When you don’t know how to communicate your value effectively. 



Value. An inner web of important things that make you, you and me, me. So when you don’t know how to communicate your value effectively, you are in trouble. You will need to learn how to communicate first and then you will need to figure out your value and then you will need to find your authentic way of bringing that across effectively. In this write up I will talk about communication skills and how to develop them, as well as personal value, what it means and how to find it. In the end I will try to link the two and explain how you can communicate your value effectively across.  


I think one of the best way to develop your communication skills is to read books and visit libraries. It’s free to visit the local library in any village across the world and it’s a place abundant with books that express written communication. Most libraries have computers too, which is free access to the world wide web where communication is verbal. We live in the information era but we are not confident to communicate because we lack practice and we lack the someone who will pay attention to us. Growing you verbal and written communication skills can be done by visiting events that are donation based and you can participate. For example, my events are donation based and we are learning to speak English which is a communication practice. We know we need to be a good communicator because it helps in all of our relationships but let’s not forget that this is about language, both verbal and non-verbal communication are included.  

Now, over to the personal value that you know you have or you are going to figure out that you have it and then communicate it. The best way to find out your value is to ask yourself the question: Who needs me? For some of us the answer is this person or that person and maybe it’s clothed in a little bit of doubt. For others it may be ‘no one’ which is depressing and sad of course, but it’s still not the end of the road. When ‘no one’ needs you, then you are literally given the opportunity to build something from scratch. You get to choose who will need you depending on who you need and who you want to need you.  

If this doesn’t work, you can ask yourself this question: What is important to me? And Why? When you find out what is important for you then you can find others who have the same value as you and communicate effectively with them the personal value that you have in common.  

Let’s talk about the effectiveness of our communication. I think this has to do with where the other person is at on their journey of evolution. If someone is unable to receive what you said even though you communicated clearly and confidently, then was it effective? No. They didn’t understand you therefore there is a gap between you. If someone says something to you about their own importance than you must be in a space within yourself where you can receive that information. You must also be aware of your own value in order to hear the value of someone else. 


Today. The awareness inside people’s minds is actually further than they acknowledge. The seed of awareness has been planted by the first wave of ascension and it has BEGUN its process of sprouting and growing.  

Yes, oh yes. That’s what I am talking about. The acknowledgement that this seed of self-awareness has been successfully nurtured and cultivated. It’s a very tender stage for humanity right now. Just like the fragile seedlings of wild flowers, humanity needs to be kept in the loving attention of the grown-ups. Okay. This will continue until everybody knows their value and communicates it effectively in between each other.  

It will sound like this: ‘oh, hey, you look gorgeous and beautiful, strong, you are going for it and I am your cheerleader. ‘and the response will be of equal measure: ‘ah, I look at you and I see vitality, purpose and drive. You radiate and I am happy to be around you right now.’ 

When you and I know how to communicate our value effectively, we receive each other, we see one another in the same space and that’s usually a lovely feeling. When we don’t know how to speak to each other so that we tell the story of our inborn value then we honor the experiencer experiencing not being received or seen or heard or understood or felt. This will look or sound like this: I am reading you, right now, and I am reading that you felt unheard or unseen, misunderstood and not fully received or not completely gotten and as I read this about you, I am grateful as well as respectful and in that I am reflecting back to you love, I am liberating you because I am honoring you and that makes me the expression of unconditional love while you remain the experiencer of being loved. So, while you may not be received, you always remain loved by the first wave of ascension. They are sentient beings that hold space for the second wave of ascension to ascend into 5D consciousness.   

I trust you followed this through and I honor you as the experiencer of someone who didn’t follow through. All is well either way.  

Let’s be proactive about finding out what’s important for us and who may need us in today’s world.  

Let’s use the free resources available to us all, so that we can become better communicators.  

Let’s strive for effective communication of our value as human beings, sovereign and empowered.  

If there is anything, I can help you with in terms of personal growth, then my coaching services will be good for that. May you and I and all being across the world be blessed with clear and effective communication given or received.