accept that x y z’ is always the first easy step to open up communication with your heart and as you begin to share with your heart whatever worries you, your heart’s intelligence will speak back because in essence that’s what the heart is doing. The heart is waiting for us to turn to it and share honestly what the heck do we feel, think, see and experience. We then listen to the heart and when its wisdom comes through, you will notice that it always brings relief. It’s a drop of love that has the power to blow up everything. That kind of relief will get you back to rest and sleep. This relief is what will replenish your system and then next time you are out in the society waters, you shall not see the unacceptable so much, instead you will be in awe with all the glitter that was there in the first place. You couldn’t see it because your heart wasn’t looking but now that your heart is open, safe and relaxed in your own company, it is able to see what it couldn’t see before.  

When the inflammation in your nervous system comes down righteousness becomes insight, victimhood becomes discernment, entitlement becomes worthiness and neediness becomes openness. You see, in every so-called negative there is a gem stone of truth. It is the kind of truth that shines like glitter but we must first have the eyes to see it. Best way to get that kind of eyes is to return to gratitude, again and again, like literally. ‘Hey, what are you doing? I am just being grateful for the sake of being grateful because this truly is a gift of life and since I am still alive, I better do something with it.’  

The society today is going through a re-form. Huge undertaking that the collective heart has been preparing for. This is the ascension timeline and all of our misconceptions are being sorted out for us, all we have to do is feel this through.  

The spiritual viewpoint on accepting somethings and not others while those things that really should not be allowed are allowed is this one. A heart-centred approach that says all is included, come as you are, be as you wish, feel it all. I know it may sound scary but the truth of it is, is that the unacceptable is accepted for being just that ‘unacceptable’. For example, timelessness is accepting time because they are the opposite of each other. We are watching the play for polarity so do not be fooled that one is right and the other is wrong. Society says ok to one thing and not ok to another thins is nothing but the play of polarity that is happening on an individual level as well as now the collective, mass consciousness.  

Be brave my dear one to put a hand on your heart still. Say those words of admitting, accepting, thanking and watch the relaxation that comes. If you have any questions for me please email me. If you have topics that you want me to talk about, please message me. If you want to work with me, please contact me today.  




P.S. The four inflammations I mention belong to the heart space okay and then there is our beautiful minds. There are another four inflammatory behaviours that we can observe relative to the mind. These are confusion, boredom, frustration and loneliness.  Now, I know loneliness is a topic far deep than just an inflammation of the mind and if you want to learn the anatomy of loneliness then please check out the book in the link.