What to share with our partners and how far? 

Me and my partner talk about things just like every couple does but the question of what and how much remains. What should I share and what should I withhold? How far should I go with my sharing? 


Today, collectively we find our throat chakra is opening. Our communication is bursting forth. We are moving from the mind and the head into the heart through the throat. If our throat chakra is balanced out, we would share with our partner everything that we want to share and there will be no doubt. How far we go is also not going to surface up because we would be in flow and whatever energy needs to come out, and express, it will.  

How do you balance the throat chakra then? Well, you can use guided mediations, or sounds that are specific for that chakra. You can educate yourself about the kinds of fruits and vegetables supporting it. Read and apply. Then, notice.  

Still though, the sharing with our partners is a good question to ask. As women, sometimes we want to say things but we fear the men won’t understand. Other times we share out right without thinking but the men don’t receive it, they don’t feel it. This kind of mismatch can create doubt and suspicion which is why we turn to our hearts for guidance. We look towards our inner worlds to figure out what wants to be shared. How far we go depends on how safe we feel with our partners.  To create more safety, we need to learn how to trust one another and we also need to learn how to stay in our bodies when difficult emotions like shame, arise. If we check out, then how far we go in the sharing of our story will be interrupted.  

I don’t want you filling up your partners head with content that is kind of like junk food or junk mail. I’ve noticed many relationships become a matter of questions and answers and that kind of sucks. Instead, the content should be valuable and insightful. Share the things that will make your partner know you better. Don’t gossip or slag off other people. Instead share how much you are grateful and what you are grateful for.  

You will see it takes great courage to give valuable information to your partner but you will also notice that they hear it better. They will retain it and one day they will say the sweetest most adorable things to you because you had the courage that one time to share what’s valuable to you.  

Go for the intimate stuff. Share your juicy stories and insights.  

Sometimes, the power of setting a context can bring miracle and make magic for you and your relationship. This means that if you want to talk about money, you would warn the other person that you want to talk to them about money at some point and you give it time. By telling them what you want to talk about, you are setting up a context and that will serve you.  

Context. This is about telling the other person how to relate to what is about to happen in conversation. Especially when you have a topic in mind, something you have wanted to tell them for days, then it really serves you well to set a context for your sharing.  

This serves them also because it gives them time to come into a space of openness and to receive your sharing. Once you start sharing with someone who has been prepped and who is open then the How Far can be a lot further than you think. Meaning, the depth of the sharing can be expected to be much deeper than telling your partner stuff without setting the context.  

You can also call on your angels and spirit guides to work through you and bring about the most potent circumstances for your sharing to occur such that both of you can grow and evolve from it. The power of prayer is amazing and well documented. The power of intention is also amazing and so much has been said about it.  

If you find yourself in flow and you are starting to share something without context and without being received on your partners end, then BREATHE.  


Take a moment, smile, may be even hold your heart or bring your hands into prayer position in front of your chest and anchor one more time in gratitude. You may continue with your sharing if you feel like it or you may end abruptly saying you will tell him or her the rest later.  

 Sometimes, how far we share depends on how far you have revealed it within yourself.  

When you say something to your partner that is meaningful and important to you, you are actually saying it to yourself through them. You are communicating with the universe inside of them, that comes back to you for you to hear yourself. Similarly, what they say to us is what they are saying to themselves through us. You and I have power over our reaction and our response to whatever is being shared.  

I have had to say to peeps to stop there if what they are sharing is going in a direction I don’t want to go. This is totally in my power to stop someone mid-way and to ask them to stop there because the power lies within our responses and reactions, not the other person. We can also listen uninterruptedly for a long time and gift the other person the most loving unconditional listening they have ever seen. This is also a response by choice.  

So, ask yourself, how far would you like your partner to go with their sharing? Ultimately, look to be in alignment with yourself and everything else will unravel for the highest good of all.  

I want to sum it up for us: 

What should be share with our partners and how far should be go? These are some of the things to bear in mind: 

  • Context 
  • What you share you share with yourself through them 
  • Choose your response and reaction 
  • Balance your throat chakra 
  • Feel safe first  
  • Content  
  • Courage to share valuable stuff 
  • Be open to receive 
  • Call on your angels 
  • Breathe, pause, resume 
  • Know where your power is 

I hope this was helpful to you.  




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