Let’s be honest for a second, we all have to remember why we do what we do. It’s the life blood of our being here and now.

I love seeing the transformation in others, I love being present in the moment when someone else is having an “aha” moment. Seriously, it’s one of those moments that are equivalent to having a climax.

Life changing encounters, interactions, experiences, stories, perceptions, visions are possible and available for us all, at all times if we open up to them. I love being a creative consciousness coach. I’m so in love with the line of work I have chosen that today I dedicate this writing to this love.

Celebrating being a coach.

You see there is a difference between I am a coach or I qualified as coach and being a coach. The emphasis is on the being. When I am being a coach being, it’s different. I am sharing with you my being, the internal world that is lovable and light.

I love what I do, when I allow space for a client to come in and explore their possibilities, be their mirror, hold space such that it’s non-judgemental, no rush, time-free, compassionate and caring, guess what… blossoms come to the surface.

Something in the blossom of tree branches

“God”, I just love being a coach and working with men and seeing them open up to their internal realities and their emotions and learn how to express or become curious about meditation and yoga or simply to open up to talk about fears and worries and dreams.

I get a kick every time a client reaches a moment of realisation, it’s life opening, reinventing, spiritually awaking, “wholesome internal joy”, it’s “life gaining”. 

You see, I have always been a people helper, animal lover, a pleaser and a giver but now my work has changed, I am in the game of transformation and that may sound big but it’s really not. Simply having a realisation about something is transformation and I thrive on this. I love it.

Having completed my Creative Consciousness® training, I sure know how to be thought provoking, how to shift your perception and how to stimulate a breakthrough and guess what, its absolutely bloody amazing. I love it.

I’m so bloody good at what I do because I fuel it with so much passion that I barely sleep some nights. I am awake and I am alive and I am more available than ever. This is awesome and precious.

Used to be afraid “oh what if they hurt my tender spot” but the more I work with men the more I see that this is never the case. Gentleness comes to the surface but hey…the shift happened in me first. I started entering my coaching sessions not from a place of “It will hurt” but from a place of “it will blossom”. And so it did.

I’m passionate about what I have chosen to dedicate my life to and  wish you can try doing something the same. If you haven’t already then please invite this for your future. I get a sense of peace, deep inside me because I know this is what I wanna be doing for the rest of my life.

Empowering, awakening, transforming as many people’s life as I can. Simply being available for you is enough sometime.

Now, let’s talk about what do I actually do. Apart from holding space and reflecting back, being the mirror, I ask questions and then I wait for your answers. Trust me its not the same as you asking yourself the question and then giving yourself the answer cos the answer may be coming from the Ego rather then from your Heart. 

Sometimes, the tried and true golden silence is enough for us to get the breakthrough of our life, simply the fact someone else is in the silence with us, their presence and our presence…wow…

We are here, now, we only get one shot at this and we better be having a good time. OK. this is it, wake up and be alive every day, deliberately, get up, get yourself and be something.

Over the years of seeing how Psychology works, how the social system works, the people that require therapists and the people that are on top of things, I’ve been around and around, I know this road and to put it all together I would say that:

Something in the Blossoms of a whole tree


How do we get into the state of being? It’s not like we are being taught how to do it. Is it? And plus I am talking about conscious being, aware that you are being being not simply existing and going through the days like a machine. You are not a robot, I repeat, you are not robot.

F*** wake up and start living today, any doubts and fears you face them with me by your side or perhaps someone else or by yourself, it don’t matter, face them, give them a voice and then choose to look the other way and go for it.

Yep, just go for it. Do it. Do something!

I love you and I love myself but I also love life and living it with a sort of madness in my veins for a long time now has brought me to this very moment.

My passion …. I just love what I do and the simple maths is that this will rub off on you during each session and just that in itself will have a positive impact on you.

Proven that if you are in the company of someone jolly, you get jolly too. If you are in the company of someone horny, you will get horny too. This is how it works. We are all a reflection of our internal state. So check with yourself what is your internal reality now?

If you don’t know what it is, how to change it, what to put in it, just simply don’t have the knowledge of it then The Playful Way to Self-Love may be one good starting point.

You will also benefit from working with me. I am awesome at what I do and I shall transport you to the place you desire. 

With love and with light




P.S Today’s something for you is my very special topic related teaching from Teal on how to find your Life’s Purpose, enjoy.