Fractal Widgets

Aether Creature Fractal Widget Brings to Us the Medicine of Communication, Understanding and Self-Transformation. 

Everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates. Amazingly, this energy that vibrates imparts information. So the amplitude and frequency of energy are what determine how (in what form) that energy will express itself. We call this a ‘vibration’. Before vibration manifests physically it usually becomes a fractal, a  magnificent geometric pattern. It’s like an interface between physical and non-physical. A vert special dimension where energy begins to take on form.  Rather than being a specific creature, a Fractal Widget is an intentionally generated and self-transforming life form that exists in between non-manifested and manifested reality. Ultimately, the Fractal Widgets are the most incredible geometric shapeshifters, they will take on any form that holds meaning to the person they are interacting with. Most people who encounter a Fractal Widget do so during out-of-body experiences or after having ingested the powerful medicine DMT. Due to the writings of the American ethnobotanist Terence McKenna, many people now call these life forms enchanting and beautiful ‘machine elves’.

Beautiful Machine Elves

Aether creature Fractal Widgets - vibration

Most often created and used as an interface between a certain consciousness and human consciousness. For example, the consciousness of a plant such as yage can speak to, interact with, or show things to a person’s imagination using vibrations. Our beautiful machine elves here may allow Source itself to be able to take on a form so as to meet a person’s unmet emotional need during a vision quest or meditation.

Finally, these aether creatures are almost never static in their appearance. Instead, they appear kaleidoscopic; often dizzyingly so. The geometric elements of their appearance seemed to be made of light, vibrating energy, liquid, gel and solids. These elements are usually rotating, condensing and generating much like the image in a kaleidoscope. One of their favourite forms to assume is that of a cluster of several eyes.

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Aether Creature Iktomi that Look Like a Spider.

Brings the Medicine of Eternity, Mastery of Time, and  Cause and Effect.


Iktomi is a being that came about thousands of years ago. Nature-oriented tribal cultures began to develop the desire to take on the medicine of other animals. Specifically, Iktomi is the being that arose from the collective desire to possess the medicine of the spider. It was a desire of many within those cultures to shapeshift. They longed to take on the qualities of a certain animal without losing their humanness. This collective belief in spiritual hybridization between man and animal gave rise to many thought forms within the Aethers. 

A human-spider hybrid that sometimes appears more human-like, at other times more spider-like. When he interacts with a person he usually takes on his or her skin colour. He considers this a way to establish rapport, make you feel like you belong and avoid resistance when communicating with a spider.  

Aether creature Iktomi that looks like a spider.


Iktomi is a common non-physical figure to run into during breathwork, and journey work, while one is engaging with plant medicines and especially when one is ill and feverish. People believe that Ikotmi can take on a purely human form and that you would recognise he is not actually human by the black rings around his eyes. Turns out he can’t be a real human because he doesn’t have enough energy to manifest into the physical realm.  

Very little human focus is feeding into Iktomi, therefore he is dissipating. Eventually, much sooner than all other non-physical beings, he will disappear from the Aeters. This decrease in energy along with the length of time that he has interacted with the human race has also matured him. In centuries past, people used to consider him quite a trickster. Now mischief is no longer his interest.

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Tikbalang is the Aether Creature that Brings the Medicine of Orientation, Re-Evaluation and Finding the Right Path.


He was created from focused energy and first became a thought form, but then shapeshifted into a kind of life form. Being able to make physical manifestations simply because he was now an independent entity.

Centuries and centuries ago, both the Chinese and the Spanish began to introduce horses to other parts of Asia. In those lands, cultures had never seen a horse before so some began fearing them, distrusting them. However, these local cultures were intensely spiritual in nature and anything they feared quickly became part of their darker folklore. Tales began to emerge and spread about a horse demon. That would play an evil trick. Terrify people who had wandered into the wild lands and lead travellers astray. 

Aether creature Tikbalang looks like a mutant demon possessing the qualities of a horse, a man, and a bat. Complicated beings that form a small species in the Aethers today. An ostracized spirit displays unwelcome behaviour because it perceives itself to be separate from all things. Fear is the pushing away of something and our aether creature Tikbalang comes as a result of human fear. 


Not Evil 

Aether creature Tikbalang

Though the Tikbalang is a creature of flight, it often walks bipedally with its very long limbs, like a man; in which case it is about 12 feet tall. It also loves to sit atop banana, bamboo and Ficus trees watching from above. Furthermore, they dwell in dark spaces much like a bat, preferring caves and the underside of bridges. 

Character-wise, The Tikbalang behaves very much like a wild animal that has been tortured. This behaviour is not ‘friendly’. Meeting his needs causes him to lead people far away from where they r meant to be until they are lost. In turn, that causes people to feel disoriented and fearful, while he increases his own sense of power and safety.

Given that the Tikbalangs are merely tortured spirits, they are not above and beyond gentling. Rarely, but it happens, a Tikbalag forms a very special relationship with a certain individual and allows that person to ride him.

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Aether Creature Shedu – The Most Magnificent of them all!


Shedu is a protector spirit she is one of the most strikingly beautiful Aether creatures of all. Many who have encountered her described themselves as being almost paralysed by just how magnificent she is.

When she appears she chooses either to take on a winged or wingless form and is typically about 5 feet 2 inches at the withers. Her head is held significantly higher overhead than that, at about 8 or so feet. Appearance-wise, she is perhaps the most comparable to a giant white and black striped tiger. Ears twice the length of her head, stand straight up like the upstretched wings of a phoenix. The fur is long, tufted and incredibly soft. The tail is composed of several long fur-covered feathers. They drag on the floor behind her when she walks. Her eyes are piercing cyan blue.

Bringer of Strength, Personal Power, Courage, Assertiveness, Humility and Mastery over Reactivity

Aether creature Shedu - bringer of personal power and mastery of reactivity.

On all four paws, she possesses a middle claw that is a great deal longer than all the others. On rare occasions, Shedu will mark a person with this claw. When she does this, she has claimed them for her own. She considers them to be under her protection and is making a mark for all to see. The healing catharsis that occurs when she does this often makes a person very ill.

In ancient times, it was believed that a person marked by Shedu was brought to a crossroads between death and rebirth – their spirit had to decide between death and integrating her strength so as to come back untouchable. Because of this, many warriors intentionally engaged in practices that allowed them to go in search of her.

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Tomten is an aether creature announcing the valuable role of respect, stewardship, and stability.



Tomten like the Faierie can pop in and out of the physical time-space reality. Incredibly skilled illusionists, able to completely disappear when they wish. These aether creatures are bringers of welfare, rooting and the element Earth. Moving through solid earth is so easy for them, the same as it is for a fish to move through the water.

Another name for the Tomten is Nisse or gnome, and they are well-known in Norse culture. Scandinavia. No taller than 3 ft these gnomes are living in a cosy belowground den. In fact, the den is often mistaken for a badger hole. Collect things means their den is often reminiscent of a magpie nest, full of things they consider to be treasured.


Female Tomten also called Gnomide, spent more time underground than their male counterparts. Less prone to exploring, more elusive and incredibly rare to see. The male Tomten tend to bring things underground to her and so many believe all Tompten to be male.


Being a steward spirit, acting as a guardian and caretaker of a specific area in which they live. Like the Faierie, they cherish offerings. They dislike any changes made to the area and regard the way things are as sacred. Woods and forests are their preferred habitat. If they are honoured by a person or people, they have been known to take them. Taking them into their sphere of guardianship and protection. This created both positive and negative cultural associations among farmers in the Norse countries. 


The Background.


aether creature Tomten - gnome looking, bringer of the frequencies of respect, stewardship and welfare.


At first, to have a Tomten on your property and really you are inside their property, was considered a blessing to those who inhabited the area. Special relationships are established with the life forms in their area, including plants, trees and farm animals such as cows, goats or horses. The owner of the farm would notice the special care as that animal would end up healthier than the others as if it were being fed in secret. There are old tales that tell of farmers finding mysterious flowers and braids in certain animals’ hair. In fact, if one did find such a braid, it was considered very dangerous to undo it as you could risk offending or angering the Tomten.


After the Norse cultures began to be Christianized, the Tomten became a source of conflict. They were demonized and if one farmer was doing better than others he was often accused of having a Tomten on their land. Such accusations damaged the farmer in much the same way that the accusations of witchcraft did during the Catholic Inquisitions. Nevertheless, finding yourself living in an area that is under the care of a Tomten is in fact a blessing! Just remember that Tomten value respect and stewardship above all. 


Something Health-related.

On the physical level, Tomten holds a frequency that is most beneficial to our bones. If the Tomten has appeared to you, you may feel like things are falling apart, that you have no support or that something is eating away at your foundations. This tends to reflect in the physical as bone problems. For this reason, the appearance of a Tomten can be taken as a message to give some support to your bones.  For example, eating foods that support bone health, engaging in physical activity or setting aside time to do bone health meditations. When a Tomten appears, it is also an indication that roots specifically will be quite healing for you.


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Aya Serpent

Aya Serpent Signifies Surrender, Transformation, Rebirth, Teaching and Learning and  Relinquishing Control

digital deck of cards called Aether Creatures, this card represent the Aya Serpent - an aether creature that looks like a snake and signifies surrender or relinquishing of control.

Plants have consciousness. The consciousness of some plants and or the combination of them serve as a teacher or medicine. This is the case for what native tribes called “Ayahuasca”. The consciousness of Ayahuasca can transform itself into anything it likes for the sake of the awareness and the healing of a person who has decided to partake in medicine. But it chooses certain recurring forms to appear to a person. One of those forms is the Aya Serpent. When this serpent appears, it appears as one large snake or as several smaller snakes. It will appear to be made entirely of multi-coloured geometric fractals. You will often feel its reptilian presence creeping towards you before you visually see it. It is not malevolent. It is a transcendental spirit. But it comes to force surrender to what you must learn or heal or relinquish for your own highest good. For this reason, it is common that the Aya Serpent first approaches you and potentially circles you, but eventually goes into permeates your body. When it does this it causes many people to have a kundalini awakening. It also tends to repair people’s DNA, which is beautifully metaphoric seeing as its form so resembles the double helix. 

The Aya Serpent tends to appear when someone is refusing to relinquish control, especially when doing so is for your own good. When you are in a state of fear, you begin to resist. You imagine something to be bad for you when it is actually exactly what you need. The snake is a manifestation of rebirth and transformation. It sheds its skin once it outgrows it and is thus reborn again and again. When it comes to the spiritual dimension, the serpent’s venom represents both medicine and poison, along with the truth that just as anything that can heal can also poison, anything that can, poison can also heal.


An Ogun is a type of fire spirit, a warrior fire spirit.

The restrictions that govern the physical earth do not apply to the Ogun. Therefore, they can appear as small as a match flame or as large as a building. There are very few of them. They reside in a time-space construct referred to as “Ekiti”.

Fire warriors’ interactions with mankind are few and far between now in the modern era. However many people used to be aware of these fire spirits and some even worshipped them back when territories were defended and wars were won with metal. Believers sacrificed male animals to the Ogun before a weapon was crafted. Blacksmiths used to be what stood between a country and success or demise. Metal weapons of the past were forged in fire. People believed that they needed the Ogun’s blessing to forge these superior weapons. Not only that: it was said that once an Ogun had given his blessing to a weapon, that weapon was imbued with the Ogun itself. Blade or instrument possessed the Ogun’s own qualities and power. 

Fire is the element that instigates. Think about it as the initial spark that fuels all creation and all happenings. Essentially the fire qualities are: heat, action, will, power, initiation, beginning, ingenuity and bravery.

this image shows the aether creature Ogun.

It is also interesting to know that many fire spirits never move backwards. So, looking at your current situation, remember that you shouldn’t take any action that would feel like a step back.

For example, delaying your to-do list or buying junk food. Instead, you should connect with friends or new people on social media, like me. Here’s my LinkedIn. 




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Aether Creature Kelpie

The Kelpie is a shapeshifter and as such is able to adopt a human form. However, they find it easier to adopt a male human form when they do this. If they decide to manifest physically as their authentic self they appear with equine, amphibian and water plant qualities. The Kelpie is considered a water spirit as they tend to inhabit the non-physical plane of still bodies of water such as lakes, fjords and lochs. Occasionally they also inhabit rivers.

an aether creature called Kelpie, that looks green like a water plant.

The Kilpi is particularly interested in humans and, although elusive, will actively seek out people who venture into the area they inhabit. Many of them seek human companionship and form special relationships with certain individuals. They are not the most conscious of non-physical beings however and are prone to jealousy and emotionally covetous behaviour. On occasion, they have been known to cause drownings due to this fact. In general, Kelpies can be pretty unpredictable creatures. They tend to be solitary, but on occasion, a herd of Kelpies will collect and act as a group.




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Fear causes you to hide or feel blinded. 

In my yoga community this month we are working with the word ROOT. our monthly calendar theme is about grounding and rooting so that we can find nourishment and rise. I was particularly inspired by the first practice Root to Rise and wanted to create a short seaside card reading. So I pulled two cards:

  1. From my deck The Yogic Path, which is Dharana. Single-focused concentration. 
  2. From the Blind Spot deck, that is non-commitment. 

In my video, I explain a little bit more about each one but in essence, the message is simple. You would benefit to think of this rooting practice as giving yourself and your energy to something to birth something else. Your concentration on one goal this month will transform it into a physical manifestation. What’s likely to get in your way is this blind spot of non-commitment. You might not be aware of it, or willing to admit that you are not committed, that’s why it’s a blind spot. 

showing two cards, one shows a Sigil, the other one shows a woman with sunset or sunrise in her head. Context: instant tarot reading for yoga community - Yoga with Adrienne - and it's monthly theme root to rise.

These are questions worth exploring: What is so scary about giving my energy to grounding, rooting and nourishing? What is scary about putting me fully into this month’s theme of ROOT?  


I’ve outlined and simplified 4 different fears that could come up. 

  1. Fear of losing something. You think you will gain lots of problems and you are afraid you will lose your inner peace. 
  2. Fear of committing. You think you will be trapped and lose your freedom so instead, you choose to escape. 
  3. Fear of decisions. You think you will lose options when you choose one and therefore be trapped with potential consequences. Imagine if those are losses instead of gains, you will feel a sense of failure. 
  4. Fear of looking bad. You think admitting to your real commitments would add to your not feeling good. So you appear to be committed by saying  “I’ll try” instead of “I will”. 

That is why it is time to say no to some things to cultivate potent sing-focused concentration. It will prove enough pressure and transformation for your one goal to be birthed into physical reality. 

If you are in a deep state of immersion at work, then your grounding will come from your commitment to rise from the root up. 




Aether Creature Ngisi, pronounced En-jee-see announces the long-sightedness necessary for achieving our visions. 

Ngisi has sight sense and nothing else, he doesn’t perceive touch although he can make sounds. He has visions of you reaching towards him to touch him and he has humour because he sees the future. 


For example, what you think about now will affect your future. Short-sightedness is when we only look at the small details forgetting the big picture. Long-sightedness is when we want good things to happen in the future, while we get to feel good in the present. Feeling joy because you are part of creation, that’s what Ngisi wants. 


Aether creatures are magical beings with special powers. Ngisi’s superpower is hope for the future, visions that brighten up the big picture. Look at his picture, can you see the THIRD EYE on his forehead, the six limbs and the big horns? They all possess symbolism: 

aether creatures have magical powers, this one called En-jee-see, has the oracle powers. Sight seer.

The third eye – has supreme vision and makes him look like cyclopes.

Six limbs – support, protection and idealism. 

Two big horns – power in truth, dignity, salvation, durability and immortality.


Known also as the ‘giggling spirit’, Ngisi talks about short-term and long-term games. 


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aether creature Urdukanda

Aether Creature Caucus

aether creature dragon


Tow-la-ath aether creature.

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Baphomet teaches judgement. 

Baphomet teaches judgement for a reason. 

Are you able and willing to discern your truth from the truth of others? 


This week’s aether creature is a mighty one because he helps one master the polarities. You are transforming your challenges into personal power and a highway to self-actualization. How much of our judgement is seen as the life force that can be harvested and how much do we fall victim to it? 


Wolf, goat and buddha in one aether creature. Baphomet has the pentagram on his forehead and a torch on his crown. He speaks with symbols, not language. Even the black colour of his skin is a sign that he connects the underworld and heaven. A hybrid between human and goat, with a little bit of wolf and the crossed-legged praying position of Buddha. 


Baphomet brings balance in a way that merges the angel and the beast inside of you. Opposites like sin and virtue, carnal instinct and awareness, and light and dark. One must claim mastery of both polarities if one wants to see self-actualization. Our judgement is the key here. But that my friend, and dear reader, takes time, practice, and a lot of testing. 

When one faces judgment.

Judgment day calls out the fire element and we undergo “baptism by fire”. Challenges come our way and we use our free will to overcome them. A person’s choice to ‘burn’ or be ‘reborn’ is the name of the game in trials of suffering. 

aether creature Baphomet

Baphomet says the power of the soul is to make a pattern of suffering or pain, OK and move beyond it. A person can choose to transcend the pain that their soul encounters while manifested. First, accept that you are in a pattern of abuse and second choose with your free will to move passed it. 


Your soul holds the judgment but your personal more human side of you needs the exercise called personal willpower, choice and free will. Again, polarities united. Baphomet calls out for the transcendence of suffering. 


Take your power back and be confident. Owning the dark YOU is one part of the journey. I am here to declare my ability to use the judgement of balance. Therefore, teach you how to do the same, or simply accompany you along your journey of reclamation. 


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I am so happy to introduce to you the Aether Creature Faeire. Pronounced Feeiiiiaaarii, they bring the message of good luck. 

Extra bonuses to receive from interacting with these luck-bringing creatures are






Little aether creature that shows up as a flashing light entering the physical dimension being all territorial. Favourite gifts are rowan, milk and honey, coneflower, thyme, bluebells, small, shiny object and chimes. They will appreciate those from you. 


Establishing kinship with the Faeries will incredibly benefit you because they have a special magic. They have the ability to bend physical laws and move through space and time. Therefore making them appear as if they can fly and have butterfly wings. Protectors of the lands, of nature, or certain territories, but you don’t have to protect yourself from them. 


Gathering in their dozens, these beautiful aether creatures form what’s called Troops. When you wander into new territories, they will look after you. Perceived as a blessing or a curse depends on their behaviour. One day they are mischievous and other times they would be kind. 


I speak to the Faeries very often, almost daily. Asking them about all sorts of things, to help me with whatever I need as I get along with my days. They like to respond by making things happen for me, by luck or with magic, out of nowhere situations arise and the proper outcomes transpire. You could call on them anytime, anywhere because they are honoured in all cultures across the globe.

aether creature faeire

Simply whisper to them: Faerie, thank you for hearing me out. Here’s what I need help with today, or right now… 


You can be as outrageous as you wish. Keeping your humour or being open to laughter is definitely going to get you on the good side of these magical aether creatures. 

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Dryad – time for grounding or death and re-birth.

Aether creature Dryad talks about the importance of grounding as well as the significance of death and re-birth. 

Grounding is an important spiritual practice and I love it. I think one of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to feel your bottom on the seat or to feel your feet on the ground. This aether creature shows up upside down when it is time to get into your body. Because that is grounding. 


Anyway, another one of its messages is to see what is dying, what is beginning. Death is not just when life ends for us as we know it. You can experience an ending of something important, like the ending of a project and that would register to your nervous system as death. 


Essentially if you meet a tree that feels alive and you feel like hugging or speaking to it then most likely a Dryad is possessing that tree. Change, transition, and moving forward is your general message here and I am an agent of change hugging trees everywhere I go which can be your proof. 


Now, endings are difficult, there’s always a sadness or a gasp of air, not enough to breathe in until newness comes from somewhere else at a time no one else can tell you when. 


Dryad can be thousands of years old because it lives inside the embodiment of trees here on the physical plane. Leading to the legendary “Green Man” male Dryads. “Panaiveriyamman” Dryad is known to Tamil culture and “Nang Tani” to the Thai people. Interestingly, these aether creatures, develop a language that humans can understand. Talking trees is an old kids’ tale that is to some extent real and true. 

the green man

Nang Tani tree spirit

aether creature Dryad

What do you need in order to ground?


You need crystals, scents, beaches or pure soil, mud, sounds, singing or chanting, visualizations, colours and a healthy sense of feeling your buttocks on the seat or your feet touching the socks. 


These are the items that I have, that I use regularly: 





Singing bowl for chanting 

Visualizing roots growing from my feet. 

Imagining myself ten feet underground, or even all the way to the core of Earth. 

Red jeans 

The seaside beaches nearby 

And soon I will have my own soil to look after and dig into. 😀


You can read my other write-up on grounding here or you can search the web, there’s loads of info. 


Love you




This is Tow-la-ath, an aether creature that signifies Productivity, De-cluttering and Getting a task done. 

Tow-la-ath aether creature.

Looking like a dinosaur but its movement is actually like an ant, this aether creature collects minerals. Some of the rocks Tow-la-ath eats and so for that reason, it is the creature that protects our mineral kingdom. 


They are not particularly social and you can see them in all the possible colours you can think of. They carry both female and male reproductive organs, making them hermaphroditic


If you ever encounter this aether creature, reach for any rock, mineral, gemstone or crystal nearby and connect to its nature. For example, red jasper is used for vitality and physical energy, Jade Nephrite is used for protection over the children of the world. Pebbles from the beach can restore your connection with the water element. So all of them are equally good 


A master of productivity, Tow-la-ath works tirelessly using all of its 6 hands to organize, de-clutter and re-arrange things and especially minerals. 


Remember though that there is internal and external productivity 🙂

More on Productivity

The intrinsic motivation comes like a wave and you must ride it to shore. One action after the other with an immediate start. As soon as you feel inspired to do something, you have like 5 seconds to go and do it. Oftentimes, people stagnate, they think over and over again about what could be done but don’t actually get up to do it. Lack of productivity can lead to stress and even depression. Over-exerting yourself is also not the way though because then you could injure yourself and for no good reason. 


Creating space by de-cluttering allows for new energy to flow in. Isn’t that just what we want? Enormous benefits await us when we entrain ourselves with a brand new movement of energy and especially the uplifting vibration of Inspiration. 


The best thing to do is simplify. You can make lists and schedules. Give everything a home and have everything align such that it sings a song, or looks harmonious, in its place. Do one thing at a time. Create systems. Delegate responsibilities. Keep things clean. View your environment like a first-time visitor in order to see what needs to be changed. Keep only what you need and know where to discard things in your life. Meditate to declutter your thinking and feeling state. 


Tow-la-ath, the protector of the mineral kingdom, the bringer of productivity. 


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Many blessings. 


Thank you. 






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Yaironi and Cheechaneera in the Water



Two Aether Creatures are living on the water. 


Yaironi tribe and Cheechaneera creatures are interdependent both moving through water. 

Yaironi aether creature. Cheechaneera aether creature








The first signifies symbiosis, felt-based communication, and interconnectedness; the second represents focus, fixation, activity, attention span, relentlessness, and hunting. 

reeds wetland







Water in the shape of wetlands or reed habitat provides the first element for the development of the Yaironi tribe, namely the multi-nucleus protist. Rubbed in the DNA of a baby, forming gametophytes all over the body making it look like this: 

protist gametophytes






Qanu is a root system that connects to Yaironi making them hunt the Cheechaneera in order to sustain its base. You see this Big Brown creature takes vegetation from the bottom of river beds, spits white milk that turns them into straws, and The Qanu feeds on the transformed vegetation. 


There is a whole underground communication system that allows several life forms in its environment to send signals to one another. We, humans, can not perceive that kind of communication but these two types of aether creatures living on the water can. 

The Details:

Separately, both of them are basically mute, making no sounds. Living in silence. Waves upon the surface of the water lure the Cheechaneera into traps that Yaironi creates in order to harvest the vegetation. Live-or-die scenarios happen between these two, each developing strategies to get around.  For example, Yaironi moves like the water moves, creating no “counter-vibration” in the water. If done correctly, this can allow them to go unnoticed and slip somewhere safe. On the other hand, Cheechaneera becomes flat merging with the water and moving across places that are so shallow, you can not fathom. 


Green water creature uses front limbs as legs and has two clamp-like sticks as hands that allow for climbing, using back limbs as hands. Big dark eyes make for a special feature. 


The brown water creature is as big as a house on two floors but becomes flat swimming from one waterbed to another. Its skin is like the skin of a whale. On four limbs it can walk on land. A hunter with a very long-lasting attention span. If the prey is hiding waiting for Cheechaneera to leave, you bet that the one being hunted will be the first to step out and get caught.


Lastly, the Qanu propagates itself through the symbiotic relationship it has with Yaironi. Also, it exists in more suitable conditions thanks to the vegetation harnessed by the Cheechaneera. This is a beautiful example of interdependence. 

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Aether Creature Dragon

Dragons appear in the folklore of many cultures around the world and are therefore probably the most recognized Aether Creature. It is difficult to make sweeping statements about Dragons because there are so many different kinds occupying so many different dimensional thoughtscapes.

Most of the Dragons associated with Chinese consciousness, for example, are comparable to large, snake-like guardians of the people and hold the medicine of good fortune and luck. They are not aggressive creatures.

Most of the Dragons associated with Polish consciousness, on the other hand, are very solitary, broody and unconcerned with the human species. 

Dragon or the messenger of power, empowerment, capacity and ability.

aether creature dragon

Whatever form they take, however, all Dragons carry the medicine of power. The power within us can be compared to an inner dragon – even the ancient Kundalini has been compared to a fire serpent.

Power is a two-sided coin, as within it is the inherent capacity to create, direct, influence or do something so as to bring about what you want. Power is something that all beings have, but some, like the dragon, have “owned” their power more, including their power over other things. How power is used is what matter most, because, like anything, it can be used for harm and it can be used for good. The dragon possesses both the positive manifestation and negative manifestation (both the medicine and poison) of power.

No matter how a dragon appears to you, your relationship to your own power is in question and is in need of examination. 

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Aether Creature Mermen




Aquatic humanoids occupy the collective unconscious of all seafaring people. In fact, they even appear in cave paintings in the late Paleolithic (Stone Age) period some 30,000 years ago. Even though eyewitness accounts have existed all across the globe from a plethora of different cultures, people have yet to “prove” their existence.

As of the year 2020, 80% of the ocean still lies unexplored. This means people have also yet to “prove” that they don’t exist. Aquatic humanoids can absolutely manifest physically, but everything that is physical is a “thought form” first, Mermen are perhaps one of the strongest ocean-based thought forms that exist on planet earth since they continue to be changed with energy by human focus. 

The Mermen Aether Creature says to dive in and dive deep.

Mermen can be found in colonies associated with nearly all the world’s oceans. The largest colonies “exist” on the coast of Israel, Newfoundland, Lido Key and Siesta Key in Florida, the Orkney Islands, the Kei Islands, New South Wales in Australia, the Caribbean Islands and the Indian Ocean near the African Coast. These beings possess a very strong medicine but it is a mistake to think that all mermen are one way or another. Some are more human-like and some are more piscine. Some are friendly and curious, others are territorial and elusive. None are the beautiful half-human, half-fish with perfectly combed hair whose images captivate people around the globe. 


Mermen communicate first and foremost by gesture and motion. Second to that, they pop, croak and purr, sometimes in choruses that can last for hours. This vocalization does not come from a “mouth”, but rather from contracting and vibrating part of their internal anatomy. They also use sonar. Like humans, mermen must care for their young. This urge to protect the vulnerable is not limited to their own species. In the same way that many people might rescue and have a sympathetic instinct toward a kitten or puppy (despite it not being part or even closely related to our own species), mermen have been known to come to the aid of other species (including humans) when they are in trouble at sea. 

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Aether creature Mermen


Aether Creature Scooner



Incredible spider-looking Scooner is the one that tells us about letting go, cleansing and giving away.

The Scooners are a species that evolved in the physical to the degree that there was no way to become further without withdrawing from the physical and focusing on existence purely in nonphysical form. 

It’s a tiny being. Similar to the size of a shrimp. Absent of eyes or ears or any other traditional sensory organ. However, it is so sensitive to vibration that it perceives everything. They were water-based beings in the physical. Its dorsal fin spines and alluring red “face” allude to this being the case. 

Existence is oriented towards the well-being of other species because its own well-being depends on it. 

Furthermore, “cleaners” is their nickname. Similar to species on earth like the lumpfish, Lysmata, Amboinensis, Cyclopterus Lumpus, and the Ballan Wrasse. They “take away” what does not benefit an organism. They have the capacity to either absorb those unbeneficial things so as to make them beneficial to themselves. Or find and give them to someone who would be beneficial to itself. Or to discard them. Now, they do this energetically and in the ether. 

It is common to see these being any time what ails you or what is in your way involves something needing to be cleansed, released given away or taken away. They frequently come to people for healing with shamanic medicine. 



p.s. I really don’t see the water descendant in this Aether creature but there you go, not everything needs to match. Learn about other aether creatures on my blog. 

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Aether Creature Djinn

The Djinn is a benevolent spirit. He manifests fifth-dimensionally and has rooted himself within the thought scape of ‘earth-based lack’. When having an idea about what lack is and they focus on it, that focus begins to manifest a nonphysical reality construct. The collective consciousness of the inhabitants of the earth has created such a reality construct, which can be compared to a nonphysical hell. To imagine this landscape, simply imagine what any single earth-based species conceptualizes as lack, such as infinite deserts, solitude, poverty, depravity etc.

The Djinn is on a mission in this landscape, seeing as he is a master of desire. He has been there for millions of years, standing like an antidote to the frequency of the place itself. He keeps with him a golden staff in a particular shape (a sphere at the base with a staff that displays two crescent-shape projections: one upside-down crescent at the top of the staff and one crescent facing upwards in the centre). 

Similar to the way that you can separate a branch from the rest of the tree and it can generate a completely new tree, Djinn can consciously split himself and generate in different areas within the universe, which is why there is not only one Djinn. Djinn are distinct beings but are also the same being in this way.

The Djinn are limited as to their ability to manifest into the fourth and third dimensions; as such, they must project their essence into things. They can technically ‘live’ or dwell in all conceivable things, such as inanimate objects, animals, plants (especially trees, because they have the most similar earth-based frequency), stones and any of the elements. 

This aether creature talks about your desires, helping us attain them even when scarcity is around. Thank you Djinn. 🙂

To be a master of desire is to be a master of free will. The Djinn are concerned with attainment regardless of what species is before them. Many our-of-body travellers try to find the Djinn, as being near them brings you your desires. Still more people who are aware of the Djinn believe that if you find one, you can force him to perform orders for you.

In truth, Djinn is famous for granting wishes. He will never refuse to grant a wish and to assist you in understanding and resolving what is in the way of the attainment of your desires. Be careful what you wish for, however. The Djinn does not refuse to grant wishes because he knows that if a person gets what he or she wants, and it leads to painful results, that person will simply amend his or her desire. And each time a person amends their desire, he or she gets closer to what they REALLY  want, which is in perfect alignment with personal expansion.  

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2023 – What Do You Want to Hear?



What do you want to hear?

Seaside card reading for the spiritually sensitive people, guided by the Divine Feminine in me, approaching the year from 4 different perspectives.

I am most excited about the first perspective 🙂 of course, which is the genitals. Zoom out, I said, and they saw only Toxic – Uninviting energy. So then the cards spoke and said we need Listening. What do we, the vaginas and the penises, want to hear? I thought this was incredibly empowering because it turned the focus back to us, instead of listening to something out there, it is listening to ourselves and a step deeper, it is identifying what we actually want to hear.

The second perspective is the Heart. I wanted to know what our heart needs. How can we serve the emotions, the inner child, the feelings, the senses, and the sensitivities we have developed? The answer was clear: Affirm that your income is constantly increasing. Be the inclusivity that we all need and include the energy of money, prosperity and wealth into your heart centre. This year, thinking happens in your heart, not in your head. 2023 is the year when heart-centred consciousness grows more than ever.

I wanted to go higher than the chest of my body, asking what we needed in order to think from somewhere higher than the heart itself. I saw myself going beyond the Earth, looking back at our Planet. Free will and a world of possibilities, where literally everything is possible, what is the 1 CARD and this is what I got:


2023 - imagine

4th perspective is the location. Where do I go to connect with you? The Still.

The mountains – particularly in Bulgaria, Bansko.


2023 - values

Not in any particular order:

Happiness Cooperation Realism Depth Favours Time Imagination 

More about each value:

Happiness: to be content, cheerful and joyous. to experience life satisfaction, subjective well-being, eudaimonia, flourishing and overall well-being.

Cooperation: to work collaboratively with others. The process of working together, toward the same end or common goal and lending assistance, readily agreeing to do what is wanted or requested during that process.

Realism: to be in reality instead of fantasy or illusion. Seeing, feeling and perceiving things (and therefore acting in accordance with things) as they really are. To perceive and accept a thing or a situation as it is and be prepared to deal with it accordingly and realistically. What is ‘real’ matters to me.

Depth: to be curious about and to know the truth of that which exists beneath the surface of things. To go further and beyond what meets the eye. To get to the bottom of things. To transcend superficial perspective. This includes complex and profound thought as well as the search for meaning and the why inherent in everything.

Favours: to receive or to give service-oriented actions as a way of receiving or expressing love. Acts of service, kindness and support beyond what is due or usual and with no sense of obligation. Such as cooking a meal, doing the laundry, fixing a car, running an errand or going out of their way for me.

Time: to be grateful for and appreciate and make good use of my time as opposed to wasting it. To do what I want by design instead of the default. To plan how to spend my time wisely. To act as if and to let other people know that my time is valuable.

Imagination: to have and be surrounded by creative new ideas, images and concepts not yet observed by the senses.

in summary: 2023 is the year for your imagination to go REAL. You want to keep it real this year by affirming the constant increase of your income and by answering the single most expansive question: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO HEAR? which should be answered honestly by your genitals. This year, you will find stillness in high-altitude places like the mountains or any peak. Your values are important, they drive your decisions and choices and actions. 2023 has its own set of values, which I think are very suitable.

With that, I want to wish you a happy new year and may it be a prosperous one. Look for the ways in which love speaks to you every day, look for the things that your vagina or your penis wants to hear. Get that quantum alignment and perhaps transition the generosity from outwardly to inwardly, whereby you include Nature.

With love.





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The Orb


The aether creature orb is visible to us humans and some people have photographed them already. That’s cool, right?

Aether creature Orb.


Orbs are transparent balls, round bursts or globes of light energy. They can be a variety of sizes and colours. Light is the first manifestation of the physical. This means they are a physical manifestation of nonphysical consciousness. In fact, each orb is a portal to whatever is behind the embodiment of that orb. For this reason, when you look into them, you can often perceive who or what it is a manifestation of. They can be seen with the naked eye and are notorious for appearing in photographs and on film. They are especially common in highly energetic areas or in situations that draw attention and support from the non-physical. 

It is not uncommon for people to draw this card if they are frequently seeing orbs in their life. These may appear to you in your peripheral vision. They can appear in any colour such as white, silver, blue, purple, red, yellow, green, pink and black. The colour of an orb when it appears has meaning because the way that light is reflected and emitted is influenced by the energy of a thing. For example, blue tends to be a colour that appears in relationship to things like tranquillity, depth, ease, safety, faith, trust, loyalty, and stability. For this reason, if you see an orb of a specific colour, you may want to research the metaphysical meaning of that specific colour. Keep in mind that certain colours resonate at the same energetic frequency as certain nonphysical beings (such as guides) and so the colour may be a way for a nonphysical entity to signal its presence and make itself known to you. For example, the archangel Raphael often indicated his presence with the colour green. 

The orb card exists because it means in the situation t hand or potentially in this particular moment, you are just out of reach of the frequency of the non-physical awareness you seek, including the Aether Creatures. 

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The Tribus

The Tribus

Pronounced tr-ee-bus, an Aether Creature smashing truths in your consciousness because it uses time patterns and awareness from the 6th dimension.

aether creature The Tribus

Past, Present, Future Reading

The three-headed oracle called the Tribus primarily manifests at the sixth-dimensional frequency. It is common for people to encounter the Tribus in unconscious dream time, in lucid dreams, in visions, during astral travel and when engaged in journey work (both medicine-assisted and meditative). Being an oracle, the Tribus acts as a medium through which the universe itself may deliver awareness, truth, advice and prophecy.


Each of Tribus’s heads is responsible for supreme vision relative to an element of time. The centre head (blue) is responsible for the now. The head to the left (dark) is responsible for the past and the head to the right (light) is responsible for the future… Unless the person encountering the oracle is Arabic, Hebrew, Pashto, Persian, Urdu or Sindhi, in which case due to their right to left orientation, the oracle’s side heads reverse position. 


Perhaps the best way to comprehend the powers of the Tribus is to compare it to a well-known story, the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The story begins on Christmas eve with a man named Ebenezer Scrooge, who has a reputation for being mean-spirited. He is visited by the ghost of his dead business partner, Jacob Marley. Like Scrooge, in life, Marley was greedy and self-serving and as such, his spirit has been condemned to wander the Earth weighted down with heavy chains. To save Scrooge from the same fate, Marley tells Scrooge that he will be visited by 3 ghosts. These visitations occur. The first is by the Ghost of Christmas Past. The Second by The Ghost of Christmas Present. The third is by the Ghost of Christmas Future. The first takes him to review his childhood and past to review both good and bad aspects of his past, but especially to make him aware of the trauma that led him to being how mean-spirited he is now. The second takes him to see what will happen that very Christmas (the present). This spirit brings him into the reality of what Scrooge does not see about his current life and the people in it. The third takes him to see the future, where he is forced to see the circumstances surrounding his own death as well as the outcomes and consequences of his life if he changes nothing and remains the same as he is today. Pleading with the ghost and looking at the gravestone with his own name written on it, Scrooge promises to renounce his isolated, mean, self-centred ways and to honour Christmas with all his heart and celebrate those things that Christmas represents all the yearlong. Suddenly Scrooge finds himself again safely trucked in his bed. Being completely overwhelmed with joy to be alive and by the chance to redeem himself. Full of gratitude that he has been returned to Christmas Day, Scrooge is a changed man. For the rest of his life, he provides lavish gifts for the poor and treats his fellow human beings with kindness, generosity, and warmth. 


Inherent in this story is the power of The Tribus. It can show you the truth of anything related to any point in time. And it can be a medium through which the universe as large can show you anything it feels you need awareness of relative to any point in time. The Tribus is a master of patterns. It is a master of cause and effect. This oracle lies dormant until someone is to use it as a gateway to awareness. 


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Aether Creature Gerdorom – The Announcer of ‘Get Firm’.

This aether creature’s name is pronounced Djer-do-rom, with medicine Stillness, Dedication, Commitment, Higher Purpose, Discipline, Tradition, Mysticism, and Ancient Wisdom.

Aether Creature Gerdorom

The Gerdorom is a collective of ancient beings that is most commonly focused on the land and people that inhabit the High Mountains of the Himalayas, Tibet, Mongolia, Myanmar, Yunnan and Sichuan.

These beings can manifest in the fourth dimension and, as such, can be felt like ghosts and can on very rare occasions be seen by people as apparitions in the physical.

When they appear to those seeking wisdom in meditation or prayer, they often “swallow you” so as to take you into the belly of the universe itself and reconnect you to a higher purpose in order to find the answers you seek or to experience the things that you are missing. 

In terms of appearance, they have one very large hind limb and two very long arms on each side of their body. The Gerdorom have four horns: a pair of face horns that are curled and a pair of steer horns whose horn spread can grow to 9 feet across. They are covered in long, yak-like fur, which often covers their eyes entirely. When they appear, they often come adorned in purple and yellow or gold cloth, with beads, bangles and/or tail rings of the same colour.

The purple symbolizes mysticism and peace and the yellow or gold symbolizes the transformation of individualistic pride into the wisdom of ‘oneness’ or ‘same-ness’. They can also paint themselves with green paint, which represents the transformation of jealousy into attainment.

If the Gerdorom manifest in a dimension of space and time, their movements are very, very slow, similar to the earth-based sloth. Given that they prefer the solid nature of stillness, this makes sense. 

The Gerdorom carry the medicine of Ancient Wisdom and can be likened to nonphysical mystics or monks. The Gerdorom are stubborn, strict, rigid and methodical in their practice and discipline.

They are resistant to change. That being said, they are highly conscious beings that guard the higher purpose of embodied souls. They are disciplined in ancient ways. These ‘ways’ connect them to the higher purpose of embodiment and they believe this allows them to never lose sight of what lies beyond individual life experience and manifestation. 

If the Gerdorom has made itself known to you, self-doubt currently plagues you. And it is important to reconnect to a solid and still internal sense of knowing in the situation at hand. It is important to ‘get firm’. 

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aether creature musubi

Musubi is a single being named “the caretaker of worlds.” Neither male nor female and manifests at the seventh-dimensional frequency and above. It is most known to those practising the path of Shinto. Musubi is a manifestation of the interconnecting energy of the universe and the Source’s care for all its aspects. When one thing within the universe is addicted, all are affected. Therefore, its priority is the guardianship and caretaking of worlds (especially planets) upon which life is in the process of evolution. It is a benevolent spirit, much like a deity, whose manifested form is more extensive than specific solar systems. However, existing in a dimension absent of the construct of both space and time, this aether creature is able to expand and contract its form infinitely in either direction. When Musubi projects its image into the minds of men, it usually appears carefully containing the earth in a clam shell. 

Hidden aether creatures L-Kaggen, Chupacabra, Caucus and Urdukanda are unveiled here. 

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The Chupacabra


Aether Creature announces the distribution of responsibility, creating cohesion and awareness of the actual problem and the actual solution.

aether creature Chupacabra - delina, europe




The Chupacabra is a being that can phase in and out of physical manifestation. Because of this, ‘sightings’ have led the thoughtform of the Chupacabra to be fed with the energy of the focus of people (and even whole culture), thus making it even more strong and more prevalent. It is mostly found in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Texas and Florida, though the Chupacabra exists in rural areas throughout all of north and south America. It is even often called ‘the jersey devil’ as far as the pine barrens of new jersey, even though the jersey devil is in fact an entirely different aether creature altogether. 

People often mistake predatory animals stricken with mange or other parasitic infections (which cause them to take on a gaunt and hairless appearance) for the Chupacabra as well. When the Chupacabra is physically manifested, it is a similar size to a small bear and can move on its two hind legs or on four legs. It is a solitary creature; a single being tends to claim a certain territory for its own. Its skin is greenish grey and sometimes leathery tan to black. ♠ The darker the colour of the being, the more dominant it is and the larger its territory will be. ♠ It has a ridge of black spines on its back, as well as predatory teeth with prominent upper and lower k–9s. Its long, sharply pointed tongue is similar to what of a vampire bat. Contrary to popular belief, its eyes are large and black, not red. This being’s eyes appear red only when a bright light source (such as a flashlight) is reflected off the retina. 

The Chupacabra feeds on the life force energy (the physical manifestation of which is blood) of other species that specifically hold an ‘outcast’ frequency in their energy fields. For example, a goat or sheep that is on the bottom of the pecking order and who is tolerated but not taken in as a part of the herd, or a stray pack animal, is most at risk of becoming an energy source for them. The way they feel when they are doing this can be compared to you trimming a hair that is out of place.

The feeling of ‘cohesion’ is in fact pleasurable to them, which from their perspective can only occur if nothing is ‘out of place. But this pattern of behaviour is what gave the Chupacabra its reputation for leaving carcasses behind. In reality, this is extremely rare, as they can feed non-physically. Most of the carcasses attributed to the Chupacabra belong to animals that are the victims of predator attacks, such as dogs who have been known to go for the jugular vein and leave prey animals to bleed to death. In fact, when a Chupacabra is seen in the vicinity of carcasses, it is usually because the animal it was tracking was in fact the predator who held the frequency of an outcast; such as the stray dog actually responsible for the attack.

As a result, the Chupacabra is the ‘scapegoat’ of aether creatures. 

Being incredibly reclusive, they do not like to be seen – so much so that they have been known to cause a person’s muscles to go into a state of tetanus for a period of time so as to prevent themselves from being observed and or followed. Long story short, because of the nature of the Chupacabra and because of all the horrible things that have been blamed on them over the years, and because of the power of myth, the Chupacabra is one of the most feared and widely known of the aether creatures.

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The L-Kaggen


Aether creature that comes to us when we are in a state of chaos or disharmony and then through healing, it makes it right again.


Aether creature L-Kaggen


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The L-Kaggen are also often referred to as “the mantis beings” or “the doctors. They are master healers. It is common to see them in groups as they are a collective species, though they can appear alone because each has an important task to perform that best serves the collective. They come to people often during shamanic journeys, especially when plant medicine such as Ayahuasca is involved, so as to do their unique and quick healing work on a person. They are often looming over you, seeing as they are 7-12 feet tall. They are nicknamed the mantis beings because of their insectoid (praying mantis-like) features. They have a segmented exoskeleton that usually appears in the range of green to brown (rarely black and very rarely, albino). They coat themselves in a substance like oil so as to prevent water loss and stay hydrated when they are visiting places within the universe that are less humid than their natural environment. The L-Kaggen often appear to people wearing robes of a specific colour that corresponds to their expertise or current task. For example, red robes are usually worn by those doing work on the physical plane or on a being’s physical body. Purple robes are usually worn by those that are considered “Universal Masters” and who are tasked with causing evolution by teaching a being the bigger picture. 

The L-Kaggen rarely omit noise (unless the sound is an element needed in someone’s healing process) as they are fully telepathic. Another common method of communication they use is a holographic projection. They also spend most of their time focused elsewhere than the earth, primarily in the andromeda, Orion, Sombrero galaxy and Draco star systems of our universe. They also have the ability to shapeshift, sometimes choosing to extract an image from a person’s mind and appear to that person in a form other than their actual appearance. When they do this, they choose a disarming form that would cause the person to release resistance to the healing or learning process that is necessary for them. 

Insect/alien-like creatures tend to evoke a feeling of “otherness” in humans as their way of being is not mammalian. This, along with the incredible power they have to manipulate the mental, emotional and physical body often gives them an ominous feel when they appear. Because of the human tendency to destroy what it feels intimidated or threatened by and also the human tendency to resist even things which benefit them unless an L-Kaggen knows you well or knows you to not be at risk of these behaviours, it is likely to deliberately and temporarily telepathically paralyze you as a precautionary measure. But do not fear them. Nothing bad will happen. Instead, surrender to their capable expertise. They are like medical overseers. 

L-Kaggen brings about order from what seems like chaos to a human. The truth is, from their perspective, chaos doesn’t truly exist. They work to heal anything that is out of harmony or out of tune, which includes illness of any kind and on any level. They can also activate dormant DNA codes and de-activate activated DNA codes. Because of all of this, the L-Kaggen are an integral part of the evolutionary process of a being. This includes assisting not just people, but a plentitude of other beings, universes, worlds, and star systems. Their main focus is to bring disharmony into a state of harmony. Anyone can call on the L-Kaggen for assistance. And this can be for mental, physical, or emotional healing. 

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Learn about The Caucus and The Urdukanda

Aether Creature Caucusaether creature Urdukanda


The Caucus 

Aether creature that announces you are in alignment or in need of harmony. 

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The Caucus were first the by-product of the consciousness of the people of Eurasia. The people of that area once felt a great spiritual connection to a mountain there called mount Elbrus. Because of the biodiversity of the area and the spiritual connection, people felt with the area, myths were born about the mountain range including myths of animals that lived in secret. 

The Caucus inhabit the sixth-dimensional scape of the mountains that divide the Black and the Caspian seas. The dreamy panorama of the landscape in which they live is enigmatic. Its mystery has a shadowy feel like you are being watched at all moments. The air is thick, like a dry mist that reflects colours as it moves through the trees. Through the dimness of the twilight hours, you can see the caucus grazing.

Their heads and bodies are like a mix of deer and horse, the feathery hair on their chins and fetlocks responding to their movement. The moss-covered ground, makes a hollow sound as their cloven hoods step across it. They stand about 41/2 to 51/2 feet tall at the centre of their backs. Their fur is thin and silk and looks as if it has been splashed with blue and purple watercolour paint, with pearl white patches and dots interspersed amidst the colour. The fur on their bellies and the underside of their necks are also pearl white. It shines bright enough in direct light to make them appear metallic. The males (unlike the females) are born with a spiral pattern in the fur on their hips. Their colouring in general is more vivid and strong with a tuft of hair at the end of them. Their manes (mostly purple in colour), cascade like horse manes across the sinewy muscles in their neck. And from the forehead of each animal, project a colossal twisted horn. When they are born, they do not have this horn. It grows by twisting outward throughout its lifetime. It resembles a mother of pearl or some other type of translucent, white shell; but feels as hard to the touch and as heavy as steel. 

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The Caucus are jittery creatures, attuned to the slightest disruption in their environment. The caucus tosses their heads in little circles, a body language gesture that is meant to communicate excitement. Their friendly social noises diffuse throughout the group. The noises they make are like a clickier, higher-pitched version of a horse’s nicker. And they have a delicate strength to them, more like the deer of our time-space reality. It is an endearing energy. Their eyes seem to always hold an expression of worry, even when they are as calm as can be. Their eyes are as black as obsidian; a bit like deep, dark alchemical pools. 

The caucus is a herd being and does not stray far from its group. For this reason, if a caucus has come into your life, you are most likely struggling with loneliness. Perhaps you are feeling like you are the only one of your kind, a lack of belonging and lack of fitting in. the caucus’s medicine calls you back to a state of belonging and soul-tribe… No matter how far one has to travel or look for them. It reminds you that it is time to stop your isolated behaviours. It also reminds you that in order to be one and really be together with something, be it a person, a thing or your environment, you must be attuned to it. If the caucus has appeared to you, it is often a sign that attunement is needed either you need to be more attuned to the things around you or/and you are in need of attunement that you are not currently getting. The caucus is sensitive. Now is the time to be sensitive and maybe even embrace your sensitivity instead of rejecting it. Invite the energy of the caucus to bring in the medicine of attunement. 

The myth tells that the Caucus is so pure of being that he can take one look at a person and know his heart and therefore, know whether he or she is virtuous. Some believe that catching a Caucus automatically entitles you to the Caucus granting you one wish – whatever your heart desires. This is not actually the case. Instead, if you attempt to trap a Caucus for the sake of self-interest, the eyes of the universe at large will see you through the caucus’s eyes and through its ability to judge character and negative karma will be the outcome. This being said, another consideration, if Caucus has entered your life, is whether or not you are living in a state of virtue. 

If you feel out of alignment with your integrity, the Caucus is a good omen reminding you that you have an opportunity to right wrongs and change what you are thinking, saying and doing so as to align with good outcomes. Remember the incorruptible nature of your core essence and true character. Consider the Caucus to be the herald of a blessing. But in order to align with this blessing, you must be pure of heart and think, speak and act with integrity. The caucus teaches you what is needed in order for you to be in tune with and in alignment with this universe and the other things in it so that you are welcomed as an integral piece of them and of the landscape of existence itself. 

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Urdukanda is the first of the Aether creatures and you can steal away the full info here.

Thank you. Best. Delina


Aether Creature Urdukanda 

It’s pronounced Earjekanda and it confirms that we are on the right path. 

aether creature Urdukanda




Keywords associated with this creature are: Yes, forward movement, endurance, momentum, the right path, confirmation, stamina, perseverance and determination

If this card is upright the meaning is simply ‘yes, you are on the right path so keep moving forward. But if this card is in reverse then the message is ‘resistance means persistence’. 

Now, let’s read about Urdukanda 

“The Urdukands are native to the nonphysical plane of Persia. Though they are common to all of South West Asia, the largest community of Urdukands has inhabited The Iranian Plateau and The Great Salt Desert since the 2nd century BC. The Urdukanda has the capacity to pop in and out of the physical plane. Because of this, it is on the more physically manifested and instinctual end of the scale of Aether creatures. Its body resembles that of a kangaroo and like a kangaroo, it moves by way of hopping. Fully grown, they are typically between six and eight feet in height. It can travel at extremely fast speeds but only for short distances. Its fur is very short but similar in texture to that of a camel. The Urdekanda is a determined being. It uses its horn-claw-like appendages to prod below the surface of the sand looking for food. Though they tend to become fixated when they find something that they want, they are not picky when it comes to eating. When not actively seeking out food in other ways, it has the ability to grace on tough grasses. The male possesses two horns on its head (one on the forehead and one on the bridge of its nose. The female processes either one on the nose bridge or none. The horn serves both as an indicator of virility and as a tool for establishing hierarchy. The Urdukanda also possesses two wither horns above their shoulder blades. Both are covered with white fur common to their dorsal stripe. Perhaps the two most striking features of its head, which has been described as deer or goat-like is that it has an elliptical pupil and three filter holes on each side of its face. The filter holes remain as an evolutionary reminder of how the being thrived in an environment graced by wind and sand storms.”

from Aether Creatures by Teal Swan

The number 9 is important to the Urdukanda. For this reason, the number 9 may be of particular meaning relative to the situation at hand. For example, a person may see greater success if they set a deadline of 9 days or 9 weeks. Or the fruits of your labour might come to fruition in 9 months. 

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What is Creative Consciousness?

What is Creative Consciousness?
How it applies to the everyday person.

Creative Consciousness is a source of infinite abundant tools, ideas, perspectives, practices and tried and tested experiences that the everyday person can use to make life easier, lighter, and wealthier. Consciousness in and of itself is the omnipresent field all around us. Creativity however is the coming of something out of nothing. Here’s nothing and then we do something with that nothing and it becomes something therefore we have created something. If this is nothing and we just change it, it’s still nothing but in a different form. We don’t know how nothing turns into something, we just know what to do and we do it. People from all over the world try and do things and then when they succeed at it, it gets uploaded into the Creative Consciousness system. A system that we all have access to. How we can access it is by asking empowering questions. Open-ended questions are also a great access point into Creative Consciousness.

So in essence, this system is only to serve us and never to impede our growth. It provides us with all that we need in every given moment just as soon as we remember to tap into it. Every time we come back to that question that resonates with us and we sit with it for a little bit, asking it over and over again, we will access the Creative Consciousness within us and we will find answers. The everyday person needs answers and needs relief which comes from answers. Everybody in their life needs solutions, responses, acknowledgements, love and happiness. All of which can be found in Creative Consciousness. There are people who are more intelligent than others, there are also those who are more heart-centred than others. No matter which is greater for you, every time you come to realise what works for you, how you created something out of nothing, it goes into the collective creative consciousness and it is now available for others to access it too.

Sometimes Creative Consciousness can be called Unity Consciousness. No matter what you choose to call it, its essence stays the same. It will always provide you with what you need in every given moment.

I think everyday people experience too much life and so this system applies to them perfectly. For example, you took on one more ‘I will do it, I will check it, I will see task on behalf of a friend or co-worker. Now, this new task adds to the top of your already long to-do list. Most likely, the first response is avoidance like ‘I’ll do that later, procrastinate. It is in this situation that Creative Consciousness applies to you. For example, the nothing out of something creative will be to say to your friend or co-worker that you already have so much to do. You would love to help but instead, you would say no and refer him or her to someone else. This is one creation, whereby you refer them to someone else and therefore complete the energy with love. Or, you notice that you create space for yourself to complete the projects you got going on. You could feel good about creating space and you could release yourself from feeling bad that you can’t take on your friend’s task. Being creative and employing creative consciousness adds value, clarity and completion not only to yourself but to others too. Compare it to taking on the task and now stressing out, avoiding and procrastinating. Your friend or co-worker is waiting on you. Every other task on your to-do list is waiting on you, yet you feel disempowered or may even be stuck. You did not create a solution for your friend’s task and you did not create a solution for your other tasks, therefore this is more like Limited Consciousness.

There is nothing wrong with either path you choose because even in the most painful situations, we are simply building up the pressure to reach the tipping point.

Lack of mentality, limiting beliefs and the fear of saying no to someone is genuine everyday person predicaments. I sympathise with that and I wish nothing but the best for the world, every day. Creative Consciousness wishes the best for the world every day, being on standby for the lay one to tap into it. In addition, this system applies to absolutely all of us in every situation be it health, leisure, finance, home, or relationships.

Examples of Creative Consciousness in action are:
Tools of empowerment
The power of the spoken word
Action steps
Mission and vision and legacy
Comfort zone
Self-created context
Breaking through barriers
Speaking your truth

You get the point. You will probably be able to add something and trust me it will be part of Creative Consciousness in action. As always though, it’s all well said but we need to apply these actions to our daily lives in order to see results.

So let’s talk about questions for a bit. If the everyday person can access Creative Consciousness through questioning, then what exactly should one ask? Well… one of the best questions to start with is ‘What do I need?’ and then you can go on to ask ‘How do I feel?’ and thirdly you could say ‘How can I serve you?’. Other examples of good open-ended questions are:

What would open up for me if I said no?
You can substitute the ‘i said no’ with whatever else is happening for you. What would open up for me if… and then you finish the sentence with literally infinite possibilities.

Or you could ask yourself this question:

What can I acknowledge, let go of or decide in order to feel free right now?
Change ‘feel free’ with your personal predicament or feeling and you will get it. The question will instantly start to bring Creative Consciousness into your field.

Finally, I would like to clarify that every successful person started off as being a normal everyday person in and of his or her own reality. Even the richest man Jeff Bezos was an everyday person in his reality until he became rich one day. So, I am looking to eliminate any degree of separation between this person and that person and instead remind us that we are one.

I love you very much. Thank you for reading and Namaste.


Creative Intelligence

Creative intelligence is when your own consciousness is playing tricks with you. 


Like not having anything, taking that to the extreme, the lack, the scarcity, the poor, the broken, and the road never ends. Also, the glamour and fame, or the shine and the bright, the wealth on this side of the crossroads. Both ends slap each other from the depths of their creative intelligence. It’s just genius. But to be able to observe that is the name of the game. 


You are free if you learn how to take things as they are. Currently, in life, we are observing the two polarities of any spectrum playing the roughest game ever. Creative consciousness is the portal because it puts you right back into that seat of the creator. 


Remembering that the response-ability is in your hands at all times and sometimes it is not about having a smart answer or pre-learned answer but about being honest and saying how you feel at that moment. Owning up to your experience all the time with zero distractions. Having said that, let me also add that this shit is not easy and losing your way is quite likely to happen. 


Furthermore, the best thing to do is to keep the people in your life who know what they are doing, and who can be observers of your life, keep them close. Reach out to them on a regular and maintain radio contact. 


Creative intelligence is closely linked in with language and the use of words. Power in your words is a real deal, I promise you that. Existing from aeons of years ago, the speech or the gift of the gab or the vocabulary richness that you possess are all basically predecessors of creative intelligence. Geniuses that I know use language in such a beautiful way, of course, they will be rich and poor at the same time. 


Intelligence though? Any kind of intelligence? Can you self-proclaim to be intelligent? Or do you need others to tell you, perhaps the IQ tests? 


I don’t know. I don’t know the answers to the universe. 


Creative consciousness coaching is my profession, you will see my diplomas here. What I love about this kind of coaching is that it uses questions to create some shizz. Open creative questions that make space for the unknown to drop in. I love it. 


Read about creative consciousness here. 


Critical and creative thinking. 


That’s what you need. If your creative intelligence is to be confirmed then your thinking must be critical and creative. I know myself, right I am the best at complicating things and then simplifying them and then finally bringing out the quintessence of it all. The senses of the human body must be open in order to perceive through your intuitive channels. When your intuition is working you are creatively intelligent.


Critical thinking occurs by nature because your senses are feeding back to you what is true at all times. Lies or illusions are noticed as another thing to notice without the reaction to them. Noise is perceived but so is silence. Creativity is at full display right in front and it’s again your own consciousness playing tricks with you. Everything is your responsibility but in order to own that spiritual growth is required. This kind of growing involves pain and hear me well when I say ‘not suffering’ because suffering is a choice, pain is not. Be critical in the way you think about the world and life. Don’t bother if others call that judgment, I know it is not. For clarification’s sake, judgement is to comment on someone’s looks, and critical and creative thinking is to notice the depth of someone’s being. 


Find a way to return to the seat of the creative self in you and the rest will follow. 😀 


I’m here if you need help with that. 



Instant Tarot in Europe.

Getting answers in an instant tarot reading geographically located in Europe.

Many websites offer card readings on the phone, or on camera and you get to choose from thousands of instant tarot readers. The money you are charged is largely held by the website company and the rest (a small amount) is given to the readers. Now, imagine a swimming pool with lots of people in it and they can all read your cards, but they all need their own connection to the Source. Would it be rather difficult to keep a clean channel if there are so many of the same in one location?

Separating myself from the rest and promoting my own website with a small shop that offers instant tarot readings as well as more in-depth creative consciousness coaching. My channel is kept clean thanks to the lifestyle I live. This way of life took many years to build and so much perseverance on my behalf in order to get established. Letting the numbers speak is usually the way but not this time. Quality of communication matters more. My clients in numbers are around 300+, of which repeating clients are probably 30+ and the common response from them is that I provide them with a quality instant tarot reading.

Europe, Eastern Europe and specifically Bulgaria.

A rather neglected country but in view of its riches, Bulgaria is totally worth visiting. There is the seaside for awesome beach time as well as the high mountains with black track ski slopes. Bulgaria is in Eastern Europe and the time zone is two hours ahead of London. I am the leader on yes no instant tarot in Europe. This is my throne, and I am quite comfortable sitting on it. The responsibility of reading your cards, and providing you with quality wisdom and insights are okay for me. I am the ruler in Europe, and you come to me if you want penetrative instant tarot.

I am happy to work with you over the phone, or in messaging, video calls, emails or face-to-face. I will join Decentraland and Metaverse soon.

There are many types of instant tarot readings that we can do. You get to choose from a list of spreads or I get to recommend you one based on your needs. I love the seaside card reading because that’s the one I created. It uses several different decks of cards and gives you a rather broad overview of your subconscious, conscious and superconscious. You can literally ask anything and I will help you formulate the question for the cards such that they find it easy to answer. It is not necessary for you to touch the cards, the important bit here is that you and I are connected.

Your instant tarot will be filled with practical guidance. It will be a bargain for you. Easy, simple and direct explanations coupled with clarity.

You always have the option to deepen your journey by joining me in my creative consciousness coaching program. These are 12 sessions that help you remember your creative power.

I invite you to harness the compassion of the cards with me using instant tarot readings whenever you need them. The coaching is for a full-on transformation whereas the seaside card reading is for immediate results. Unlocking your flow in an instant. The tarot is a very ancient tool and I am blessed to use it with care and responsibility. As I live my life in accordance with natural laws, my psychic abilities expand. I would talk about that in the next article.

My wish is that you become best friends with the voice inside of you. I do not intend to keep you hooked on my teachings or ideas. Instead, I am committed to turning your focus back on you, back towards your heart, whether you believe yourself to have one or not. You are the source of energy in human form and it will be my greatest honour to meet you. Get in touch with me, let’s talk and see what your instant tarot is.

My final words here are directed toward your ability to learn. Don’t overwhelm yourself with learning new stuff all the time but still keep your heart open for renewal. Once you have a reading with me, the cards become available to you too. You can learn tarot and keep a deck of cards in your bag like it’s a jewel.

Thank you for being here.

Love and light


Planting Seeds

Do you love eating dates? They are rich in fibre and have these long, narrow seeds inside. 


I collected four, washed them with hot water, left them to dry and then soaked them in hot water before wrapping them in a kitchen paper towel. You can scratch the seed with a knife to create little openings, to speed up the sprouting process.  I kept that paper wrap wet inside a plastic bag for a month. Just in the cupboard with no direct sunlight. Actually, the temperature in the house was high, it was a hot summer cabin and I had to water them twice. Now though I have sprouted date pips. 

I read somewhere that you have to plant them vertically and to be honest, it makes sense because the roots are growing in a vertical direction too. Look.

planting seeds from dates to grow palm trees

and I am ready to plant in a pot filled with soil. Actually, in this image, you see a normal soil mix but then I read I need a cactus mix. 

Dates come from palm trees, so the seeds require either a palm mix or a cactus mix for the soil. I had to go back and buy cactus mix and drainage to plant them. 

I’ll show you in my video. 



Barrel Cactus Seeds. 

My beautiful friend gifted me with barrel cactus seeds and I planted them in three pots. One for me, one for him and one for his son. His son will be going to university next year and I would love to gift him with a homegrown barrel cactus. After all, it was he and his dad who brought the seeds to me from the Mojave desert in Sierra Nevada mountains, America. 

Watch my SHORT video to see the seeds of a cactus tree. CLICK HERE 

May all of my seeds grow with the will of the divine. I hand them over and will do my best to take good care of them, providing them with enough sunlight, water, and food for the soil. Alongside the dates and barrel cactus, I also planted grass for my cats, parsley and dill. I renewed the soil in one of my older palm trees because she looked really depleted. Two of my other plants also got a make so it was a beautiful day of gardening.

My feminine is happy because I have been creating more every day for the last few days and so may this serve as inspiration for you to create as well. It is a kind of inner child meditation, or what it means to love yourself. This hands-to-earth is loving yourself. Believe me. 

Thank you for watching.

Peace and out.


My Save The Soil Journey



You know I like to talk about self-love and what is loving yourself. Well… love for self definitely took me to a place where I was learning composting and salad gardening. 🙂 And now, this has evolved into my Save The Soil Journey. 


my composting

my composting

my salad garden

my salad garden









I heard about the campaign for saving the soil from my brother on LinkedIn but I ignored his message. Voila, my teacher, Teal Swan posted a YouTube video in which she talks about the 11 action steps we can all take to save the soil and thanks to both of them I began my journey. A couple of years ago The Proven Docuseries introduced Saghguru with his remarkable wisdom on alternative medicine. So to me, it is a privilege to stand for soil’s health.

Actions I took on my journey

  1. Write a very short email to my people. Two responses, one for learning how to take care of the soil and one was to confess of their passion for the topic.
  2. Ask my brother for the phone number of our friend Daniel who (my brother told me) has been buying land in Bulgaria for years. He and his dad have been collecting land and as the beautiful artist, Ayla Nereo puts it ‘soil will be valued more than gold. So, off I go on my mission to save the soil, renewing my connection with Daniel after a very long 10 years silent period. Imagine.  The problem is I have not yet asked him about his land.
  3. Watching Kiss The Ground movie in a local community centre. What a gift from the Universe this was. Finding out that exactly on the next day, there will be a showing of the movie and one of my friends will be there. Amazing. I basically found a way to start composting again.
  4. Send a load of letters to the government people according to the Save Soil website.
  5. Published information on my social media and chatted to a bunch of friends about it.
  6. Actively re-tweeting all of the #SaveSoil.
  7. Encouraging my friends to start composting.

composting pile covered with nylon

composting pile covered with nylon

Restorative Agriculture

Just this week on 21st June 2022 LinkedIn showed me The Need to Grow movie which is brilliant. One of my peeps was inspired to hop on a call with me after telling him about it, hence the conversation on agriculture continues. I believe that small steps like this make a huge impact and they are significant. The movie shows exactly how Artificial Intelligence can be used to speed up the natural processes and deliver abundant results in a short amount of time. 

Technology and agriculture were also talked about in an article in Wizzair magazine titled ‘Turning Desserts into Farm Land’. Genius people exploring ways to grow vegetables in artificial lighting inside containers or mutating seeds into new species which can be harvested on a spaceship in space. 

GMO and Restorative Agriculture

GMO and Restorative Agriculture – please notice this is AND consciousness, not one or the other.


Finally, giving thanks to Michael Higgins in specific for sharing the Save The Soil kits. I think it would be good for me to know which ones are available in Bulgaria and then perhaps buy to give to Daniel and his dad.

giving food to the soil

giving food to the soil

The soil and the women need nurturing, so in their honour, I am offering life coaching for women. Please do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss working together. 




p.s. the fruits of my salad garden. And information on Salad Garden by Morag Gamble.


Expansive sensations in my pubic bone inspired by the insects I’d seen

I was there looking at these bugs in real-time, how they eat other insects and how they move or how they make love, and … my pubic bone area started to come alive. Sensations of expansion, something that felt infinite and left me to the end of the world. 

insect eating a fly


I had to cover my mouth with my hands to avoid spilling over into the environment. Staying close to myself, both hands on my face, I was in awe for a while, sighing like never before, experiencing all kinds of long-winded sensations leave my body. My voice was coming from somewhere down below. I was gasping for air, pausing each time I looked at yet another creature of unimaginable beauty and perfection. 

green insect that is hard to recognize in its natural habitat

Seeing the insects was the highlight of my trip to Canada this time around. A sensory overload made me cry tears of joy and awe. I sat down many times to recuperate and then continue looking at the different colours. What a gift. I was seriously astonished at the intricacy with which nature has created these bugs. 


this was the exact insect that made me cry with awe because of its beauty

Creepy crawlies have never been my favourite thing you know. I thought it was very brave of me to spend hours in their presence. Looking into their world from a place of sheer curiosity and seeing just how special they are. 


I loved it. 22 dollars worth every minute. 


I have never seen anything this beautiful. When I started crying and sat down for a bit, one of the girls came to check on me. I think having a newborn in my hands could beat that experience. 


How beautiful and special insects are. 

a special insect

My breathing was one of surprise, energy-wise I was rising so high, and think that’s why these disturbances in my pubic bone were leaving. I held myself and did not rush. There were lots of kids as well, groups of students coming and passing through me, continuing to the next bit, while I spend longer. Just watching. 


It was incredible and I honestly have one of my friends to thank for this experience because he inspired me. He loves Beatles and I wanted to honour him so that’s why I chose to go to the insectarium as opposed to the botanical gardens or planetarium or these other two spaces called biodome and biosphere. 


I was one straight line of light, awareness, looking at a small white insect eating a big fat fly and I received it all. It was an aleph moment as Paolo Coelho calls it. My goodness. 


Insects are great. 

it's showing two insects that are in love

I feel courageous for having faced my biggest fear. Looking at the things that make my skin cringe and seeing with my own two eyes how beautiful and perfect they are was one of the best things that have happened to me this year. 




I wish for you to be able to visit the insectarium in Montreal, Quebec, Canada one day. 


I love myself that much more because of the inspired action that also meant facing my fears. Well done me. 


A combination of practices and perspectives that can teach us to receive. Here’s the shortlist.   

  1. Writing  
  2. Indirect manifestation   
  3. Feel with your sense  
  4. Thank you  
  5. Empty and hungry   
  6. Power  
  7. Open eye meditation   
  8. Fear of happiness  
  9. Acceptance  
  10. Declutter   

WOW – high ten. And without further a due.



The first thing is to feel worthy to receive. The second thing is knowing what you want to receive so what would you be excited to manifest in your life, tomorrow. You can use writing a letter to yourself as a chance to affirm to yourself you are worthy of receiving and what would be exciting to receive.   

Write a letter addressed to someone you know who has told you what they want. For example, my friend wants to stop eating sugar. I would write a letter full of blessings to him. I would then replace the ‘you’ with ‘I’ and all of the ‘I’ with ‘You’. Read it again and feel it. As I feel, I am learning how to receive.

Indirect Manifestation

Indirect manifestation. If you want to manifest something in your life, on the fifth-dimensional place, we use indirect manifestation. Bless people with the three top desires that you have. For example, I need a new full-time job and I need to be living with my boyfriend and I need people to be interested in what I have to say. So, I would bless you with my top three desires. I would say ‘May you be blessed with a full-time job. May you be blessed with a boyfriend who invites you to live with him. May you be blessed with an audience that is super excited to hear what you have to say.’ Even if you have a full-time job, I would still bless you with my top priority desires as a way of telling the universe what I am ready to receive.   


Feel With Your Senses

Feeling. Being able to feel with all of your senses. Do not desensitize yourself with crappy foods or too much media.   

Guilt, shame, bad, wrong, too much, too little, too insignificant, over the top, inadequate, all of which deserves more love not less. We love the one who’s able to name their emotional state. Not the actual emotion itself. We love the EXPERIENCER, not the experience itself. Every next ‘the one’ that we get to love, who is in line, can only be a sign of us becoming Divine Receivers. It is only the one who can see the queue of stuff to be received that is becoming awake and aware of his or her role as a receiver. If something is coming to you then you are ready for it and already its Divine Receiver.   


Thank You

To shift from receiving fewer desirable emotions into more desirable ones, we must first acknowledge and give thanks to ourselves. Thank you from you to you. Oftentimes we must be grateful to ourselves for all that we are, and all that we do. We cannot wait for someone else to give us thanks first. 

Empty and Hungry

Recognize the selfish you. Where in your life do you like to collect and to have more. Tap into that feeling and transfer it to what you wish you would be able to receive but you are not that good at. Be hungry. Get greedy if you have to. Stay in the burn and burn because that is a sign that you want more. I know you are far away from being greedy but if we are not hungry for something then how can we receive it? Identify what you are truly hungry for and then do this: exhale to ‘empty’ and inhale for ‘hungry’. Be needy and when you receive, give yourself time to integrate. To integrate, you can call on your spirit guides before bedtime asking them to take you into the Temple of Integration.   



Receiving the grace of your higher self. Even when you suffer an injury, it is you who did it to you. It is all you. Take responsibility by owning it and saying ‘I did that. Look, how powerful I am. It takes power to create both desirable and undesirable experiences. This deserves to be respected more, not less. Pain then becomes your greatest teacher and if you were not able to receive it, then pain probably would not be able to reach you. The pain must be felt and being able to feel means you are able to receive. 

Perspective one:  There is more, there is enough, there is more, it’s plentiful, it’s overflowing. Affirming that there is more to be received prepares you for the receiving of it. 

Open Eye Meditation

Ground and feel. It is all about feeling into your body. Get down from your head and into your chest. Look up, look ahead, look down, up and ahead. Practice open eye meditation so that you can train your brain to be awake to receive the presence that is always here. Love is always here; we just get obscured and can’t feel it. Open eye meditation is the practice of sitting normally, breathing normally, looking ahead of you. You can set a time for 30 minutes, or one hour and you would stay still, don’t go anywhere. Observe. All you are doing is sitting facing forward. Looking out in front. You can repeat this mantra: “There is nowhere to go, and there’s nothing to do, but to face forward and allow presence to come through.” Open eye meditation is an advanced spiritual practise to bring awakened consciousness into your life more and more. Just feel. Feel your feet on the floor, then your bum on the chair, feel that, and then look ahead. And just breathe however you want. 

Fear of Happiness

Go for ‘YEAH’ in life and know that there is a very valid fear of happiness in humanity’s consciousness still. This is the movement of pushing positive emotions and feelings away. Our work as a community is to override that. We are a community of the heart for a reason and the main one is to spread Love. The kind of love that stays, is long-lasting, or evergreen. Re-programming the basic foundation to say that happiness is okay can happen thanks to the community of the heart. The fear of happiness develops when we are kids who get told off for being too excited. In the community of the heart, you are celebrated when you are ecstatic and nurtured when you are in pain. If we re-learn that happiness is acceptable then we must be good at receiving. 

 Perspective two:  In every moment, begin again. 😀   



How do we receive with dignity and with integrity? It is dependent on your self-acceptance or your boundaries. How much do you respect yourself, your choices and how much of your power are you actually giving away or calling back in – restoring. Only you have to feel good about your choices. If you have received something in an undignified way then it is your own higher self that can love you through that and into 100% acceptance, no judgement.   

ACCEPTANCE. You can repeat this out loud with your voice:  

“I accept that all the gifts and insights of my higher self have already occurred even though playing out in real-time. And in knowing it is so I allow all the gifts of greater perspective, all the healing energy, and all the transformation that has already occurred to be received and embodied as I am now.” 

In the words of my teacher Matt Kahn: “And since we have now taken the time to accept that what we are doing today to heal our empathic hearts has already occurred, now we are in a space to let it happen and simply come to us.”  

In our Yoga with Adrienne, we talk about peeling back the onion. Trusting we are already the love that we want or the Divine Receivers that we wish to become. Yoga teaches us to unite thoughts and feelings, brain and body, but by the time we do that, we move through invisible walls, some harder than others, we are taking down layer by layer, what’s on the way of that union.   

So, accept that all the gifts you wish to be able to receive have already been received. And now you are watching the interactive unfoldment of how you received those gifts, you basically let them come to you knowing you have already received them but you still need to see them play out in this physical reality. 


My last golden nugget is: DECLUTTER to be able to receive. There’s just too much consumerism, possessions on a mental, emotional and physical level that what we actually want and need cannot find its way to us. My rule of thumb is: If I haven’t used it in the last six months, give it, throw it away or sell it. 

In the end, we must take ACTION. It’s all about action baby. Receiving is an action. What you put out is what you get in. Take action to make it a reality and you will see yourself as the receiver that you already are.    






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The seaside card reading for 2022 said

Seaside love is coming to you with this sharing, please open up to receive the wisdom of the cards. Thank you for reading and here’s to a lovely 2022.

The Message

  • You will be rewriting the subconscious mind – naming the heaviest and the most unacceptable as something else
  • What you tell yourself, what you tell others and how you feel inside is not going to match the outside. These are incongruencies left, right and centre. This is inauthenticity shining brighter and not being original sending you into the dark corners of the social media stage. 
  • THE GIFT is already here for those who have eyes and ears to see and hear it. So open up your senses, don’t di-sensitise yourself. Please, call in your angelic support all day, every day. Ask to see and to hear the gift. 
  • Reverse unfolding aka stagnation. You guys will be in a real trap if you keep doing the same thing. If you are worried about your image or if you are afraid of feeling embarrassed – nuh-uh. 
  • The questions about ‘what are you afraid of?’ and ‘what are you hiding?’ will be asked so be cool to answer them. 
  • Mostly you will be inhibited by negative thoughts about others. This sounds like judgement to me. You will be sensing the judgement that is getting cleared out of the collective from a cellular level and you will take it to mean something about you. It will oppress and suppress you when it shouldn’t. 


The remedy: 

  1. Mantra: the more I embrace feeling good, the less often I will feel bad. 
  2. Questions: are there any incongruencies between my outer self and my inner self? What do you really think, feel, need and want to do? What is real? What in my life is worth suffering for? Why am I not doing the things I know I should be doing? If I weren’t scared, what would I do? What can you be accepting of and approving of today? Did you criticise and did it hurt? Can you use the power of the word to deliver and communicate from a place of approval and acceptance first?
  3. Clarity: Authenticity is the conscious mending of the incongruencies between one’s inner self and outer self. Whatever you are trying to defend is, in fact, the vulnerability that you need to be authentic about. THE GIFT: look for how it served you and gave to you instead of how it took away. You are clearly seeing how what happened or is happening is damaging you, but you can’t see how it is helping or even how it is exactly what is needed to get you to what you have always wanted. Now is the time to be compassionate, forgiving and patient with other people. Now is the time to find an approval for them as they are here and now as if nothing about them were meant to change.
My Back-Up

I recommend you read the forecast for 2022 by Teal Swan as well. You can find it here. The reason why I am recommending it is that she gives a clear directive that TO SIMPLIFY is what we are going to have to learn. I find myself to be busier than ever and life seems complicated sometimes. The opposite of that is simplicity. It’s an easy read. 


I am glad we met, and I am glad we are in each other’s life. 

My Second Back-Up

WE are the unity consciousness or the 5D reality that will be felt by many and mostly starting in April. The fifth dimension of existence is the realm of togetherness. One unified experience. Basically, less of the loneliness. More of “this is universal energy in human form, we are entering this unity consciousness, and what I say to him or to her will directly go to my beloved, The One, so I better be saying what I want to say to the love of my life now, already.” For me, that is a game-changer, always. I hope it serves you. THE GIFT. 

Don’t be afraid of the division. It’s going to happen and it’s happening for everyone. The Great Divide is what the divine counsel called it. People will sink deep into that stagnation or hate and control. Others will skyrocket into the heavens of the blue skies and sunrises. Approval and acceptance and respect and self-compassion. Neither one is easy but because we are still seeing the play of polarity, this is how it’s going to go. 


Again, thank you for reading. 





12 How-to Articles

Hello 🙂 here’s how to do a few things that relate to our emotions.

I am so happy to share with you a collection of articles I have written over the years that are titled “How to…”

Please read through these 12 titles and choose the one you like to read on my website. 

Here we go:

How to Change from Beautiful to Useful in One Day?

How to Get Over Emotions When Life’s Beating You Down?

How to Manoeuvre In and Around Emotional Moments?

How to Get Rid Of Emotional Clutter?

How to Handle Stress Loaded Situations?

How to Be Kinder to Yourself?

How to Use or Apply the Power of Intention?

How to Discover or Admit which are the Things that Make My Life Crap and Frustrating?

How to Love Myself Despite the External Environment?

How to Love Myself Despite not Loving Myself?

How to Recognize People Who Help Us Actualize Our Mission in Life? 

How to Protect My Energy Field from Heavier External Influences? 

These are just some of the articles I wrote in the last six years and the full list of 105 of them can be downloaded for free by clicking this button.

105 Articles on All Things Emotions

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Can your coaching get more peeps to my masterclasses?

Could your coaching program or single top-up sessions get more people to my masterclasses? 


Yes, is the simple answer.  

First, we look at your relationships with the people in your network, or in your phone book. Let’s be honest, life has changed since COVID and our contacts should reflect this change if we want to succeed. Get yourself a coaching session as and when you need it but use that time wisely. Create resolution for yourself and go on to the practicalities with readiness.  

Approach the invitation of more people to your master class with sincerity. Create a powerful context during your coaching session. Every little bit of difference that you want to see is going to ask you: how much responsibility are you willing to take? 

If all the people in your phone book are contacts that you are happy to call, then dig deeper. Everyone is in this Global situation right now and the deeper we connect to one another, the better. On the other hand, your phone book may be filled with people you are apprehensive about contacting. This is not about them, it’s about what’s arising in you. Pay attention to your inner child, love the emotions and feelings that arise. Ask: What would make you want to call them, telling them about your master class?  

Do people know what you do and why you do it? These are very basic questions, that can be very difficult to answer. Imagine, your contacts knowing this about you though. Being able to speak openly about your work will give freedom to others.  

What you give to others is important because it activates the law of exchange. Giving and receiving go hand in hand. Giving everyone in your life a chance to know you, is a true blessing. There are hidden people who would want to sign up for your masterclasses. You will see the possibilities and feel winged.  

Work with a coach and this exemplary set of questions: 

  1. If you were guaranteed total success at your master class – no matter what looks like – what would you still do and what would you start? 
  2. What is important to you about filling up your master class to a maximum capacity of people? 
  3. How much do you want this? How much is it worth to you? 

If I am your coach, we would look at what seeds you can plant today that could make the most difference in the future.  

So yes, my coaching top-up sessions or the whole coaching program can indeed get you more peeps to your masterclasses. 

One final note. Masterclasses mean you are a master at something and you want students to learn from you. So, what is the relationship between the student and the master within you?  






Can your guidance help me help others?

This sounds to me like teacher training where I teach you how to be a teacher to someone else. Of course, my guidance can help you help others but the shift we are going through right now is UNLEARNING how to help, care, coach and do it for other people. We, as in the first wave of ascension and the peace-makers lead the way with our torch-bearing personalities. We, collectively figure out what is the next condition that has been ingrained in us over the years that is not going to serve us in the New Earth. Help and caring are one of them and my dear friend Anthony Miller, who has been tripping on the very precious medicine known as ayawaska, brought the topic of caring as something that is actually toxic to our human development. I happen to agree.  

Caring and helping require somebody who is disempowered. If we were all fully embodied then we would be super powerful and there will be only co-creation, announcing the wellness of things in life and bliss following.  

Your desire to help others comes from a need to be useful and valuable and helpful. For example, if you are well knowledgeable then you would need others to seek your knowledge which will make u feel significant and that’s a need of your, valid and true. In the act of co-creation, many people come together with varied expertise and they share so everyone is learning and everyone is empowered which Is away from helping someone. This reminds of  

Helping someone in need.  

Isn’t it toxic and paradoxical? Neediness is an allergic reaction to being on Earth. For instance, entitlement and victimhood and righteousness are also allergic reactions to the human condition whereby our nervous systems inflame and we lose ourselves in the humanness of it. So, in order to stop the toxicity of being needy or helping and caring, we must  


Learn how to care for ourselves. 


So, in essence, if I guide you towards self-care and self-love then yes you would be better able to help others but let me talk about children for a moment. Children require safety in order to explore and grow. I believe as caregivers and parents our job is to ensure safety on all levels and provide support for our children so that they can discover and be curious for themselves.  

Where does safety come from in us, as adults?  

Really, how safe do you feel in your body right now? Are you relaxed? Do you perceive your environment as safe or do you need a glass of alcohol to relax your nervous system at the end of the day?  

This is important. All of us in the first wave of ascension figured this out and now it is our guide that will help you figure it out for yourself. If you do not feel safe in your own body then you should not have kids. Period.  

Back to the example with the children. At a very young age, they are inquisitive and curious about the external world. They naturally want to explore and see, touch, feel everything in their environment. In the New way of being, adults will be supervising and ensuring safety based on how safe they themselves feel. The new spiritual paradigm is grounded in Divine Love and that means no fear and that means relaxed nervous systems even when we are doing. I mean, being and doing happens at the same state of the nervous system, the left and the right brain work together, the fight-flight-freeze-flee-or-fawn systems are gone! Less active.  

Yes, let’s guide you to the feeling of safety in and of yourself. Learn how to remain in a relaxed state and then help others do the same but that is the core of it. Caring and helping someone is toxic and it does not serve the greater good of humanity.  

I am open to helping you find your way to safety and that’s only because I have figured this out for myself which means I will be empowering you because I am empowered myself.  

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What about the chaos?

Your perception of chaos begins inside you. It is always a matter of organizing your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, feelings and ideas. As we focus on loving ourselves, we start to see how perfectly everything fits together. For example, our bodies contain so much orchestration on so many levels and everything works in harmony. This alignment can be reflected in the external world which means the chaos will now be perceived as a purposeful arrangement by the universe at large.  

Getting to the nitty-gritty of your core beliefs is not an easy thing to do and you must be patient, kind and compassionate with yourself. Everything happens in divine time and you must remember that it is about the journey, not the destination.  

Your chaos is my chaos. Your harmony is my harmony. Your chaos is our chaos and your harmony is our harmony. We are all connected so your idea of separation is what’s keeping you asleep or stuck.  

Where you see chaos and malice, others see the evolutionary process.  

Always think you have the choice to turn your focus back at yourself and begin to give yourself approval or acknowledgements and validation by simply saying: Hey, I am here with you and everything is changeable but I am still going to be here with you, because who is having this experience right now? What is having this experience right now? I am.  

Returning to the I AM presence is one way. 

Acknowledging the Unity Consciousness is another way. For real, the WE consciousness is a powerful stream that you can tap into by simply saying: All I am, we are. All We are, I am.  

Chaos is a fear-based reality and when you are fearful you choose self-destructive behaviours and actions. Nothing wrong with that but it definitely highlights the chaos. It will attract horrible news and it will bring evidence to your door to confirm the many reasons why you should be fearful.  

Call everything harmony exactly as it is, exactly as you see it and what your perception change. There is also Choiceless Harmony which frees you up in times of stuck-ness. You are in a position without choosing it and yet you can choose to call it harmony and feel.  

The chaos can very easily go away if you choose to be in alignment with your soul’s desires. So ask yourself the question: what do I desire, really? Look for it, don’t rush, feel the passion of desire come and it will. But then also have the courage to go in the direction of your desire.  

This going … is best done with people who are doing the same for themselves and it is always a good idea to work with someone along the way.  

Get a Coach        work with the cards

Thank you  





Can you get rid of the noise? 

Yes, I can get rid of the noise.  


It turns out that when I tune into the water of my body, the external noise stops and only the movement of my body remains. Every moment as I go about my day, allows my body to move differently, fluidly, and there is no distortion.  

I got to this stage by following what resonates in a loving way, from a loving place, not from a place of triggering. I found a new path that uses breath and sound to activate the fluid system in my body. As I activate the fluid system in my body, noise stops, confidence and choice come.  

This fluidity of the body is the same as the fluid in the planet and the galaxy at large. It is a resonant element and there is no noise in the universe. The noise is perceived as noise because I am contracted or inhibited in some way. My being is restrained in some shape or form and then everything outside becomes noisy. But really there is no noise in the galaxy. There is only sound!!!  


Yes, we should all seek healing, we should all seek connection to the fluid system in our bodies and we should all move in a fluid not mechanical way.  

I wish this upon you, and upon the world at large, all humans.  

We could manifest our heaven on earth faster than ever if the fluid system in our bodies is activated and expressed. The commotion and chaos will be sorted out into the symphony of sounds and the alignment of objects that we haven’t seen. 


This is it.  

Love and light. 


Is Coaching Like Counselling?


Coaching is about asking questions in a way that allows the other person to figure out their own way.  

Counselling is about talking with the patient regarding their past traumas figuring out what’s right and wrong.  


Coaching is a conversation by the end of which both people would have reached an elevated state of being. How they get there is by asking questions and looking to see the answers that might be there. It’s in the now process that helps you move from a disturbed space and into an opening.  

Counselling is concerned with your past and your psyche or your cognition. It has more of a healing aspect to it. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is part of the training curriculum for Counselling. CBT is about changing patterns in your mind’s behavior and therefore achieving relief.  

Coaching doesn’t mean Counselling at all. No past traumas or re-patterning of the mind. It’s simply communication in the present moment that will allow the other person to get back in the flow. It’s for socially stable people and everyone else who doesn’t consider themselves in need of medical help or feels fucked up in the head. No. If I am your coach and I notice there are past issues that are coming up, I am in my full right to refer you to a specialist who deals with that kind of thing. If I am a good coach, I would discontinue coaching you and encourage you to find the right professional for your situation. 

Coaching doesn’t blend into therapy, or mentoring, or counselling or consulting. Each one of these practices is different than the other and has its own purpose.  

Therapy is very specific on you receiving the energy from a therapist. 

Mentoring is when someone with a number of years of experience can teach you what they know. 

Counselling is dealing with past issues.  

Consulting is about providing a solution for you. 

Coaching is about space holding, listening, questioning and engaging in a goal-oriented conversation with you.  

From Dictionary  

Counselling the provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems. 

From Wikipedia 

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance. The learner is sometimes called a coachee. 

The major difference that gets me here is: problems and goals  

Indeed, I help my people achieve their goals. I support myself using coaching to achieve my goals too. If it was a problem then indeed a counsellor is better suited for the job.  

There you have it. Coaching is not like Counselling and if you are working toward achieving personal or professional goals, a coach will be of good use to you.  

I am ending this writing with a reference to Life Coach Library’s article on Certified Life Coach. I think it will be a major discernment on your behalf to work with a certified life coach instead of someone who is proclaimed.  

Thank you for reading.  



Opening The Mind

Our minds are often too busy and we don’t think properly, and we don’t take time out to do absolutely nothing. This nothingness of space is very beneficial. How do we get there? 


It’s not a place we get to, it really is a state of being? The mind can’t do being because being happens in the heart and even deeper in the seat of the soul.  

One of the best things we can do to open our minds is to start with guided meditations. They will bring about a small amount of time in an altered state of mind. This will be enough to begin with, to see an opening for more later on.  

There are also the live transmissions of people who have devoted their entire life to be in an open receiving and receptive state. These leaders amongst us are connected to that nothingness of space and then they radiate that energy, that frequency so that those listening can entrain with it and feel it too.  

You can also read books with encoded messages inside, again from divine source, channelled through a human being and into a sequence of words. As you read the sentences of a written live transmission, your mind steps to the side and rests. It is in that resting time that your mind is given a chance to open and see the world anew.  

Eventually, you will learn how to love your mind such that you give it what it needs to be renewed and therefore to be thinking properly.  

Doing nothing is not possible. Nothing is a state of being and you get to it when u drop the doing on mental, emotional and physical level. For example, I sit still and I know for me I need to stop fidgeting with my body in order to get quite and enter my mind space. From physical to mental. In the mental space I start to hear people’s voices and thoughts and things they have said to me but if I continue to sit still and remember to be the observer, then I move to the emotional level. I start to feel fear, anxiety, and then relief or relaxation. At this point I try to remember to breathe through the emotions, so I breathe deeply and on purpose. Deliberate breaths in and out while still remaining static. Eventually, I reach the zero-point space. Also known as the reset or nonconditioned consciousness. This is the nothingness of space. This is the absolutely doing nothing dimension. As I remain still and breathe, I am aware of vast open emptiness. Usually, on the way back towards getting up and doing something, I start to get inspired solutions because my mind has been opened to receive new perspectives.  

Like I said a guided meditation can get you to this nothing space for a short period of time which can be and will be enough to begin with. My favorite guided meditations are these: Teal Swan’s Vault 

I also love the live transmissions of Matt Kahn and one book that I know for a fact has encoded live transmission in it is: The Sophia Code. 

I think another easy and super simple way to get back into an open mind is to change your focus a few times a day. Turn to your heart. Put a hand on your chest where your physical heart is and set a timer for 10 minutes. Even if you don’t say anything, don’t do anything, the simple hand to heart connection is going to reset your nervous system. If you learn to say nice things to yourself, then that would be even better. For that reason, I am including my favorite mantras in both languages Bulgarian and English.  

healing mantras for the inner child

The more we start to honour our minds are the most hard-working machine ever, the more it will relax and be soothed. Openness comes only after we are relaxed and we are in the body. If we are pushing or striving, it won’t happen. A delicate balance between doing and being, between appreciation and striving, between taking action and resting is needed if you want your mind to open and function well. Just like nature, she moves through her seasons and just like in sexy time, the female needs moisture to open otherwise it’s off balance, its braking an entry and it’s a violation. I think the great reset we are living through with the Covid situation is telling us to slow down, listen, connect to the silence, there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to become, no extreme mountains to climb. We have time to be still and it is there in that stillness that you will find an opening. From that opening you will find the inspiration and resources to complete a project infused with fresh energy and confidence. When your mind is rested, you may experience more confidence and certainty.  

I love how much change is being cooked underneath the seemingly closed doors and restrictions. My only wish is that we all take self-care and self-love god dam serious.  

I am here if you have questions or if you want to get a card reading from me.  





p.s. I just remembered the acronym

WE – word embodied

ARE – awareness + resolution = expansion

ONE – openness never excludes


which reminds me to highlight that a closed mind is like a small child and it requires love more than anything else. Love being tender care and attention, listening, patience and so on.

Can you work with teams?

Can you work with teams? 


Simple answer is Yes, I can. A team of six or seven people as oppose to 20,30 100+. 

I would love to be able to connect with everyone in the team. You know coaching is a conversation that is between two people and one of them is asking the questions. It’s a relationship essentially. I hold that to be true for me, therefore a small team would benefit more than a large group. The relationship I can build in a small team will be stronger and more intimate than the relationship in large team.  

You know, I would really love to have twins one day which will make my family a team of 7 beings, two kids, a man and three cats, plus me, that’s 7. Or it may be 6 or 8, if I have triplets. The point is, I will be attuning to each individual in the team because only through attunement can I really understand the other, feel them, hear like them, see like them and therefore lead them.  

I’ve experienced large groups of people coming together for a coaching training and still the connection happens only between the coach and the participant. Two people at a time while the rest are watching or listening. However, in big groups of 100+ the non-participants are more and harder to attune to. So, small teams will glean more benefits from working with me.  

Businesses can hire a coach and assign a small group of employees to him or her. So, if you are a business owner, or you work for somebody, a company or an organization and you are looking for me to coach your team to the next level than I say ‘yes’. 

It would feel scary, challenging, empowering and exciting to come into a group of people and be the coach. I would show up as me, raw and authentic with royal integrity. I would keep things real, honest, and my heart will be all in.  

If you are familiar with human design, then you will know about the Projector type of people. I am a projector which basically means I can very easily, effortlessly pick up others visions and inspirations and highlight them. Expand on them so much so that they buy it. If you are not familiar with human design, then all you need to know is that it is a self-training, self-assessment type of structure, like numerology and astrology. 

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading.  




Какво Да Питаме Картите?


В това кратко видео споделям най-лесния въпрос за теб, който ти можеш да зададеш на картите. Натисни зеления бутон за да си зададеш въпроса към картите. Блгагодаря ти.



Задай Въпрос Към Картите.

Виж какво казват другите за гледанките на карти със Делина. 

Благодаря ти че гледа.

С обич.


Крайбрежна Гледанка на Карти с Делина

Аз възнамерявам да гледам на карти цял живот. Усещам го като мое призвание, също както сесиите, но те са за отделна тема, в друга статия. Гледането на карти което правя Аз не е Таро.  

Аз го наричам Крайбрежна гледанка на карти и аз съм избрала три чифтета карти които не са Таро. Картите като цяло са инструмент и аз съм си подбрала три вида които ще ви покажа в тази статия. Таро карти не съм виждала, нито пък докосвала, и не ги знам. Те са изпълнени със символи които после се разтълкуват но при мен се случи друго.  

божествена насока картиАз си купих първия чифт карти веднага щом една от моите учителки ги създаде и пусна за продан. Те се казват Божествена Насока и показват 77 честоти. Работя със тях от 6 години и много си ги обичам. Супер точни са и имат съвсем светло намерение да ни показват пътя. Пътя към божественото и съвършеното. Тези карти са супер цветни и имат различно значение ако ги изтеглим нагоре или наобратно. Имат си малка книжка която през годините се разруши. Вятъра ми открадна няколко страници които след това си принтирах и добавих. Лепилото се разлепи и ходих на обущар да ми завърже страничките. Понеже имат две значения, аз все още не ги знам всичките наизуст и чета книжката.  


Преди две години, 2019, си купих още два чифта карти специално за работа. Единия чифт е Сляпата Точка, а другия е Лековитите Изречения.  

Сляпа Точка картиКартите във чифтето Сляпа Точка се казват Магически Символи и показват тъмната страна на подсъзнанието ни. Те показват това което вече не виждаме защото действа някъде много надалеч във дълбините на съзнанието ни. Всичко което сме отхвърлили и отрекли и вече не искаме да го виждаме, ще се появи когато питам Оракула Сляпата Точка. Да, тези карти са Оракул карти и са 78 на брой. Те няма значение дали излизат надолу с главата. Върху тях има нарисуван Магически Символ и номер, след което във книжката Аз трябва да видя какво означава. Доста са брутални но в днешно време това е необходимо. Всеки който си е чул сляпата точка, ахва защото знае че е вярно. Тъй като се потискат тези неща, само ти самичък или самичка ще си знаеш колко е вярно за теб. Но аз давам пълен вот на доверие на моите Магически Символи.  Тези карти са създадени от същата жена която направи Божествената Насока.  

До колкото знам, още два вида карти ще излязат скоро. Едните ще са свързани със ценностите ни, а другите ще са свързани със Вълшебни Същества. Но, не е Таро.  

Лековити ИзреченияПоследния чифт се казва Лековитите Изречения и е уникален. Този чифт е създаден от друг мой учител, мъж, с когото аз работя от години и му имам пълно доверие. Купих си ги веднага като излязоха и съм супер доволна. Те са нежни и директни, и са 52 карти. Покриват духовното и енергийното лечение през което всеки един от нас преминава. Много ги обичам и ги намирам за прекрасна добавка към другите две чифтета. Имат благи пастелни цветове и няма значение дали са наопаки или нагоре с главата, значението им е все едно и също.  







Крайбрежна гледанка на карти си е мое заглавие и идва от обичта ми към водата, морето и плажа. Пита се един въпрос и се теглят 5 карти. На пример, ако поискаш картите да ти кажат каквото имат да ти кажат просто ей така без нищо конкретно тогава ще ти покажат: 

Текущата ти ситуация 

Какво да правиш 

Какъв ще е изхода

 Лековито Изречение

Сляпата ви Точка

Аз ги синтезирам вместо теб и ти пращам обобщеното съобщение на картите. Това е много на кратко как гледам на карти. Възможно е да имаш конкретна ситуация или интерес за нещо което ти предстои.Аз отново тегля 5 карти но понякога може да са различен брой от различните чифтета. Аз съм нагласена да ги разгадавам и после работата ми е да ви предам съобщението така че да го разберете. 


крайбрежна гледанка на карти

Имам и други гледанки на карти които са описани по-подробно във магазина ми.  

Натисни тук за да идиш в магазина

Аз съм супер щастлива да бъда в услуга на теб и на теб и на всички нас. Харесва ми да използвам този инструмент – картите. Намерението ми беше да поясня че не са Таро. Ако имате въпроси моля ви пишете ми.  

С обич. 

Делина и картите.   

Делина и Картите

Can I hire you for my online business? 

Can I hire you for my online business? 


A question worth considering and answering is the question of hiring someone to do a job for your online business. There will be times when the answer is yes and there will be times when the answer is no. If you like, we can have a look at some scenarios when I would say ‘yes, let’s work together’ and also examine some examples of times when I would say ‘thank you, but no thank you’.  

Times when I would agree to work with you: 

  • You are ready and willing to improve something about yourself. 
  • Your vision and dream are finally coming to fruition. 
  • You need and want to get things done and be accountable. 
  • You are learning how to love yourself and how to care for yourself. 
  • You want to impress your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or husband, wife. 
  • A desire to learn from someone you like and appreciate has opened up in you. 
  • You need a quick guidance with conflict or dilemma. 
  • You have had enough of dealing with negativity and you have let go. 

In all of these scenarios, you and I will work well together, to move forward into a better quality of life, of being, of feeling alive and replenished 


Other times, I would say ‘thank you, but no thank you’. For example: 

  • You want to be with me but not as your coach or card reader. 
  • You do not show up for out appointments. One time not showing is enough for me to say no thank you.  
  • You sent me naked pictures of yourself, or videos or any other MEME or scam, junk.  
  • You speak badly of me but then you say you are sorry and you want to keep going.  
  • You become or you are abusive and violating my boundaries, being disrespectful. 

These are people I would not want to work with. If I notice that you are like that, I would pray to have the strength to say ‘thank you, but no thank you’. I reserve the right to cancel a coaching cycle or a card reading based on one of these examples.  


The question: Can I hire you for my online business?  

‘yes, you can’. 


I am available to take on my work and I am looking forward to meeting you.  



Robbed and Hot Water 

Robbed and Hot Water  


We go on to sell two lawn mowers on and the same night a guy sends us a text message on Viber. He is speaking broken Bulgarian and his phone number begins with +371 which is Latvia country code. Bulgaria’s country code is +359 and so my boyfriend replies that same night, that the advert is still active. 

At 12:29 am, in the middle of the night, the thief is texting us asking if it’s possible to deliver the two lawn mowers via OLX. They have a discount code. It’s the kind of delivery where the buying organises it and the product gets picked up from your house while they pay for the delivery. They send us a picture with a fake online page explaining how delivery works. 

Next is a conversation about how delivery will happen. We asked what we need to do, should we send an IBAN number or bank details to receive the payment so that we can confirm it afterwards. 

No communication at all, it’s as if we are speaking to someone about one thing, they are speaking to someone about another thing and a great big guessing is going on. We are saying that we have not used this delivery method before, they are saying it will be delivered to his relatives in Bulgaria. They will collect the lawn mowers from their relatives, to where the fake OLX delivery will take them. 

So now, not only is this thief in Latvia, they are also coming to Bulgaria. It’s not going to be an international delivery, it will be an in-country one. We familiarised ourselves with the methods of delivery stated on the official website and still. The image that they sent us came in the middle of the night. The next day we were looking it up and we didn’t compare or contrast. We saw nothing wrong even though the dodgy feeling had started to grow. 

We gave them my IBAN number and our address. Supposedly this is all one needs to send you money and to send you a delivery man to collect the goods. But no. Not in this case. 

Simultaneously as we send them our IBAN number and address, still going the right way about receiving a payment, they send us a link, asking us to process the payment via OLX still. 

On OLX website, we later read that they do not process payments unless it is for advertising your product on their website. It’s the same platform as craigslist for the USA and gumtree for the UK. I am sure every country has them. You can upload images with little description of something you sell. If you are buying, usually, you do a bank transfer or post office payment order or whichever way other than actually sending and receiving money from within the buying and selling platform. 

They send us a link that we click and it says RECEIVE your money. It says that the buyer has already paid for the products and we can receive payment by clicking the button and providing our BANK CARD details. We typed in the long number with the expiry date and the security code on the back. We typed in the amount of money in our accounts because that was also what was asked even though I don’t have a picture of it and then there came the online 3Ds security. 

Neither of us has ever made an online payment with these bank cards. We failed the security checks because we didn’t register to pay online. The thief is telling us he also received a message from OLX telling them that they can not send us the money because we are not registered for 3Ds. 

Previously, they were saying that the money has been sent and we only need to receive it, now they are saying that they can’t send the money because we have no registration for online security. 

I call my bank, and I get registered. I go back and fill out everything, I am receiving all the SMS confirmations, double-authentication, you name it, code after code and then VOALA. 

‘You’ve just transferred 89Euros to WALLET something something.’

From having to receive 70 leva, I authorised a payment for 89 Euros which is around 200 leva which is all that I had in my account at this time. Thank God that my partner’s security was still not registered, his bank did not answer the phone. He had loads more money than me and it would have been absolutely devastating. Once we realised what happened, my partner sat still, thinking… concluding that they still have our bank card details and with those details they can make purchases everywhere as long as the 3D security isn’t needed. He whited out. Using the emergency number on the back of his card, he got it invalidated right away. 

I on the other hand, wrote a dispute letter to my bank, to which they said, NO. I had gone through all three stages of security and therefore they have no right to suspect the transaction. 

So that’s how we got robbed online. Easy peasy, like a piece of cake, or simply by the book. OLX outlines step by step how the online thefts happen and we were subject to each one exactly as written out here. OLX online theft.

One minute I want to take this further to the Peace-making Commission on Payment Disputes and the next minute I feel like a fool, thinking it’s done. My boyfriend says I have paid for a lesson. A lesson that teaches me how to be more careful online. But I say to myself, that this was not right, not just, and I have all the evidence to show them how we were subject to a BY-THE-BOOK-online-robbery. 

I know. 

Let me share with you my prayer:

Let me release my karma with this guy by forgiving him and myself. Free me from anger and resentment. You alone are my complete Source of abundance. My finances are fully wrapped in Divine Order. 






P.S. hot water without a tea bag in it, just on its own, is giving us all the benefits we want before bed and first thing in the morning. It relaxes our chest, it detoxifies our trachea, it sobers us up or wakes us up and we genuinely absolutely love drinking it. If I eat sugar or too much from the bakery, and if I start to feel a little meh… hot water really helps me. It’s a new thing for me, not for my boyfriend, and I thought it’s worth talking about. Sometimes I add a slice of lemon and that makes it all the more refreshing. Cheers with hot water. 


p.s.s. a special thank you to Claudia Mellie who recommended me the book Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver. I took the prayer out from that book. Thank you both.


What can coaching do for me? 

This will be a list of all the things I could think of that coaching can do for you. It’s not the full list but it’s a good start. In the end, I invite you to get in touch with me if you wish to discuss coaching for you. For you specifically. So here we go:


What coaching can do for you is 

  • Get you organized in ideas, actions, things you need to do 
  • Get you clarity from small percentage of know what you need to know, to high, in short time 
  • Get you the barriers and fears out the way 
  • Get you closer to your goals, visions or dreams 
  • Get you unstuck 
  • Get you moving again with inspired thoughts and actions that come from that inspiration  
  • Provide an accountability buddy  
  • Help you find your voice  
  • Reflect back where you are in your process and point out which way you need to go next 
  • Provide you with empowerment, self-esteem, confidence and motivation  
  • Give ideas and help you understand your own 
  • Create immediate results for you 
  • Stretch you outside of your comfort zone 
  • Make you feel heard, seen, felt, understood and acknowledged 
  • Get you frustrated only so that you can then get to feel relief as well  
  • Open up possibilities, remind you that everything is possible, get you to see the possibilities  
  • Get you knowledgeable on yourself, how you work or how you function and tick 
  • Point out the obvious so that you see it, face it, accept it and move on with clear action in mind 
  • Balance out your energy so that you feel grounded and present again  
  • Bring you back into connection with your heart space instead of always being in your head 
  • Change your life forever  
  • Change your perspective forever 
  • Make you aware of the things you don’t know, you don’t know 
  • Refer you to psychiatrist, counsellor, therapist, consultant or mentor who will be better suited for your needs if you coach figures your needs are not for coaching.  
  • Connect you back with your inner wisdom, your inner child, your free innocent self  
  • Get you a cheerleader who would celebrate your journey with you 
  • Get you a confidant who would keep your darkest or brightest secrets 
  • Get you a companion who would love and adore you along the way 
  • Get you to realize what is true for you personally and live-in integrity with that truth  
  • Create the life you want and do it your way 
  • Remind you of authentic and grateful living, being and doing 
  • Get you permission to hate, to scheme, to plot, and overcome all barriers in your way 
  • Get you touched on the deepest level 
  • Get your heart beat going again  
  • Get you to sit in the fire or flames of your own consciousness  
  • Get you a breakthrough and a breakdown while holding your hand throughout it 
  • Get you to transform 
  • Get you to heal 
  • Get you to live your life by the art of completion, teach how good it is to complete and begin  
  • Get you to travel  
  • Get you freed from rage, anger, grief and back into passion, drive, creativity 
  • Teach you about context and how to use it 
  • Teach you about the power of the word and how to create new realities with it 
  • Get you to do things in a sequence, one after the other 
  • Help you avoid overwhelm 
  • Clear away your doubts and create a blame free zone for you  
  • Help you express yourself 
  • Show you what it means to be around someone who isn’t judging you 
  • Give you tools that you can use to create or build the life you want 
  • Put you in the company of someone who is stronger than you and therefore you get power 
  • Get you to do things as soon as you remember about them 
  • Get rid of procrastination  
  • Acquaint you familiarize you with the part of you that is a creator by nature  



I think that’s enough for now. You get the picture and there probably is more, like I haven’t even touched on finances yet but for sure coaching can do that for you too. You know, like get you motivated to reach your financial goals.  


I guess the most important thing I wish to get across with this writing is that my kind of coaching, which is creative consciousness coaching, coupled with my kind of personality, which is vibrant and expressive, can significantly help you along your journey of life. I am a proud Life Coach to myself and to my peeps. It would be an honor and a pleasure to be yours too.  


Get in touch





How can having a coaching session with me help you?

How can having a coaching session with me help you? 


A coaching session with me can help you alchemise:

  • Procrastination 
  • Lack of motivation
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Low self-worth or self-esteem
  • Stuckness
  • Emotional eating
  • Negative thoughts
  • Doubt, fear and overthinking


Positively, coaching with me, helps you with:

  • Experiencing greater focus, clarity and purpose
  • Improving your performance in all areas of your life, business and career
  • Increasing your power and confidence
  • Eliminating stress and/or worry
  • Provoking breakthroughs
  • Achieving goals you might not reach on your own
  • Being more organised according to ‘first things first’ 
  • Taking control of your own destiny


I am a Creative Consciousness Coach, certified in 2018, practicing since 2015. Previously qualified NLP Practitioner and graduate in Psychology and Computing Bachelor of Science degree. I am an advanced yoga practitioner, having yoga in my life since 2011. My mind is brilliant, radiant, incredible, splendid, mezmeric and super duper creative, genius. MY HEART is in the right place, being loved, cared for, tended to and nourished well. My soul is vibrant and shiny, outrageous and scandalous, sexual, powerful, diva like, goddess-like, queen-like, awake, aware, reborn into an alkaline body, and rejuvenated regularly. My body is toned and firm, it’s brand new, healthy and strong. I am a source of pleasure, inspiration, motivation, wisdom, compassion, love, care, precision, organization, logic, creativity, dance and much more. My whole being is whole, I am wholesome and I am so excited to be your coach. 


Negative or positive, I got it. Light or shadow, I got it. Heart wisdom, intelligence, intellect of the mind, or intelligence of the body, I got it. Experience, I have. Expertise, I am self-love, self-care, self-improvement type of coach. Guidance, signposting, emotional freedom, I got it all for you.  


I have three cats called Mini, Maini and Mo. We had Ini too but she ascended on Christmas 2019. Ini, Mini, Maini and Mo are three sisters and one brother who were destined to go to the field, abandoned there to die. I took them in because I love cats. I love trees too and I hug them as often as I can. The one in this writing is nearby my house and it’s a new find for me. Never hugged it before. I am clean and tidy like you would not believe it. I see sound harmony around me when I put things where they should be. Organising my cupboards from high to low, or according to colour, or perhaps even substance. I paint and I draw. I also read cards for people. I love using my Divine Guidance deck of Frequency Cards. I am also getting familiar with my newest Oracle deck of cards called The Blind Spot. Additionally, I use Healing Mantras from another gorgeous deck of cards. All together, they make a pretty good combination, giving you so much insight, you would not believe it. I mean, the Blind Spot Oracle cards are brutal and they do not go around the bush so you are in for a treat if you get to speak to them. 


I am a coach and I am tarot reader. 


I am excellent at what I do and I put my heart into it. 


The following are some example of what I can help you with, if you take up a coaching session with me: 

  • Empower your family, friends and partners 
  • Getting corporate clients for your business 
  • Overcome your troubles with romantic relationships
  • Find a girlfriend or a boyfriend
  • Go to school online
  • Obtain employment
  • Become a porn star, a poet, an artist, a break dancer or a musician, a write, a surfer
  • Learn how to manifest 
  • Go through the cycle of grief 
  • Learn how to detach or how to have non-attachment-to-outcome attitude
  • Release toxic thoughts and behaviours
  • Let go of resistance
  • Hug change and look forward to it instead of fear it or dread it
  • Stop giving up so easily
  • Become more discipline and get rid of the lack of discipline in you
  • Clear scarcity and lack mentality 
  • Learn how to take the advice of your people
  • Appreciate your support network


And many more. 


If you are interested in my help, talking to me is a good start so then email me. 





tree hugging 2

Teens and Peeps in Their 20’s

Teens and peeps in their 20’s 


I personally have a nephew who is in his teens and I see them young people in the shops. For example, the girl in the staples shop who naturally is bossy but she has to bite her tongue with customers who are slower than her and less logical thinking then her. She probably struggles with her colleagues who are lazy and don’t think about ordering the shelves such that it’s easier to reach and find what you are looking for. The new generation see how things should be re-organized for ease of use but they are met with a glass wall whenever they try to voice out. May be in countries like Quebec where people have to keep up with the new, youngsters are given a voice and in fact they are invited to share their ideas. But a place like Bulgaria, where no one really cares about the fine details, the young ones are really just getting into anger and being a ticking time bomb.  

Always there will be one dominant caregiver at home, which whom the youngster would be in love with. There is a loving caring connection always between one parent and one child. This connection allows the young people to stay connected to the love within them. Being connected does not solve the problem with getting around in the world, finances and life purpose or achieving this and that.  

Teenagers play games, their minds become sharp, their slang becomes another level, they re-group and re-coop with other teenagers on the other side of the headphones. They communicate with one another through the headphones so practically they are in each other’s heads more than anyone cares to admit. Ive worked in a call center with headphones and a mic before. My customers were literally inside my brain. There will be a division between the world in my head and the world right in front of me. The physical surroundings are becoming boring but the virtual game worlds are becoming increasingly interesting. In the online world everything is fast. In the normal physical world, everything is slow. This contrast is increasingly difficult for teenagers and people in their 20’s to manage. They have zero connection to nature and therefore they have zero understanding or getting that matter is infused with spirit also. I’m talking deep spirituality here, that most of these young people won’t know on a conscious level but 


The key to them finding whatever they want like finances is through connection with nature. Connection with spirit. From the food that they eat to the leisure movies that they watch; it is always a choice.  


And let’s say, someone is spending time in nature and is vegan so they are eating plant based whole foods. At university studying psychology and feeling quite sexy along the way, wanting to be in the company of friends and cute boys all the time. There is no thought about what to do after I finish university. How will earn money, how will I get by in the world. Cos normal job is not it. They would want to be creative and to keep their uniqueness. They would want to travel. And they are not alone. There is so many of them. Competition will be inevitable unless of course, again you turn in and towards nature. Nature is as abundant as the teenagers and their crazy fast minds. There is competition for sunlight and food but there is also harmony and space for everything and everyone. Is the cup half full or half empty. Can you create within so it shows on the outside?  

The bridge.  

They will have to be willing to hit their heads in the wall again and again because the old heavy slow systems are not going to become fast and organized. Persistence is required. All of these virtues need developing, brought to the forefront, voiced out and embodied, day in day out.  

The nature of life has changed for these new generations. They are emotionally awake so they will be processing their s*%& as and when it arises instead of numbing or dumbing or suppressing it down. Some might. A lot of them will reach for drugs and alcohol but some will want to make it happen, to succeed.  

They will educate themselves about debt, taxes and cryptocurrency. They will educate themselves about the journey of the soul. They will tend to their physical and mental body through yoga and meditation. They will employ honesty every single day such that they find their way and they secure themselves finances.  

The ‘gig’ economy. All about hassling, and negotiating and bribing and I don’t know what else. Trying to stand out with greater description and a better video or selfie. Everything is a lot of work.  

Reach out to nature. Constantly, each and every day, given to her the things that you struggle with. Become amazing at identifying what’s what. Your fears, your blockages, and then ask Gaia to recycle them for you. I promise you, soon you will feel ready to go hit your head in the wall again.  

Context and boundaries.  

Once you know the boundaries you can create whatever you want within them. In the gig example, this mean that once you know what you are supposed to do and not do, take time to digest it all and then let inspiration speak. Do not be fooled that this will ever stop. No, it won’t. Today you are in the gig economy tomorrow you are re-branding again. All of your life, the chi force will run through you, and all of your life, it will show up in a different form. There is creation and renewal and then there is erosion and dissolving. You need to be okay with both. The problem with the oldies is that they are not okay with the dissolving, they just run away and hide from it.  

I can only imagine how my nephew perceives his reality when he is on the computer playing his favorite game with his favorite peeps and then he goes downstairs. Oh oh, now he meets mum who is on her phone and dad who is laying on the sofa watching tv. Everything is static. Yaiks. It hurts. This is the fricking brick wall of the other reality. What do you do?  


What do you do? 


You go to them, each of them, and you look into their eyes, and you remind them, that you love them, that they are approved of, that they are accepted as they are and that they are forgiven. You smile at them and receive whatever response they have for you at this time. Their response to your open loving embrace will show you where they are at on their spiritual journey of evolution. It has nothing to do with you. Okay. It has everything to do with the depth at which they see themselves. Now, if you were the one saying I love you to your dad in shows you where u r in your soul’s journey. There is never enough I love you or I accept you or I hear you. All of your life you must return to love first. Love for yourself and then with open heart and relaxed mind you love others. What dad responds to you when you say to him, I love you, is exactly what he needs to hear for himself. You are the universe he is speaking to and through, reaching back towards his own soul. If he said I love you, then you know he is really having the self-love foundation in place too. If he says not now, then you know he is a little disconnected with himself and not you. It’s always about where the other person is at, it is not about you and what you said. If you evoke a reaction that you don’t like, then you get to process dislike. Since you are an emotionally awake and aware being already. You blame no one. You let dislike run its course through you and then you are good to bang your head in the brick wall once again.  

And like that for the rest of your life.  


Context, let’s talk about that for a minute. Think about where are you experiencing your reality from. Are you experiencing the lack of money or gigs from a place of I’m like everyone else and no one will notice me? Can you create something that serves you and empowers you, like I’m either getting a gig or I’m getting time to be with my feelings, both are win win. Or I’m abundant with so much to give that whomever gets my gig today, will be surprised. Context is about your relationship to the experience. It can be conditioned and created by the mass or it can be expansive and created by the self. When you find what works then spend time with it. Consider this question 


What context am I in that creates the experience I have? 


For example, your body is rather static when you play games and it is likely that you will see other people in static positions too. If your physical body is active, always moving around and well-toned, then you are mostly going to see people who are active as well.  

With finding your life’s purpose or with earning money, relationships and achievements, all areas of life can be experienced from a self-created context. Look at the experience you have relative to money and now ask the question ‘what context am I in that creates the experience I have?’. This is a powerful question which I think you must keep alive in yourself all of your life.  


So, let me sum it up. You self-educate on money, economics, debt, taxes and cryptocurrency. You connect to nature asking her to recycle stuff that get you, for you. You identify what you are feeling, fearing, bumping up against and you feel it to completion, then return to your ideas. If you can have it your way…? Voice it out. Learn the boundaries and play within them expansively. You ask the question ‘what context am I in that creates the experience I have?’. You hit a wall, and you start again. Just like the computer games.  

There are those of us out here that want to bridge the old with the new and to help you bring forth the gifts of your soul. You will find us and you will recognize us. Still, though, your job will be to communicate effectively with us, the systems and your peers.  

Please feel free to write to me if you have a question or a topic that you would like me to write so that you read about. I am looking forward to writing about you again, teens and 20’s. 



Silver Lining after Death and How It Attaches to New Embryo.

For the silver lining after death and how does it attach to the new embryo.  


The silver lining after death is actually seen as gold rope attached at one end to the soul that has gone and on the other end to the soul that is still alive. This golden silver ling is the invisible cord of emotional attachment that each one of us has to each other. When someone dies, we miss them, and it’s this gold rope that pulls out of us all the emotions. The new embryo may not even have a silver ling because we are bringing the heaven on earth. There will be no need for emotional pulling after death because the new generations will be emotionally awake. They will process emotional triggers as and when they arise. The older generation simply suppressed their emotions and so when someone dies, they feel so much grief. The new generation will be rather emotionally educated, awake, and wise.  

The silver lining is a term used to explain when somebody you meet who is happy and glowing or perhaps preaching of the way of love. These people are attached to the heavens above with a silver string. They receive their inspiration and words of love through that string. Today though, there is an invasion of divine beings. There is lots of us. There also lots of us who are waking up but do not have a silver line active. In the future, the silver line will be out of purpose because love wins and all sentient beings will live on earth in peace and in love, harmony.  

Right now, with the virus, there is plenty of souls leaving this planet. They each pull out of us emotional golden strings. Those of us who are left alive, feel pain from losing these people. That pain we feel in our hearts is the gold lining. We must feel it, or learn how to feel it and stay in our bodies at the same time. Pain is a master teacher and it comes to all of us so this is one way we can see us as united.  

We want to remember that we are actually heavenly beings on this planet. We’ve come here to learn, to evolve, to bring awakened consciousness to the Earth. Gaia is a living sentient being that is ascending as we speak. She is starting to vibrate at a higher frequency. It’s the 5th dimension or unity consciousness or creative consciousness. We all realize our inherent power to create with our words. It is true that there are souls and beings on this planet that are not well intended. They mean bad things to happen but they are serving a purpose. As long as something has a purpose, it will continue to exist. Their purpose is to create friction and pressure in us, the light bearers. When we direct our light towards healthier, more compassionate way of living, then all will begin to change, very fast.  

The golden lining or the silver lining will not be needed as this transition between the fear and the love takes place. Souls of the future will come and their light body will be on Earth as well. The point is that we are learning how to be emotionally free. When we are free emotionally then we are radiating goodness. Once we radiate goodness towards ourselves and others, then the gold lining will have served its purpose. The silver lining or gold string that connects us to heaven will have merged into the illuminated field around Gaia.  

The gold is inside you and the lining will evaporate into the brightness of the air around you. The silver lining will undergo transformation and the new embryo will come equipped with sharpness and color and sunshine already in-build. The gold line that pulls on our hearts when a soul goes, will no longer need to pull on us because we would be emotionally healed. The dark age of emotional neglect is over. This is the aftereffect. The fog that lasts for a while.  

Until we know ourselves as creators, we are emotionally neglectful. 

To create is to know the power of the word and how to use language to create the reality you really wish to see. this is actually what I have trained in. My coaching practice is based around conscious use of words and becoming a creator first in language. If you like subscribe to my writings (scroll to the bottom of the page) or send me an email.



The Two Most Asked Questions in Coaching.

The two most asked questions in coaching are:

What do you want?  


What do you need in order to get that?  

Although, I think two juicer questions are: 

Who do you need to be in order to get that? 


What will open up for you if you got want you want? 


The problem is I don’t consciously think about the last three questions and instead I mostly dwell in the answers to the first question. I am sure you know very well, excellently in fact, what it is that you want and don’t want. The lack of answers to the last three questions is a problem only a coach can solve for you. You want coaching sessions because someone, like your coach, is willing, ready and available to listen to you or to wait for you until you come up with answers for all questions.  

In addition to questions and answers, a coach provides you with insights but only like 10% of the time. 90% is questioning. An exceptional coach is one who knows the questions to ask you such that you arrive at your answers with fullness and surety. My goodness, is this essential in my line of work. My job as a coach is mostly about asking you stuff and waiting for your answers. The problem is, you may really struggle to find your answers because emotions get in the way. Feelings and pain that has not been fully processed by your body are perfect barriers to your answers. You need to want to find your answers and then the coach will ask you so what do you need in order to find your answers. In which case you would need to face your emotions, face your light, your ego, your consciousness and mostly examine the context in which you are being at the time of working with a coach.  

Let me ask you this question: 

What context am I in that creates the experience I have?  

You know how some people see the glass half empty and others see it half full. I think this has to do with the context that they are in. I often forget about the power of the context but since I am evolving every day, it came to my attention. My experience with my boyfriend is created off of the context I have, the context in which I am being. If I see him from the context of, he is the man of my life no matter what, then I will respond and relate to him in a way that affirms why he is the man of my life. Often, I am in the context of he is pissing me off, therefore I get more evidence or happenings to piss me off.  Context can be consciously created and chosen by you if you wish to do so. In fact, a lot of the coaching that I do is about the power of the words we use. It is not new that conscious usage of language is powerful enough to create a whole new reality.  


And 2021

What context will you choose to create for yourself such that your experience of 2021 is elevated? I am giving the word elevated because we have no more time to waste. The horrible reality of loneliness, fear, bullying and disconnection must be shape shifted into a reality that is together, peace, love, connection. Come on. There is no time.  

Choose your words, choose your context, make the universe your ally, receive everything good, bad, negative, positive, hard, easy as a gift and say thank you. Say thank you one million and hundred times or more.  

For instance, The Covid – 19 situations are a context you and I are in, this context is creating our experiences. We are not powerless to the context we find ourselves in at all. I am a singing bird, bringing this to your attention.  


What context AM I in that creates the experience I have? 

As a coach, I ask the questions, you arrive at the answers for yourself and share them with me afterwards.  

May the light and the force be with you.  

May you be blessed with crypto stuff, knowledge, coins, decimals and so on.  

May you and I, both be blessed with closeness and cuddles and touch.  



What to share with our partners and how far? 

What to share with our partners and how far? 

Me and my partner talk about things just like every couple does but the question of what and how much remains. What should I share and what should I withhold? How far should I go with my sharing? 


Today, collectively we find our throat chakra is opening. Our communication is bursting forth. We are moving from the mind and the head into the heart through the throat. If our throat chakra is balanced out, we would share with our partner everything that we want to share and there will be no doubt. How far we go is also not going to surface up because we would be in flow and whatever energy needs to come out, and express, it will.  

How do you balance the throat chakra then? Well, you can use guided mediations, or sounds that are specific for that chakra. You can educate yourself about the kinds of fruits and vegetables supporting it. Read and apply. Then, notice.  

Still though, the sharing with our partners is a good question to ask. As women, sometimes we want to say things but we fear the men won’t understand. Other times we share out right without thinking but the men don’t receive it, they don’t feel it. This kind of mismatch can create doubt and suspicion which is why we turn to our hearts for guidance. We look towards our inner worlds to figure out what wants to be shared. How far we go depends on how safe we feel with our partners.  To create more safety, we need to learn how to trust one another and we also need to learn how to stay in our bodies when difficult emotions like shame, arise. If we check out, then how far we go in the sharing of our story will be interrupted.  

I don’t want you filling up your partners head with content that is kind of like junk food or junk mail. I’ve noticed many relationships become a matter of questions and answers and that kind of sucks. Instead, the content should be valuable and insightful. Share the things that will make your partner know you better. Don’t gossip or slag off other people. Instead share how much you are grateful and what you are grateful for.  

You will see it takes great courage to give valuable information to your partner but you will also notice that they hear it better. They will retain it and one day they will say the sweetest most adorable things to you because you had the courage that one time to share what’s valuable to you.  

Go for the intimate stuff. Share your juicy stories and insights.  

Sometimes, the power of setting a context can bring miracle and make magic for you and your relationship. This means that if you want to talk about money, you would warn the other person that you want to talk to them about money at some point and you give it time. By telling them what you want to talk about, you are setting up a context and that will serve you.  

Context. This is about telling the other person how to relate to what is about to happen in conversation. Especially when you have a topic in mind, something you have wanted to tell them for days, then it really serves you well to set a context for your sharing.  

This serves them also because it gives them time to come into a space of openness and to receive your sharing. Once you start sharing with someone who has been prepped and who is open then the How Far can be a lot further than you think. Meaning, the depth of the sharing can be expected to be much deeper than telling your partner stuff without setting the context.  

You can also call on your angels and spirit guides to work through you and bring about the most potent circumstances for your sharing to occur such that both of you can grow and evolve from it. The power of prayer is amazing and well documented. The power of intention is also amazing and so much has been said about it.  

If you find yourself in flow and you are starting to share something without context and without being received on your partners end, then BREATHE.  


Take a moment, smile, may be even hold your heart or bring your hands into prayer position in front of your chest and anchor one more time in gratitude. You may continue with your sharing if you feel like it or you may end abruptly saying you will tell him or her the rest later.  

 Sometimes, how far we share depends on how far you have revealed it within yourself.  

When you say something to your partner that is meaningful and important to you, you are actually saying it to yourself through them. You are communicating with the universe inside of them, that comes back to you for you to hear yourself. Similarly, what they say to us is what they are saying to themselves through us. You and I have power over our reaction and our response to whatever is being shared.  

I have had to say to peeps to stop there if what they are sharing is going in a direction I don’t want to go. This is totally in my power to stop someone mid-way and to ask them to stop there because the power lies within our responses and reactions, not the other person. We can also listen uninterruptedly for a long time and gift the other person the most loving unconditional listening they have ever seen. This is also a response by choice.  

So, ask yourself, how far would you like your partner to go with their sharing? Ultimately, look to be in alignment with yourself and everything else will unravel for the highest good of all.  

I want to sum it up for us: 

What should be share with our partners and how far should be go? These are some of the things to bear in mind: 

  • Context 
  • What you share you share with yourself through them 
  • Choose your response and reaction 
  • Balance your throat chakra 
  • Feel safe first  
  • Content  
  • Courage to share valuable stuff 
  • Be open to receive 
  • Call on your angels 
  • Breathe, pause, resume 
  • Know where your power is 

I hope this was helpful to you.  




p.s. for more of my writings, please subscribe at the bottom of this page. Thank you.  

When you don’t know how to communicate your value effectively.

When you don’t know how to communicate your value effectively. 



Value. An inner web of important things that make you, you and me, me. So when you don’t know how to communicate your value effectively, you are in trouble. You will need to learn how to communicate first and then you will need to figure out your value and then you will need to find your authentic way of bringing that across effectively. In this write up I will talk about communication skills and how to develop them, as well as personal value, what it means and how to find it. In the end I will try to link the two and explain how you can communicate your value effectively across.  


I think one of the best way to develop your communication skills is to read books and visit libraries. It’s free to visit the local library in any village across the world and it’s a place abundant with books that express written communication. Most libraries have computers too, which is free access to the world wide web where communication is verbal. We live in the information era but we are not confident to communicate because we lack practice and we lack the someone who will pay attention to us. Growing you verbal and written communication skills can be done by visiting events that are donation based and you can participate. For example, my events are donation based and we are learning to speak English which is a communication practice. We know we need to be a good communicator because it helps in all of our relationships but let’s not forget that this is about language, both verbal and non-verbal communication are included.  

Now, over to the personal value that you know you have or you are going to figure out that you have it and then communicate it. The best way to find out your value is to ask yourself the question: Who needs me? For some of us the answer is this person or that person and maybe it’s clothed in a little bit of doubt. For others it may be ‘no one’ which is depressing and sad of course, but it’s still not the end of the road. When ‘no one’ needs you, then you are literally given the opportunity to build something from scratch. You get to choose who will need you depending on who you need and who you want to need you.  

If this doesn’t work, you can ask yourself this question: What is important to me? And Why? When you find out what is important for you then you can find others who have the same value as you and communicate effectively with them the personal value that you have in common.  

Let’s talk about the effectiveness of our communication. I think this has to do with where the other person is at on their journey of evolution. If someone is unable to receive what you said even though you communicated clearly and confidently, then was it effective? No. They didn’t understand you therefore there is a gap between you. If someone says something to you about their own importance than you must be in a space within yourself where you can receive that information. You must also be aware of your own value in order to hear the value of someone else. 


Today. The awareness inside people’s minds is actually further than they acknowledge. The seed of awareness has been planted by the first wave of ascension and it has BEGUN its process of sprouting and growing.  

Yes, oh yes. That’s what I am talking about. The acknowledgement that this seed of self-awareness has been successfully nurtured and cultivated. It’s a very tender stage for humanity right now. Just like the fragile seedlings of wild flowers, humanity needs to be kept in the loving attention of the grown-ups. Okay. This will continue until everybody knows their value and communicates it effectively in between each other.  

It will sound like this: ‘oh, hey, you look gorgeous and beautiful, strong, you are going for it and I am your cheerleader. ‘and the response will be of equal measure: ‘ah, I look at you and I see vitality, purpose and drive. You radiate and I am happy to be around you right now.’ 

When you and I know how to communicate our value effectively, we receive each other, we see one another in the same space and that’s usually a lovely feeling. When we don’t know how to speak to each other so that we tell the story of our inborn value then we honor the experiencer experiencing not being received or seen or heard or understood or felt. This will look or sound like this: I am reading you, right now, and I am reading that you felt unheard or unseen, misunderstood and not fully received or not completely gotten and as I read this about you, I am grateful as well as respectful and in that I am reflecting back to you love, I am liberating you because I am honoring you and that makes me the expression of unconditional love while you remain the experiencer of being loved. So, while you may not be received, you always remain loved by the first wave of ascension. They are sentient beings that hold space for the second wave of ascension to ascend into 5D consciousness.   

I trust you followed this through and I honor you as the experiencer of someone who didn’t follow through. All is well either way.  

Let’s be proactive about finding out what’s important for us and who may need us in today’s world.  

Let’s use the free resources available to us all, so that we can become better communicators.  

Let’s strive for effective communication of our value as human beings, sovereign and empowered.  

If there is anything, I can help you with in terms of personal growth, then my coaching services will be good for that. May you and I and all being across the world be blessed with clear and effective communication given or received.  



Telling my vision about coaching and card readings.

Telling my vision about coaching and card readings. 

 (honoring the experiencer) 


More and more I get to see how I am the experiencer of life and love honors me as that experience whereas the ego blames me for everything that isn’t right. As the experiencer of a vision, I must be honored by the greatest force. I am being red like a book, in which the pages roll over revealing the what, the how, the why, the when and the who. Sh%^&, f876, if this is the case, then I welcome myself in. Into my life’s vision, one step more.  

I am a healer, of an unusual kind and I am a soul, shining bright with infinite wisdom, treasures and immortal gifts inside for anyone who dares to see, to see. As such, my vision about coaching and card readings is to honor you, the experiencer. After all the teachings, all the trainings, all path that lead to the same place within, I want to be that one, who simply acknowledges you, accepts you as you are and honors your experience of life.  

Before, it was about sexual fantasies being lived out. Later after the sexy stuff, it was about raising awareness. Now, my awareness has arisen and my vision is to honor you, the experiencer. It’s no news to anyone of us that there is abuse, neglect and disappointment on planet earth at this time. Yet, having your experience seen and respected by another is very healing, it’s freeing and affirming. I’ve noticed the changes in my vision but I am highlighting the consistency too. I am consistent in wanting to give card readings to peeps and having coaching sessions. Both services, I do with joy and with love in my heart and in that I am passing the bliss that exists within me.  

For example, the card readings will develop into an online product in a shop that you buy and receive within ten days. The coaching sessions will grow in the direction of more honor, respect and acknowledgement for my clients instead of concerns about the right methodology.  

And so my true vision with these two hear-driven services of mine is to welcome you as my client into a white palace like space in the mountains overlooking the sea in the distance. Evergreen trees will bring the smell, the breeze will bring the leaves and fresh juice with home-baked cookies will await you. A coaching session will start with the check-in as per the coaching protocols. I will see how you are doing as a whole, I will see how you are with your integrity and I will open up the space for you to share what has opened up since our last session. We will then go into creation mode and finish with building inspiring, moving and touching goals for you. Then we will close the session with a sharing of our greatest value given and taken from the session.  

If it were a card reading meeting, I would welcome you with my turban hat on, the neckless that I wear when I read cards and the three decks. The Healing Mantras of Matt Kahn and The Blind Spot Oracle with The Divine Guidance Frequency Tarot of Teal Swan. We would unravel the messages of the cards for you to understand them fully and then I will help you with practical steps to move forward. Moving forward means making conscious changes to yourself and life such that you experience yourself as being loved. You know you are loved when you can honor yourself as the experiencer of both negative and positive. No judgment, no guilt, no blame or shame, just a blame-free-zone, which really equals a happy place inside.  

I envision people from all over the world coming to visit me. My girlfriend and her daughter are involved in the healing of those we attract. Another new girlfriend of mine is potential involved in the healing team as well and she uses touch to heal you. So, what I see, is potential, progress, expansion and things just being right!  

I want to say a few words about the How. How will this happen? The answer is by honoring myself as the experiencer of life in every given moment. If something triggers me, I honor myself as the one experiencing disappointment or frustration or anger. So as long as I stay focused on my vision, I keep coming back to it every time I can and I honor myself as the experiencer of life along the way, I think the How will simply show itself to me. The minute I forget to read a soul as the experiencer of doubt or certainty, I am in my ego and not in my soul. When I am in my ego, I see other egos and I get pissed off about things. If I am in my soul, I see other sentient beings and I am full of solutions. So the how, is about solutions and practicality but I have noticed that in my soul, I have it all.  

This is my vision about coaching and card readings. They happen in a certain kind of setting but they are also centred around more acknowledgement and respect towards you, the client, than ever before. I visualize myself as that tarot reader that everyone in Europe knows about and tells you to go ask her. I see myself, in my house, still overlooking the forest, still reading cards for peeps and I am old. I am aged and achy and yet, I give guidance, signposting you and you left right and center. I see myself coaching people for the rest of my life and I am happy with that. I want to honor you, no matter what and I am honoring myself more and more each day, so I am feeling good and I hope you will feel my good juju through this writing.  

With love and with light 


p.s. I am looking for one more client by the end of 2020 so please message me if you want a coaching session with me. Thank you.  

p.s.s. I live by the seaside, not yet, but I will soon.  

I am on the beach every day, not yet, but soon.  

I am worthy of all of my clients coming to see me.  

I am confident in my skills.  

I live fully and aligned each day.  

My ego is my friend not my enemy.  

I am my own teacher and I am my own sovereign.  

I am the solace I seek and I am the salve for my feet.  

I am healed. I am growing. I am expanded.  

This 21st December 2020 is the day when I receive confirmation from the universe that all my wishes are granted. I am open to new feelings, I am open to new explorations, I am open to new experiences.  


I say all this because I am holding back no more. I am reading Ralph Smart’s book Feeling Alive and I feel alive so right away I am putting to practice all the wisdom he is giving me. This article was inspired by his book or his videos. He said that I should tell my vision and that that is my job now so I am telling you my vision and I am feeling into it. Thank you Ralph Smart and thank you Universe. Giving thanks to everybody and especially I am grateful for my body.  

How to protect my energy field from heavier external influences? 

Heavier external influences come to everybody, it’s just that some of us are more sensitive than others and some of us are more willing to do something about it. When you first notice the arrival of heavy, you must affirm that it is also part of source energy. Next is the power of the breath where you are asked to remember to just breath in on purpose and deliberately. Finally, you must focus on whatever it is that brings you in alignment with your higher purpose. In other words, you affirm that heaviness is also light in form, you breath deep and consciously, and then you go within.  

Now, what else can you do?  

Well, you can spend time looking at frequency paintings that bring up renewal and vitality. You basically entrain with a higher frequency and by staying in the moment, staying in your body, you will see that heavier influences will leave you.  

You can always reach out for guided meditations, pranayama breathing techniques and a card reading or a session with a healer. You can try yoga with Adrienne and in particular the practices that are for respect, replenishment, renewal, reset, detox, revitalize and energize.  

Because what are we doing… we go within so as to cultivate more light. What this means is that we spend time loving our own hearts so that we can grow our energy field. This does not mean that heavier energies will stop coming to you but it means that you will recover at the speed of light and you will learn whatever you are meant to receive from the heaviness much easier. The idea is to keep you away from fighting okay. This is not a good time to be in conflict with yourself or the external world. We stand for world peace or we be silent. When we speak of protecting from something, we usually bring out the very thing that will attack us and so we must protect and this creates a circle that is broken when we focus on cultivating more love and light and innocence within ourselves.  

One way we can do this nurturing of light within us is to announce all the things that are working well in your life. This is the true calling of a lightworker. We go around announcing and radiating the wellbeing that we feel inside. We purposefully look for things that we can be appreciative of and grateful for. We actually take the time to ask how all is well and how is this seemingly bad thing a good thing. This is a very simple but powerful training if you want to be a luminary. Somebody who brings light and love into your world. They are, we are, I am, a chose one, I am one of them illuminating creature on this plant and what I do is I spend time listing out the things that annoy me and then I also figure out how that is useful.  

It’s not that we are going fight against the heavier external influences so as to preserve and protect our energetics, we are fighting for the kindness and the gentleness that lives in our hearts and that we want to protect this softness by giving it our attention and making it grow. This is very different from being on the lookout for heaviness to arrive. Expecting and anticipating. You know the ego lives in the anticipation of something or the regret of not having done something else or even the simple worry about whatever keeps our egos alive. It’s really quite beautiful when you get to know this but still, we have life to live and cherish which means we must stay in alignment with our inner eco system.  

So, we affirm that everything including heavier energies are the cosmic light dressed up in heaviness and then we breath in and out a few times and then we go within. I want to point out that anxiety arises when we are unclear about our truth and we are afraid of what we are thinking but in reality, you and I are not our thoughts. Okay. We are multidimensional beings experiencing the human body for a short period of time. I’ve have learned to never be afraid of the dark thoughts that come to me and I must pay honours to a special man in my life who told me once during a playfight and when I got really nasty and mean he said to me: ‘when you reach for darkness, darkness you shell get, but it is just that’. Hearing him say that made me realize that I chose to reach for nasty and I got nasty but I could have chosen to reach for forgiveness and I would have gotten forgiveness. You see.  

If you let yourself feel heaviness, you will see it takes around 11 seconds before it loses grip on you. I heard this from my beautiful and favourite teacher Matt Kahn a couple of years ago. Feeling is the most spiritual practice that you can do every single day. I mean, at the end of the day we do yoga so that we can feel something, feel the love let’s say, or we go to the gym so that we can feel something like a empowerment. Sometimes when you have mastered your own energetics you will see that feeling heavier external influences is a joy in and of itself. Yes, this is advanced level but I am not far from it which is why I am mentioning it here.  

Nature is always a good one. Hugging trees or calling a friend or journaling are all excellent ways to protect yourself from heavier energies.  

Another approach is to figure out why are you afraid of them, what’s the worst that can happen. Ask why again and again, ask yourself about the worst-case scenario again and again. If you can accept it, if you can admit it, if you can be honest about it, then boom. Voila, you are definitely one step closer to being immune. But this takes time and it takes writing and it takes sitting and feeling or looking for the answers and most of the time this is called shadow work. 😊 

I do this all the time and I have done this for seven years and I assure you everything does change and it changes YOU for the better.  

Here’s what I say when I feel heavy energies coming around or when something just comes over me and I am not sharp and I am not feeling it, not feeling alive or even just life seems to be dimmed down. I say: yeah, you are the light too, and I am the light, the light I am.’ I swear to god, instantly shifts occur and I need nothing else but to remember to suggest that all is the light. I don’t need to know what it was or where it came from or even if it has one completely. In the moments when these clouds come over me, I have no idea what to do because even my mind (where all the practices or life missions are stored) is blanked out. This usually goes on for a bit of time but I very quickly these days remember to call it the light and I simply say over and over again: ‘this is the light, yeah, you are also the light and I see you for what you are.’ It goes away from my field I swear. I also affirm  

I am the light, the light I am 

Heaviness comes to me because my heart is sensitive and I feel it, I feel the heaviness and that is what it wants. When I say to the energies ‘I allow you to pass and to return to the light of your own heart’ or ‘I allow you to pass and return back to source’ I am liberating this distorted energy and I am empowered, it is empowered and life becomes better through the law of oneness. You must remember that your ability to be sensitive, to be emotional, to be annoyed even is the very thing that these energies are looking for. They want an emotional heart to set them free by calling them out and telling them where to go.  

Asking these heavy weights ‘how can I serve you?’ or ‘What do you need?’ is also directly addressing them so as to bring about liberation and relief for yourself, for them and for all. If you can’t ask these two questions then you just can’t ask them at this time and that’s that. Always, turn toward your heart and ask it ‘what do you need?’. You may not get an answer but stay with your heart and breath deep. If you hear the needs of your inner being then it is your duty to go have it. 😀 

Again, I am here for your questions and requests or topics. Please email me if you would like to talk about card readings, healing sessions and dreams coming true.  



What is ok and what’s not ok in society? A Spiritual viewpoint.

What is ok and what’s not ok in society? A Spiritual viewpoint. 

How come some things are ok in society when really, they should not be. Others things that should be ok in society are not ok. This is about acceptance and asking for the spiritual perspective on it.  

For sure, acceptance is a huge topic but the kind of spirituality that I am going to view this from is all about inclusion. This is the heart-centred approach to everything life and society related. For example, going to the theatre with glitter on your face is not acceptable in society as we know it today. At the same time, it is acceptable to swear and shout. You see, the spirituality that I follow would always bring back your attention to the fact that there are hearts who hurt and because they hurt, they still go out their way to hurt other hearts. This is all about being the victim. Victimhood is an allergic reaction that some of us get just for being on planet earth and for being in a human body. The human body creates a set of conditions for us to abide by and so there have been four allergic reactions to that human condition. These four inflammations are victimhood, righteousness, neediness and entitlement.  very much so, in society, today, we are still observing these inflammatory behaviours and it is only through the power of love that we can bring down the redness. A kind of love that turns toward your heart and says ‘hey, I am here with you, I am you and I am grateful first and for most for the ability to put my hand on my heart and to tell you how much I love you still. Hey, let me show you compassion, let me be connected with you, let me show you what humility looks like. Listen, heart, I want you to slow down and listen to me, for I am the light, the light I am and I am the resolver of all things because if you just slow down and listen you will hear my call to include, accept, admit. Be grateful heart even for the things that you cannot. And if you can’t do that than just say ‘I wish I was grateful for this or for that.’’  

You see, it is the people with closed hearts that go out shouting and fighting and they are the ones that will give you the impression that it is not ok to wear glitter at the theatre. Those closed hearted people though are still worthy of love. Their own love, as and when they wake up.  


So, I don’t know about other spiritual perspectives but I know about this heart-centred consciousness and that it always begins with honesty. Our ability to say ‘I admit that x y z’ or to say ‘I accept that x y z’ is always the first easy step to open up communication with your heart and as you begin to share with your heart whatever worries you, your heart’s intelligence will speak back because in essence that’s what the heart is doing. The heart is waiting for us to turn to it and share honestly what the heck do we feel, think, see and experience. We then listen to the heart and when its wisdom comes through, you will notice that it always brings relief. It’s a drop of love that has the power to blow up everything. That kind of relief will get you back to rest and sleep. This relief is what will replenish your system and then next time you are out in the society waters, you shall not see the unacceptable so much, instead you will be in awe with all the glitter that was there in the first place. You couldn’t see it because your heart wasn’t looking but now that your heart is open, safe and relaxed in your own company, it is able to see what it couldn’t see before.  

When the inflammation in your nervous system comes down righteousness becomes insight, victimhood becomes discernment, entitlement becomes worthiness and neediness becomes openness. You see, in every so-called negative there is a gem stone of truth. It is the kind of truth that shines like glitter but we must first have the eyes to see it. Best way to get that kind of eyes is to return to gratitude, again and again, like literally. ‘Hey, what are you doing? I am just being grateful for the sake of being grateful because this truly is a gift of life and since I am still alive, I better do something with it.’  

The society today is going through a re-form. Huge undertaking that the collective heart has been preparing for. This is the ascension timeline and all of our misconceptions are being sorted out for us, all we have to do is feel this through.  

The spiritual viewpoint on accepting somethings and not others while those things that really should not be allowed are allowed is this one. A heart-centred approach that says all is included, come as you are, be as you wish, feel it all. I know it may sound scary but the truth of it is, is that the unacceptable is accepted for being just that ‘unacceptable’. For example, timelessness is accepting time because they are the opposite of each other. We are watching the play for polarity so do not be fooled that one is right and the other is wrong. Society says ok to one thing and not ok to another thins is nothing but the play of polarity that is happening on an individual level as well as now the collective, mass consciousness.  

Be brave my dear one to put a hand on your heart still. Say those words of admitting, accepting, thanking and watch the relaxation that comes. If you have any questions for me please email me. If you have topics that you want me to talk about, please message me. If you want to work with me, please contact me today.  




P.S. The four inflammations I mention belong to the heart space okay and then there is our beautiful minds. There are another four inflammatory behaviours that we can observe relative to the mind. These are confusion, boredom, frustration and loneliness.  Now, I know loneliness is a topic far deep than just an inflammation of the mind and if you want to learn the anatomy of loneliness then please check out the book in the link.  

How to recognize people who help us actualize it? (Part 3) 

How to recognize who’s going to help us actualize our life’s mission. The people. Part three. 

The people who are going to help us actualize our life’s mission are going to be recognized by the language of truth. There is the truth of the heart’s wisdom that will resonate with you and then there is the truth of the mind’s intelligence that may not resonate with you. Either is right and neither is wrong. It’s just that some people are meant to be on your path because they will strive for the same as you. Those who support your mission are the ones that tell you to take care of you. They are the ones that text you and say something that gets you. Some place in you, you get it and even read it a few times or repeat it to yourself and so in that moment that person has helped you actualize your mission.  

Second, the people who are singularly coming into your life for one encounter and then leaving as if it never happened are also the people who support your mission. For sure, those encounters are so valuable and they hold so much wisdom compacted into one moment that lasted a day or two but changed you forever and on a fundamental level. When you have a person, who comes and goes then you know this person had a mission to fulfill and part of that mission was meeting you. You also can conclude that this person was sent as an ally to help you on your journey. I am including everybody in this second example of how to recognize who’s going to help you actualize it. Everybody means everybody. The people who come and go but made you have a bad experience are just as important and I meant that. You may not see it at first but later on the message will be revealed and truth will be known.  

Third. The people you met during your twenties or thirties and who have stayed in your life via the occasional catch-up call. Also known as your friends. Those ones, that you and them put the effort to share and update each other. The mission of your life will not be completed if it wasn’t for those friends. I often say ‘big up’ and it is a bigging up of those friends that we must do occasionally okay. What I mean by that is to appreciate them and be grateful for them and to consciously take time or spend time really loving and honoring those peeps. They are beautiful gemstones or precious treasures that you must cherish forever.  


So, there you have it. It is either through language or encounters or friends that we fulfil our life’s mission.  

During the first part of this write up, I talked about how to know what the mission of your life is. In short, our mission is to love but further than it is to tune into each developmental stage of our life and figure out what it is asking of us. Then, we further have the right to listen to our physical body so as to figure out what our mission at each developmental stage is.  

In the second part of this three-part series, I talked about my top 3 signs that can guide us along the way of fulfilling our mission. I mentioned the importance of knowing your needs and knowing how your body resonates or when your body is relaxed.  

I think once your intuitive senses have been activated you will know what to do. First though, they need to activate and one way to do that is by looking into how to open up your third eye. Another thing to note is that these senses often get glugged up so yes, we need to clean up regularly. This cleaning happens through meditations or intention setting or beautiful music for the seven chakras.  


Knowing what to do is not enough. You and I will also be asked to actually do the things we know we need to do. They are not going to go away unless we do them and so it is my deepest wish that my writings have supported you. I am also here for you if you need further empowerment and guidance. There is two ways in which I can serve you. Either coaching or card readings. 😊 


For now, may you and I be blessed and appreciated as we are.  



#What Coaching Is NOT.

#What Coaching Is NOT. 


Coaching is not therapy nor counselling or reading cards for people. It isn’t just any conversation where you listen and ask questions. There is much more to it and I am going to write about in this post.  

Coaching is not mentoring nor consulting. I won’t describe what all of those other practices are, instead I will describe what coaching is. Yes, it’s a conversation but its aim to reach a higher, more efficient and effective way of thinking, seeing, being, hearing, knowing and understanding.  

A conversation that follows a specific structure, hugs in all of you, everything you are must come into the conversation. Your mind, your body and your spirit, as well as your emotions. It isn’t focusing on your past or focusing on specific topic, like you would in consulting. Very simply said, coaching comes from a state of being. I, as a coach, have been trained to not only do the coaching but to be it.  

Being a coach is more than doing the coaching as a profession. When I be it, then I must follow my own dreams and visions. I must be incorruptible in myself.  

Coaching is not something you need; it is something you want. The definition of want and needs is as follows: 

What you want is a need that you desire but you are not supposed to have it.  

What you need is a want you are ready to receive the moment you require it. 

So, let’s say you know yourself to be a write all of your life but you are busy with working for somebody that has nothing to do with writing. When you are on your own, you think about starting to write again but you just can’t because x y z. This becomes a desire of yours but again the excuses you hold against yourself stop you from having it. This is where coaching comes in. It drives you to the think you desire and along the way it unravels all the barriers you have that say why you cannot have it.  

Each session hugs your heart, mind, body and soul, your ego and your breath gently guiding you towards the thing you desire the most. It gives you the goals you have set for yourself. The one that comes from being does that. The very fundamental factor of being in the present moment and coaching from that space starts up a shift in you.  

When you are being coached by a Creative Consciousness Coach the results you want are bound to come. I talk about it in more depth here.

Creative Consciousness Coaching is not like any other type. The training process is unique and it changes you to the core. It shapes your coach being.  

 If you are interested in coaching please go train with Creative Consciousness and if you are interested in something personal but you still ain’t got it yet, then message me.



My Top 3 Signs For Reaching Your Mission. Part 2.

What are the signs to observe for relative to your Life’s mission? (Part 2) 

What are my Top three signs helping you fulfil the mission of your life?  


The first sign to observe for on your way to living out your mission is the relaxation of your body. Any amount of tension in your body is simply asking for your loving attention and any amount of relaxation in your body is showing you that you are living out your mission 

The second sign to look for is resonance. Notice when something resonates with you and when something doesn’t. In other words, what do you harmonize with and what don’t you harmonize with? For example, food is a good opportunity to test this out for yourself. Does this food give you energy and make you feel alive or does it drain you and make you feel sleepy? Music is another area you can test your resonance in and so you check is this music inspiring me and uplifting me or is this music making me go into my head and get stuck there repeating the same thing over and over again. You can apply the law of resonance on pretty much any are of your life. I would take the auto mechanics that my boyfriend is involved in as another example. A lot of the time he has to buy spare parts and so he can check if something harmonies with him by how his body is reacting. If it’s perceived as too expensive then his body will contract and if he perceives the price to be good then he would hear a loud yes for it. You are always living out your mission when you are in flow, effortlessly moving through your days. 

Note: unfortunately, we are condition to be tensed up and to be under pressure and to worry. This is the opposite pf feeling relaxed, open and effortless. Therefore, it will be strange and unfamiliar for you to recognize the signs that show you the mission at hand. Condition has been applied to everybody and it is our mission, indeed to re-condition ourselves or to peel back the layers and uncover the true soul essence underneath the conditioning.  

The third sign that will guide you on your mission is needs. Make the distinction between needs and wants and keep going. Always come back to your needs first and are they met. Often, we forget our needs and get trapped in our wants. The needs we have might be the need for connection, for self-expression, for movement, for love, for freedom and so when these are unmet, we reach out to self-destructive behaviours like overeating or alcohol.  

Again, a huge note: we are conditioned by the endless advertising and promotions that we should want this and that but none of it is really a need of ours and it’s just a clever way to keep us distracted from the mission at hand. I explained more about the mission at hand in the previous post.  

My top three signs for recognizing your mission are the body, the resonance and the needs.  

Sometimes, the body may feel relaxed but then a slight movement to the left and it will give you an ache in the lower back and so what do you do then? Your mission is not don’t go to the left and don’t move at all, no. Your mission is to exercise your body and keep it healthy and vibrant. Tend to the various groups of muscles. Strengthen the muscles that hold the spine wrapped up. When you signal your body that you are willing to tend to it, it will signal back to you what you can do. And don’t forget to breath deep.  

Another note: for those of us who are living a pain free life, especially free from pain in the physical body, we have come to realize that the only way out of pain is through it. Whenever I have been in pain in my body, I have surrendered to it and dived deeper by breathing it in. Breathing in the pain and becoming one with it at the exclusion of the outside world. I soon was released by pain herself and was gifted with relief. Now I understand that we can go to all kinds of doctors and they can relieve us of the pain for a period of time but then when we are in a space of no pain, we much be willing to go back to the place that aches by ourselves and communicate lovingly with that place. It’s like your willingness to welcome the pain before it comes, frees you from it coming.  

Okay moving on.  

Resonance. You are currently vibrating at a specific and unique frequency and so you are a vibrational match to some things and not others. Then, there is choice and free will. There is exploration and trying things out. Which means you could select something that is of a higher vibrational frequency than you and you can see if you start vibration like it, matching it or your body will very clearly tell you that it doesn’t like that. So, there are the things that we attract because of who we are and how we are. Then, there is the things we choose out of our own volition and we can resonate or not which will signal you if this is part of your mission or not.  

Finally, a few more words about needs. The extended list of needs that I know of that could be replaced by reaching for food is: adventure, identity, freedom, love and connection. When one or more of these natural needs isn’t met, we would reach of something that is a replacement. Let me be honest, I do it, you sure do it and most of us still do it because like I said we are conditioned to want and not to meet our needs. We are told our needs are food and shelter and water so that’s all we bother fulfilling. But there is a very real need for love, a very real need for connection and when we don’t fulfil that need, things get ugly.  

My favourite teacher explained needs and wants like this:  

What you want is a need that you desire but you are not supposed to have it.  

What you need is a want you are ready to receive the moment you require it.  

Think about this. The element of being able to receive comes into play which is super important if you want to meet your needs. You want something you don’t have, creating pain. You have something you don’t want, creating pain. Wanting what you have, creates appreciation and therefore relaxation and therefore you r way on your way to fulfilling your mission.  

Next writing will be about the people that are meant to help us on our mission and how to recognize them. It’s been an honour to share with you what I think are the three major signs for reaching your mission.  



How do you recognize the mission of your life? (Part 1)

How do you recognize the mission of your life?

First of all, the one and only mission of everyone’s life is to love. Love themselves and others and all sentient beings.  

Second of all, the mission of your life will change as you enter the various stages of your development. For example, the mission of a women above and beyond 50 years old is to go within and love her aging body, raging hormones and the very important stage of menopause. If you are a woman or a man who’s just got out of the 20’s then your mission to realize you are in the Full Moon phase of your life. Everything is illuminating, therefore you ought to surrender to the flow of life fully.  

Thirdly, the recognition of your mission at any given stage in your development will be clearly announced through the physical body. If you are 30+ then your body is in its prime condition and it will ask you for you know what and that would be your mission. How you go about fulfilling your mission depends entirely on the kind of soul you are. I know, each every one of us is unique so we will have unique needs and ways to go about meeting those.  


No matter what, let’s go back to the beginning. Your one and only mission is to love. What I mean by that is loving your emotions and accepting your circumstances and being honest about your feelings. We are not taught how to love, okay, so be kind to yourself along the way. We literally, have to be kids in adults’ bodies, learning at school, what does it mean to love. For the sake of this article I am going to describe the two ways that I know, that I have been practicing and that I have seen bring results to me.  

First way is to take something as part of yourself and therefore you must try to understand it. For instance, my boyfriend is seemingly a separate person to me but if I was to love him, I would take him as part of myself and I would spend time trying to understand him and where he is coming from. I will seek to understand his feelings and to communicate in a way that he gets me. I will be creating a connection because I will be attuning to him. This connection is the love that he will feel from me. However, if I have not taken the time to understand myself, my own feelings and emotions. And if I have not come clear on what am I trying to say, then I cannot connect to my boyfriend. He won’t feel the connection between us and therefore he will not feel the love.  

Second way is to love whatever arises in you and when you become fully relaxed in your own company, you would be fully relaxed around anybody else in the society. This signals to the nervous systems of others and yourself that love has arrived and we can all relax. Others will feel loved because you have loved in yourself the very thing that arises in all. For instance, I am triggered by the cats in the house and how much food they want to eat. I am feeling frustrated and annoyed and this is precisely what’s arising. Instead of trying to understand it, I would open up a dialogue within myself with frustration and annoyance and I would be honest in telling them how no matter what they’ve done nothing wrong. I would tell these emotions that they are welcomed in me, that I see them, they are valid and I will show them respect for choosing me to arise in. I will love whatever arises in me until it lets go of me. For example, this loving what arises can take time and it can spread out over days or longer. In that time, I would meet people and get on with life but each time an emotion gets me, I know this is our time to love and starts with honesty, acceptance and appreciation. I’ve noticed when I practice loving in this way, then I am naturally kinder to others and so they feel the love because I have given it to myself. The focus is on my internal world and that naturally ripples out to others in the external world.  


Let’s see, today I have a pain in the neck. It arose this morning when I was just snoozing in bed and now, I feel it whenever I move.  it’s quite painful but it is what has arisen for me to day and so I can try to understand where it might have come from or I can have compassion for myself for experiencing this pain.  


Okay, back to the recognition of the mission of your life.  

The second point I made was that each stage of our development will present a new mission despite love. What I mean by that is in order to recognize the mission of your life, you must be paying attention to your mind, body, heart and soul. You must acknowledge yourself for the things you are going through. This is not about some grand ‘save the world’ mission. This is about a smaller ‘save yourself’ mission. If you end the suffering within yourself, you will end it within the world. If you eradicate the war between yourself and yourself, you will bring world peace into existence. If you make sure there is no conflict between your mind and your heart, then you will ensure the world is resolute of conflict too. I know this easier said than done. I know. Okay. Take children for example, they are either one or the other. Later on, as we get conditioned, we also become split. This is no one’s fault but it certainly becomes our greatest mission to put ourselves back together. To integrate and to assimilate or to digest what’s what. The things that arise in your life could be on any one level and they can be quite good at hiding but the more you practice the easier it gets to notice. In the next article I will talk about the signs that we can look out for in order to recognize our mission. And in the article after that I am going to talk about how to recognize the people who have been sent on your way to help you actualize your mission.  

Now ask yourself: what stage of my development am I in? What phase of my life is this? How old am I? What have I been told I should do at this age and does that resonate? If no, then what does? If you already know, then go for it no matter what. I, for one, will support you and I will be your cheerleader.  

Finally, let me talk a little bit about the physical body and why it is the signifier or the bringer of the mission. Let’s say, you have been diagnosed with cancer. This is a tough pill to swallow however, this is the body talking and your job is to recognize that your mission now is to love the you that is entering a new condition. Your purpose is to understand not the cancer itself but the difficult emotions that it brings up in you and those around you. May be the family members are now experiencing denial and anger and they are grieving while you are still alive.  But let’s say your body is healthy and active, it’s young and open for life. Now, the mission is to expand potential of your capabilities. You see, your physical body speaks to you and if you listen, you will hear the mission at hand. And there is no right or wrong mission. We are all here to do, what we are all here to do.  

Your physical body is an intelligent collection of systems that work together in harmony or not. For you to recognize your mission, you must be willing to tune into your body. Get inside your body and speak with it. Are you willing to do that?  

We always have everything we need, right here and right now. Communicating with ourselves is how to recognize your mission. I trust that courage will accompany you. I respect your power and I bless you with light, with awareness.  

If you have any questions, please let me know.  

With love and with light. 


A Temple of Sensations, That is My Body.

For so long I have been trying to get rid of the sensations in my body and I couldn’t. To be precise, it’s been the focus of my healing journey for five years.  well, at last, I am confident in myself saying that I know how to get rid of the sensations. To be accurate, it is not exactly getting rid of them but listening to them and really hearing what they have to say. A temple of sensations, that is my body, has me writing this. The tightest and heaviest of sensations circulating around my knees for two days now, told me to write this article.  

You may have experienced pinches and needle like sensations in your body too. For example, a burning on a random part of your body, a throb somewhere else or simple flush of heat. All of these examples are showing you the kind of sensations you could be experiencing. I spend years trying to overcome feeling the sensations in my body but it never worked until one random day, like today, it occurs.  

You simply ask the uncomfortable sensations in your body:  

Now that you have my attention, how can I serve you? 

And then you go do the thing that they ask of you, if they have the courage to ask you.  

Coming to think of it, I think I was afraid of the sensations for many years, and I was afraid from them happening again. I mean, some of them were so disturbing that I spend years fearing them and not wanting to experience them again. When I speak of disturbing sensations, I mean really high-pitched noises in my years or, very thin needle like penetrating sensation in various parts of my body, or waves of paralysis that would keep me immobile for time. Unpleasant, intrusive, invasive, uncomfortable and generally speaking let-me-run-away-from-this-sensation-right-now. The more I tried, the less far away I would get.  

Then one day, my bestie told me about the spiritual teacher Matt Kahn and how as an empath, me, I should tune into him and see what happens.  

It has been five years now since I am fully immersed in his teachings and I can assure you it has paid off. Sometimes his message will be the same and on repeat and I just wouldn’t get it. For instance, asking the difficult emotions in us how we can serve them. This is a teaching I have heard a lot and never really got it or may be just today is the day I get it that tiny bit more.  

As I was having these heaving clinging tight sensations around my knees, and as I asked them what can I do for them, I hear the title of this writing: A temple of sensations, that is my body.  


With no hesitation I am writing this.  


If you have negative emotions, or symptoms or sensations or anything of the sort that nags you, bugs you, is non-stop, is invasive, is intrusive, is persistent to say the least… then it is up to you to serve it.  


May you be brave enough to serve the thing that is with you as I was brave enough to ask my sensations out loud: ‘okay, now that you have my attention, how can I serve you.’ 


And one more interesting aspect of this new revelation of mine is that I consciously stopped blaming it on someone else and I stopped imagining it as a boy or a guy and instead, I spoke to it as if it is a little girl cos one day I will be a mom and I want twin girls so I thought this is a very good practice to speak to my sensations as if they are one or both of my girls.  


I have nothing else to say. Be blessed, be the light, recognize everything as the light. Call your sensations that they r the light, the light I am and they will lose their grip. Know that your body is a temple and as such, everything that happens inside it or on it, or to it, is of importance.  


It is important.  


I love you.  

Delina  sensations

 p.s. make sure you check out my services. I can offer you single coaching sessions as and when you need someone to talk to and long or short card readings depending on what your dilemma is. read more…

How to love myself despite not loving myself?

How to love myself despite not loving myself


When you play around with the statement that you are both the light and the dark at the same time. When you say out loud: I am the one that loves myself and I am the one that doesn’t love myself at the same time. When you make it ok to be both the not loving you and the loving you. 




You can begin 


It starts with an affirmation. 


The power of affirming something is next to nothing. 


Words are energy, money is energy. 


Shocking yourself by stating: I am the queen and I am the servant at the same time. Or: I am the wrong one and I am the saint at the same time. 


The one that is not loving you, is you. You can identify with that part of you on purpose and see what happens. 


It’s because we make it wrong that we don’t love ourselves that it perpetuates. 


Affirm yourself as I AM. 


I am immortal and I am dying. 


I am abundant and I am poor. 


I am loving and I am not loving. 


If you play around with this shift of perspective for a while, and if you return to this exercise again and again… you will most likely laugh. You will see how funny words can be. 


To take the next level, you would look for evidence why you love yourself and why you do not love yourself. Write them out. It’s like the pro’s and con’s. You can give me that list if you like and you will see that it will lose its intensity because now it’s not a secret in your own head, it’s been shared and so it has become OURS. 


This is the power of unity consciousness or creative consciousness. First we use the power of the word and second we tap into the power of unity. 


I am right, and we are right. 


This is my pain, becomes this is our pain. 


One of my go to mantras is: 


All that I am, we are. All that we are, I am. 


The veil is gone my friends and the earth is ascending whether we are facing head on or with our bums up. My advice would be to tend to your heart. Turn to the great bright being that lives inside your chest and ask it: What makes you unhappy? What do you need me to do differently?


Beginning this connection process with your heart will change your life. It changed my life and I am receiving benefits because of it. 


Now I want to celebrate the many many of us who in one way or another are tapping into the creative being inside and expressing our genius in whatever way, shape or form feels right. 


Check out my coaching sessions and what coaching can do for you. Get in touch with me. 






p.s. I would like to highlight the influencers in my life. Matt Kahn, Teal Swan and Ralph Smart. I would also like to shout Yoga with Adrienne here because this has changed my physical body and my mental body relationship, which in turn has allowed me to receive the benefits from my journey.

How to Love Myself Despite the External Environment?

How to love myself without the influence of the external environment. 


The external environment is an extension of us however she is influencing everything in her as much as we are influencing her in return. Yes, because we are one. We are interconnected and we are merged with the external but we are not powerless to it. This is how to love myself becomes easy. It is the very art of dancing with the external reality at will. We live on a free will planet which means choices are always ours to make. If I choose to love myself without the influence of the external environment then I am also choosing to be the one that is influencing my external reality at will. This is when the game changes and I become who I was born to be. I was born to be a huge multi dimensional being that exists simultaneously on many levels and the way I embody this is through loving and accepting myself. 


I only perceive my outer environment as influencing me when I think of it as separate from me. However, more and more studies are showing that we are not separate, we are one. Matter is an extension of us, it has consciousness just like us and we are in a constant interconnection, inter-influence with what’s around us. Charles Eisenstein talks about matter being spiritual and I found resonance with what he is saying. Please watch the short video here. 


Our environment is completely a part of us however, many of us are still perceiving ourselves as being completely dependent on external influences and those ones deserve more love, not less. i recognise the one in me that feels separate and dependent on the external environment and since it is a red flag, my loving attention would go to that one. 


I have an affinity with living by the sea. I perceive the external environment, the seaside, as having a positive influence on me. A different part of me will come forward if i live in that environment. This new me would also be worthy of my love and recognition. You see, love never stops. It is unchanging and actually it is us who must always fine tune our antennas to catch the never changing waves of love. This is how we learn to love ourselves despite where we are and what’s around us. When time has passed by and self-love has become your foundation, and you will know that this is so, because everything will be much easier, then you will see even more clearly how it doesn’t matter the external reality. All that matters is loving what arises from within and how we respond. The response must always be with love, respect and acknowledgment. 


I am a dancer, dancing with my surroundings but the time has come to learn to dance with myself and with what arises within me despite my surroundings. This is a deepening of my spiritual path and love must lead the way. How? This is my choreography and rhythm and expression. The minute I wake up, get up and stand up, I am now penetrating the external reality with my flavour and with my being. What i eat, what i listen to, where I go, what i do, everything matters, everything is part of the dance. All my senses are engaged and dictating what feels light, expansive and good and what feels harsh, rough and not so good. My nervous system, an immaculate perfection of form, registering neurotransmitters and information all the time, telling the rest of my body what to do. My inner eco system is one thing to take care of, while my outer system is but a reflection of the light within me. Trying and changing, listening, questioning, exploring, and affirming. These are all vital steps in the choreography that I am creating everyday as I walk on this planet. Being aware of my core values is also very important if I am to learn how to love myself despite the outer reality. These are the very virtues that I would seek to embody and live by. For example, peace, world peace and undo harm to animals. These are valuables that help my decision making and I didn’t come to know this out of thin air. I came to know this by asking questions, listening for what’s coming from within and revisiting again and again. I’ve not been afraid to re-define my core values because i know i am different, changing all the time, yet, the unchanging within me, the love within me, stays the same.


Back to the dancing metaphor. When you work with people in a betting shop, you learn how to communicate with words which is actually a form of dance. It’s a verbal expression of dancing with people. Knowing what to say to them, how to make them laugh, or how to make a joke, it is all dance moves that we learn how to do. It’s the same when we turn the focus on loving our hearts. It starts with words. What will you say to your heart today? How will you make your heart laugh or smile? 


For all of us who are still working in the busy environment where we serve others, hear me when I say that it is very important to maintain a connection with your heart as well. Don’t get lost in other people but if you have gotten lost, love the one in you who feels lost and listen. The time to dance with our hearts has come now more than ever when this virus put us under quarantine. However, most of us don’t know how to love ourselves independently of the external environment. 


Learning how to love myself without the influence of the external environment means: 

  • Loving the one in me who perceive the influence of the external environment as a barrier to loving my heart
  • Asking questions that the universe sends my way and answering those questions so as to get to know myself better. 
  • Dancing with myself using words, affirmations, responses that matter to my heart. If I don’t know what they are, I will try with the questions: Heart, what would you like to hear me say? What feeling wishes to be shared? How can I serve you today? Heart, what makes you unhappy? What makes you happy? Heart, if no one else can hear you, what are you willing to tell me, right now? 
  • Pranayama, yoga and meditation brought into my life because they support my spine and my spine supports my whole body. They also support my nervous system and this influences my inner eco system too. 
  • Perceiving the external environment as an extension of me. Not something separate then me. Asking the universe to show me how I am interconnected with what’s around me. 
  • Slowing down. When I slow down, grace comes in, my body moves easily, my emotions bubble up easily, my heart opens up and I feel the love more easily. 
  • Focusing on loving myself every step of the way, one day at a time, even though the external environment influences my reality. It’s the change in focus from seeing how the external influences me to seeing how best to tend to my innocence today. 
  • Affirming: I am open to experiencing new things despite the influence of the external world.
  • Turning towards the external environment, situations, circumstances and stating: Okey you can influence me all you want but i am still going to exercise the divine will and choose to tune into the unchanging waves of love. You can look like a tsunami but I am still going to remain right here acknowledging, respecting and welcoming, I won’t try to run away from you, I will just put a hand on my heart and say I love you. 
  • Dancing the flamingo and not the tango. The flamingo is the kind of dance that steps and cuts and flows again at will. The tango is the kind of dance that you latch onto someone, you tag onto someone, and you just learn to move together without stepping on each other’s toes and in whatever choreography someone told you. 

I want to share this gorgeous Flamingo dancer and singers. It fills me up when I watch them because they step away from the unchanging grounds of being but very quickly they come back and stay. 

Thank you for reading this. If you are interested in working with me, I would love to speak with you so please check out my Coaching and Card Reading services and book yourself a convenient time slot for us to speak. 

I love you. 


What you do with what you have is far more important than what you have in the first place. 

What you do with what you have is far more important than what you have in the first place. 

doing is as important as having

Well I want to bring your attention to the emotional possessions like emotions, feelings, attachments. For example, someone who feel hopeless or helpless is in fact possessed by those feelings and so what should one do with such possession. If what we do with what we have is more important than what we have in the first place, then the things we do something with will be considered lucky.  

I think there comes a time when we do something with everything we have, not just some selected things. For instance, you felt inspired to start an unfinished project but you complete it this time around and more energy is freed up for you to use on the next thing. Eventually, you would generate a lot of energy, you would complete a lot of things and you would perhaps tap into the things that were not considered for important to do something with in the first place.  

My point is, if you learn what to do with the things you don’t want to do anything with, you would be far better off then learning what to do with the things you want to do something with. The more we care, the more love we generate.  


You have x amount of stuff and it is important you do something with them. The importance falls on the doing rather than on the having. I see, the focus falls on acting, or being in action. This indeed, provides you with empowerment and it is not easy because we are actually training to acquire things rather than learning how utilize what we have already. So, we totally live in a society that is about consuming, and gaining more and more. Regardless of what you already have, or what you could do with what you have. It’s about acquiring more. This can be mental, emotional or physical acquisition.  


What do you do with the acquisition pattern itself… ha, always coming back to the doing but then there is also a being, right? Sometimes what is needed with the things we have is to just be with them. Like emotions and feeling, they require our unconditional presence, attention and love so that they can relax and transmute. Change shape or change form. I love that.  

Our planet does not suffer from lack of resources but from lack of distribution of resources. All the systems, solutions and technologies exist yet we observe pollution. If the distribution was taken care of then we would be in a better place but distribution is an invisible thing. Yet again we must learn what to do with the intangible things, the things we don’t see.  


When you are open hearted and in state of love, flow, joy, you naturally distribute back the things you have and you return to the flow of abundance. No barriers or stoppers, just receiving and giving. In that, what you have in the first place is just as important as what you do with it. if you have a lot of love to give, then what you do with it is as important as the thing you have. But if you have helplessness, it is not so important, right. Or if you have death in the family, not important. No. This is not the way.  


I want to include the people who would judge what they have in the first place as worthless and therefor give up, go into resignation and not bother with the doing at all.  

What you do with what you have is far more important than what you have in the first place is a way of invalidating all that you have in the first place is exactly what you need to have and it is an equal part of the whole. The doing can’t rise in value unless the having is inclusive.  

Can we teach our children what to do with everything that they possess be it a negative emotion or mental concept or physical toy?  


Because the opposite is true. Sometimes, no matter what you do, things don’t change. They don’t change because not everything has been recognized as source energy in form. It has not been given the appropriate respect and it has not been accepted for what it is.  


There are times that we act despite how things are and we have accepted the unacceptable and we have been inspired to act and do with what we got. That’s fine but first it was the self-acceptance of all that is and then the doing.  


What we do with what we have is far more important than what we have in the first place is unfortunately not quite the all-inclusive statement and it gives off the vibe that some things are more valuable to do something with then others.  


What we do with what we have is as important as what we have in the first place.  


The first… creates a sense of separation. We are living in times of inclusion. Semantics and linguistics are so valuable at this time because some of the old teachings are not valid in the new spiritual paradigm. The new spiritual paradigm is rooted in inclusiveness and anything that cutes things into far and near, better and worst is going to struggle in the waves of unity that are coming.  

Regards and love.



p.s. I am looking to expand my card readings so please contact me if you want to know about them or if you just want to book one. Thank you. 

Lead The Way With Light?

Lead the way with light?

Light sometimes means awareness and sometimes it means omnipresence. I want to call it energy, invisible matter that takes shape and form or manifests in all kinds of things. So if we want to lead the way with light, then we will be leading the way with awareness. We will have to grow this awareness or cultivate it or maybe just change our perspective that this awareness is endless and so it doesn’t really need to grow. And indeed energy is infinite, it can not be destroyed or created.  I have a problem here with not being able to create energy. This means the energy is already there and I just tap into it rather than creating it. 


I am battling with lots of assumptions lately as I have taken on a journey to unlearn some shizz. So I know that we create something out of nothing whereas we change something from something. Changing a thing isn’t the same as creating a thing. 


let ‘s see, the energy is already existing and I just tap into it, something out of nothing. Nothing is the energy that I tap into which would mean I lead the way with nothing and everything at the same time. (haha) 


Light is everything we see. For instance, light becomes thoughts and feelings and patterns and nature and we know this because when we look into the tiniest atom and there is nothing. I find that mind blowing but anyway. The light. How do you know you are leading the way with light and not with darkness? 


My answer is: feeling. 


Does it feel good? And there is the good kind of pain. Come on. 


If you are here, you have an inner guidance system. You are either connected to it or you are not. Those that are connected to it lead the way with light and those who are not connected to it, follow the leaders. The people who are leading the governments and big corporations like petrol stations and superstores are not leading with light, they are the half-wise or the walking-dead. I heard this somewhere and I like it so I will tell you about it. It felt good to me when i read it which means i must be leading with my feelings, with my light. 


I like to bring the focus to our hearts, always. Therefore, i would go about answering this question from the heart’s wisdom. Unfortunately, the heart feels, gets hurt, gets broken and stays open. The will of the heart is to stay open. I’ve heard this somewhere else and at the end of this writing I will list the places where I have heard stuff. Well may be leading with your heart is about choosing the pain and connecting to the pain. You feel it only to get inspired to spread the word for it and get other people to feel their own pain and get transformed by the power of love. That’s also what I do in my coaching sessions sometimes. I ask my peeps to feel the pain and hurt so we can go through to the other side. That’s what I did and I am a lightworker. I lead the way having been borne with emphatic abilities. I feel and I am alive because I am a torchbearer and what that means is. I announce wellness. I never complain, I never moan about things, I always have something positive to say and something that is working right in my life. 


This announcement of wellness requires awareness and awareness is light. Back to the light. To lead the way with light is to love oneself and those who don’t love themselves, need to sit down and put a hand on their heart and say ‘I love you’ again and again until one they their heart breaks open and they become the next leader of the way with light. 


Lead the way with energy is easy. You move forward in life with what you got and when a barrier arises you love the one who’s facing it. Over time, this barrier changes, it’s transmuted or transformed, it takes on another shape or it dissolves back to source. This process of transmutation generates energy and energy is the invisible matter that can be called money, love, charisma, depending on the shape it wants to take. 


Everyday if you can you should ask your heart how it feels? What feelings want to be shared? I honestly believe that the wisdom of the heart is where it is at. Without underestimating the power of the mind. But the mind is methodical and mathematical and systematic and the heart is where love happens and where we feel the good juju and the bad juju that we transmute into energy. 


Let’s get real, keep it real. Leading the way with light in practical terms means lots of compliments, acknowledgments, respect. Soften a heart open with a kind word. Give recognition to someone or yourself by pointing out the obvious and the actual truth not some abstract stuff. Respect. Respect yourself more and more each day. You are not just you the guy you know yourself to be. You are your emotions and feelings and thoughts and hiding spots or untold truths so respect them. Just these three practical actions will bring about light and so whatever needs to unfold will do so in light. I personally love compliments. My ex and I created the Compliments Game. you should try it out. 


If you got this down as your now foundation, the next level up would be honour. Honour is acknowledgement and respect in one. Eye gazing with non-judgment will be the next level of compliments and it will require a partner. Leading the way with light, next level up, we have honour with non-judgmental eye gazing and now the gift. A consciously chosen intentional gift, a blessing of something that you wish to see in your life or in someone else’s life and you give it to everyone as a gift. 


I think another practical way of leading with light would be not to rush someone and instead to let yourself and others take their time. I feel like speed is a huge hurdle for me. But then again speed of light, they say which means fast. Again light is manifested as speed. 


You can literally do this with anything and everything. Even the bad juju like shame, guilt, fear and so on. It’s simply light dressed up in those feelings. The one awareness decided to see what its like to feel fear. Great but there is more room to play in the light kind of feelings. The light kind of feelings such as peace, joy, satisfaction take up more space, they need more time, they are much less intense.  


So I don’t know, you tell me? What do you think is leading the way with light? 


I want to just acknowledge the people and places where i have heard some of the things I said in this writing. I want to mention Yoga with Adrienne, Matt Kahn, The Time of The Six Sun and in specific a channelling of Gaia, as well as the Four Hour Work Week book. 


May you be blessed with the most delicious cup of coffee and butter something kind of cake. 


I love you. 




P.S. some peeps have enormous amount of energy manifested as money, other’s is knowledge. At the end of the day, that transmutation process, the way we move through barriers to achieve dreams and visions happens by merging our energies together. I think that’s why healers find it difficult to put a price on their energy same as rich people find it difficult to lose or give their money energy. So but anyway, this is something i acknowledge in myself and in the world and i give back the intentional blessing of unity. No matter what what, we are all one. 

How cultural and geographical influences shape who we are?

Cultures vary so much depending on the geographical set up, yet they shape us in the same way which is installing principles and virtues all the same. They upgrade us as soon as we take the time to see everything as a gift. We still have choices and free will though which means we can install and upgrade cultures in return. The geography simply colours or decorates the cultures differently in appearance but inside it is consistent. 

Influences must be recognised for their usefulness and for their purpose or else they will disappear. We need to be influenced by culture and geography or else everything will go tits up and flat and loose its colours. When there is an influence in your field, it can touch you one of two ways. It can empower you if you receive the influences or they can disempower you if you resist them. For example, a girl who lives alone, because her boyfriend has not yet moved in with her, in a small village where the culture is telling her it’s not ok to walk alone  on the streets at night, may feel disempowered by that belief. It may be better for her to  not go out for walks on my own late in the evening, but before it gets dark. In that moment of disempowerment because of the cultural influence she finds herself in, she can go for a walk anyway or she can listen to her emotions and ask the deeper question ‘what do you really want?’. This will turn the focus back on what’s important and in that scenario now the cultural influences had a positive effect. 

I think cultural and geographical influences are always shaping us for the better. I might be making a mistake between cultural and societal influences where society is very much disempowering the individual and culture is empowering. If culture is about art and self expression then the individuals are transformed as the culture re-establishes itself. 

We are already who we are and it is the journey of remembering that gets affected by these influences. Remembering who we are is influenced by cultural and geographical forces in a positive way. It’s an inward journey. Based on your location, you would have more than cultures but they don’t affect you. You are who you are and these things just add to your experience of life. At the end of the day we are all unique expressions of source energy. Every single person on this planet is unique in some way yet we are all made up of the same stuff. We all have pain as our greatest teacher and so all the forces that come in to play simply add to what’s already in us. 

I don’t know, culture, tradition and societal prejudice, beliefs and judgments are all still very much around us and help shape us from when we are young. However, I believe that who we are is one thing and how we are conditioned is another. Yoga for example helps us return to who we are, releasing the influences that shaped us, remaining only the truest most authentic qualities and attributes that we possess. That we are. 

Whatever the influence may be, it shapes us in the same way by programming us through consistent repetition of words. Words carry power and energy and they get repeated over and over again unless we are conscious, awake and aware of our language usage. 

Some languages are richer than others depending on the geography. Some cultures are more vibrant than others, and that’s not dependant on the geography. Yet, conscious use of language can shape you no matter what influences are surrounding you. 

This is my main point for this article. 

Using the same words over and over again, depending on the culture and the geographical influences, we get shaped by that. Some cultures use some words more than others and so we would look and sound different depending on the consistency of the words we hear. 

You can seek to know yourself and when you know yourself, you will be free from cultural and geographical influences or you could choose consciously whatever is affirming or adding to you. 

Choose pro-light and pro-active though. 

Cultural and geographical influences provide barriers that we can bump up against. Barriers are either a gift to embrace or a curse to resist. The conscious choice we make shape who we are and so it is important to remember the power of your free will. 

That power can not be taken away from you, so choose wisely. 

Wisely means choose with your heart. Let love lead the way, always. 

I will leave you with that for now and ask you to write to me if there is a topic you would want me to write about. 

Much love and light. 



I was out of body again last night and I was dreaming of some celebrities but in particular that feeling of admiration. When I woke up I knew what would get me out of bed today is writing an article for my website. For you, essentially. So here I am, I want to share with you the affirmations and the Abundance video. These are positive statements related to wealth and success. 


I enjoyed transcribing and translating these statements. I loved it even more when I was repeating them out loud to the space in front of me and waiting to see how I would feel. I’m a little ashamed to admit how I feel joy when thinking about wealth and success and abundance. 


I feel joy when I am thinking about wealth, money and success. 




Bulgaria is a very rich and abundant land as far as I perceive it. If you ask the two generations before me they would say that she is not so wealthy these day but i still see the abundance all around me. 


You can probably find an expression of abundance near you as soon as you look up. It will be my invitation that you look for it. 🙂 For example, clean drinking water from our taps. The deep breaths that we can take in and out at will. Going back to energetic view point, this is an exercise to connect with the frequency of abundance and therefore vibrate, attract and create abundance in your external reality even more. 


I’m heavily influenced by the teachings of Teal Swan and Matt Kahn. Two wonder beings that definitely leave a brighter planet after themselves, wherever they be. My other two influences are Marc Steinberg and Adrienne Mishler, or as the world knows them Creative Consciousness and Yoga with Adrienne. I love them all and I am happy to follow them but I am also happy to establish myself anew. 


Relative to my new establishment, if that is what I shell do, I want you to know there will be a part 2 of this Abundance article. In part 2, I will talk about the 12 Mindful Steps to Cultivate Wealth as given by Teal Swan. All the credit has to go to her but I am also to be acknowledged for re-affirming these 12 steps, perhaps again and again and again. And again. 


Now to my Wealth and Success luxurious affirmations which I got from Grant Raymond Barrett. It’s a on Spotify and it touched me and I am occupied with transcription and translation so here they are: 


Wealth and Success


You are a magnet for success.

You have an infinite abundance of wealth and precious treasures.

You are worthy of receiving all the wonderful things that you desire. 

The universe always blesses you with success and prosperity in every aspect of your life. 

Everything you touch turns to gold. 

You love and accept yourself exactly as you are. 

You are beautiful inside and out and have a good heart. 

You are a generous person and enjoy giving to others. 

You are flexible and easy going and know that life always has the best intentions for you. 

You are blessed every day, with a huge abundance of wonderful wealth and prosperity, that is for you to keep and enjoy, as long as you desire. 

You are wealthy and rich beyond comparison. 

You have a successful energy all around you, that attracts wonderful things in your life daily. 

The best and the highest comes to you, at every moment. 

You are always taken care of, in the best way. 

You have a terrific life, filled with love, joy, health, happiness and success. 

You accept greatness into your life at every moment. 

You deserve and receive an eternal flow of wealth and riches into your life at every moment. 

Success comes to you easily and effortlessly. 

You always have more than enough to do everything that brings you true happiness, you accept it and believe it. 


Grant Raymond Barrett. 


🙂 You can hear me say these affirmations out loud in English and Bulgarian. I’m collaborating with a wonderful creature here in my hometown, to bring to you audios for learning English while waiting. 



Next week I will record the 12 mindful steps to cultivate wealth and i will write about it so you can have it too. 


I love you. 




What a client says about coach Delina.

I’ve been coaching this guy for almost a year and we achieved great results, I think he is very happy with what he got. We’ve never met in person. Him and I practice Yoga with Adrienne and we both belong to the Find What Feels Good Community and we met this way, through yoga. Coach Delina and Jason Marsh experienced two coaching cycles together and they would meet over Skype. The final result will soon be revealed and coach Delina will announce it. For now:

My client’s words

What is does creative consciousness coaching mean to me? My first reaction is WTF is this. Sounds cool, but totally BS. Then I met my coach. She is brilliant and confident, articulate and devote to making me the best version of myself I could be. Yet, with skepticism, I decided to trust her and the process. What I didn’t understand was the lack of trust and integrity I had in myself. My exterior was filled with pseudo bravado. My consciousness filled with sadness and disappointment. Session after session I learned more about myself by admitting what I knew about myself. She coached me to the path of righteousness about what I needed to move towards true conscious choice, acceptance and rejoice of who I truly am. Creative consciousness is getting the best version of you, in all aspects of life, to take your passion, love, connectivity and play it out in reality. My coach held me accountable for my actions. She forced me to be honest and truthful even when I didn’t want to hear it or do it for myself. I would have moments of revolt. I didn’t want to play the game. I want to revert back to ignorance. My coach stayed the course and held my hand and guided me through the rocky terrain. She accepted me and all my baggage I brought to the table. For me, the creativeness was easy. It was there and she coached me on how to reach my potential and goal. It was the consciousness that was and is the on going challenge. The knowing who I am and what I want and need from myself, others in my life and the universe. She explained methods and teachings that I knew already. Again, my resistance to her teachings surfaced. What I learned was I knew about the ideas, the philosophies, the concepts but never knew how to apply them in my everyday life. She guided me to completing my life long dream. She helped me become a better version of myself. She held my hand when life was at its toughest moments. She believed in me when I doubted myself. Creative consciousness is just words. Two words that mean very little. Creative consciousness is the coach. She is the light that illustrates the artwork within yourself. She is the one with the greatest talent to pull your consciousness forward into the light. Allowing you to just be. My coach is and will be forever what inspires the creative consciousness I have been searching for my entire life.

by Jason Marsh

You can contact me directly through my Social Media or Contact me page on my website and ask me anything you want regarding coaching. If you are not sure if coaching is for you, then please write to me and honestly share what’s what. You can also take a test at Life Coach Library where I am a featured coach this month. This is a wonderful way for you to find your best coach and to learn about coaching or to take a test and see if you are for coaching.


Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting with you.

With love and appreciation.


How to discover or admit which are the things that make my life crap and frustrating?

How to discover or admit which are the things that make my life crap and frustrating.

A very brave and bold question that is just right for addressing frustrating feelings and emotions. The ultimate answer is always love but let’s dive in and see what I have in store.

When we want to uncover some of the deeper feelings or emotions and what caused them, we are basically willing to step into truth and truth is not always pretty. It’s annoying when life feels like crap. It’s frustrating when we have the best intentions and they fail at bringing the best results. There is so much information about personal development and self-help but I am going to share my findings. This is literally, me bearing my soul to you, because I am just going to speak straight. How to discover or admit which are the things that make life frustrating…

Well… this may sound way too simple but you basically take a look at all the boys or girls you had a sexual encounter with. In other words, you remember them from memory. You will soon see or feel the crap and frustration because we don’t really know how to be in a relationship with each other that is rooted in unconditional love. On the other hand, we know how to ask for things and how to give things because we think they want it and it’s all a big mess. Nevertheless, please know, you did nothing wrong, because if you knew how to act differently, you would have. So, that’s why we forgive. We forgive ourselves and then others and because this is done in the heart, not in the mind, it takes time but when it happens, it opens up space for more love and desire and inspiration to pour in.

In addition, if you have difficulty admitting things, obviously admitting you have difficulty admitting makes you someone who doesn’t have a difficulty admitting, doesn’t it. For example, if you don’t know how to admit to something, if you can’t say it out loud to yourself, if you can’t write it down in your diary, if you are choking in your throat and words don’t come out, then you can call on the light to do it for you. You could use the following:

I accept and admit that I don’t know how to say things, confess things and so I call upon the light of the universe to work through me and confess on my behalf.


I call upon the will of the divine to work through me and admit on my behalf.

To clarify, there is a you who is struggling with admitting things and that you deserves more love. You would  command your higher power or higher self to do the admitting for you using the formula i just gave you. Another option would be, to put a hand on your heart and say ‘i love you’. Bring love back, all day, every day and watch your life evolve for the better. It will always evolve for the better but letting love lead the way is a great choice.

Furthermore, to discover something, no matter what, it takes time, it takes willingness. Okay. like, you have to sit with yourself, ask questions and listen for the answers. It’s not easy, it will be hard and you would rather do something else but then life will continue to be crap and frustrating. Over time, it gets easier. Discovering what you are looking for is a nice feeling. For example, a relief. So discovering is a feeling, discovering something leads to more feeling. And we basically came here to feel. Feel it all and blame no one. It kind sucks but this is it. Some of the greatest people I know, never stop discovering stuff and then sharing them with us. It’s a life long relationship. And again, it may be difficult and you may not know what is the right question to ask or you may not hear any answers so it’s always a good idea, to call on the light, call on the will of the divine, to do it for you and through you. And then there is the notion that you shouldn’t stay too long in those seeking, searching places, states, cos you will get lost. You will get lost in perceiving, catching something, nothing bla bla bla. It’s better to be focused when you go into discovery time. You go in, find what you’re looking for and come back, ground, drink water, hug trees, meet friends and hug them too, shake, dance and speak out loud about the food you are going to cook.

A few other things you could try, for example.

  • Connect you to the inner child and it is innocent enough to say it how it is so if you want you can try these.You can ask ‘who am I meant to discover here that makes life crappy?’ and use your non-dominant hand to write down the answer.
  • You can start a dialogue with the things you are looking for, simply by telling them that they are safe to come out, to reveal themselves. You will love them the same and you will approve of them the same. You are just curious now to know and become aware. Be nice. Otherwise, you won’t find anything. These things you wish to discover will lit up as soon as you approach them with love and gentle curiosity. Also with respect. Hey, you are someone who has seen life as crappy and gets frustrating on a daily basis. This deserves some respect or else, nothing will change and nothing will budge.
  • Enter on purpose time for them. This is a time that you will go into discovering what these things are and you will be deliberate, you will be on purpose and you will ensure there are no distractions. No phone ringing, no friends or parents interrupting. Just you and these things you wish to admit.
  • Invite them. If you are wondering how to discover which are the things that make your life crappy and frustrating, then turn to them, invite them to speak up and to give you a sign, tell them that you will listen or you will be open to the signs. Say: I invite you to show up, who are you in me that makes my life unsatisfactory.
  • At the end of the day, if you don’t know this already, or maybe you have forgotten, after all, everything is light. So it is the light dressed up as frustrating feelings and emotions, only so that you can call it out as frustration and you identify it as the light masquerading as frustration and you choose to relax. This will instantly remind you and these negative emotions that all is the light, the light I am. The point is to identify exactly how you feel and name it. Call it by the word that you feel most resonance and then smile, calling it Source energy dressed up as that feeling. If you don’t call it the light, it will stay until you do. Because we are all one and we are all made up of the same stuff.
  • Ask the feelings how you can serve them. Ask crappy-ness ‘how may I serve you? What do you need from me in order for you to let go? Yes, I want to get rid of you, it’s not happening so let me see what you need and then when I give it to you, maybe you will go.’ This kind of honest talk with your emotions and feelings will absolutely bring resolve to the situation. This is something only the heart can do and love lives in the heart and love conquers all.
  • Frustration is usually as a result of something. Something perhaps you don’t know what that something is. So try to identify with the you, that already knows the cause of the frustrating feelings and you should receive some relief. Relaxed and chilled states is when we can discover the answers for all of our questions, that’s when you access information, when you are relaxed. But also, the one who doesn’t know needs approval and validation and acceptance. You can express your acceptance to any part of yourself by saying ‘it’s ok’. ‘Its ok you don’t know’. This way you surrender to not knowing, because otherwise, you will create resistance and what you resist, it persists. You give your power away to the things that you resists the most and you feed them your vital life force energy instead of using it for your joy and happiness.
  • So the question is ‘why do you want to know which are the things that cause your life to be frustrating?’ and the answer is ‘i admit i don’t want to feel this way any longer, i allow you to pass’. When you say that you allow these emotions to pass when they arise, you are ensuring that your energy field is staying clean instead of clogged up. Oftentimes, our energy field is just filled up with shit that we don’t even know about and then we wonder why we feel so crappy. When we allow things to pass, they are given permission to move on and return to Source, instead of staying in our energy field waiting for our recognition. You can explain to these feelings that your job is different now and you can not keep them anymore, you can tell them that your job now is to ‘allow, release and let go’. You can remind your energy field that it has the permission to be open and resolved by saying ‘I allow my energy field to be open and resolved’. Some other states you want to remind your energy field of are: pure, joyful, inspired, in-light, grateful. And you can do that permission with your heart, your body, your mind and your chakras.
  • You could ask your genitals, back and front, your penis or your vagina and your anus, because they hold a lot of wisdom too. They are often neglected and so they house a lot of these negative emotions but if you ask them ‘hey, why do you think i am finding it difficult to admit…’ they will speak up.

I basically found out by working hard and getting to know myself and about myself, which often led to my exes, or the men and the women with whom i was intimate and close. They are the connection to the things that happened in our life that now end up making life crap or frustrating. With no one to blame, I wrote lists with who they are, why I liked them and I discovered the things that are missing from my life now and as a result I feel crap and frustrated. It’s when the good emotions are not around that the bad emotions surface up.

As my teacher says, you can turn your back on Divinity and your individual character is how Divinity dresses up, so you can’t judge or blame yourself. I recommend you watching the YouTube video Embracing Your Humanity because it highlights how accepting all of our feelings, frees us and uplifts us.

So these are my suggestions and my experience. Feel free to comment or write back and I am happy to help.

May you be blessed with light.

In gratitude.



p.s. i dont blame any of my previous loves for anything. i am grateful to all of them because I learn some stuff and I grew up from it. I affirm that it is the end of connecting with my exes that caused my life to feel crap or to have sensations that are disturbing. so this is my experience and i hope it serves you well in finding out those things +exes+ and blessing them with your unconditional love. from a distance. at your own pace and from your heart.


i love you


Delina in PJs smiling saying I love you.

What Is The Practice of Psychiatry?

Short and useful definition of ‘psychiatry’ followed by a very insightful description of ‘what is the best bit of being a psychiatrist’.

Find out why medication is not the best thing for you and really what is better.

We all hear these words: psychology, therapy, psychotherapy, psychiatry, mental health treatments, coaching, CBT, EFT, NLP, healing, counselling, practitioner of this or practitioner of that.

And really, it wasn’t until I interviewed an ex-psychiatrist that clarity dawned on me. So here’s a short and useful definition of ‘what is the practice of psychiatry’:


‘psychiatry is the medical practice, that deals with the human psyche. It involves psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy. Mostly, is basically focused on pharmacotherapy, so, using medication, rather than psychotherapy. But we do both. And. It is to help tackle and treat mental illnesses ranging from: mood disorders, like depression and mania/bipolar to schizophrenia, among other forms of psychoses, and to anxiety to multiple different areas in mental health. It’s really to treat mental illness. It’s a branch of medicine, that deals with treating mental illness.’


So there you go, that’s psychiatry. And what’s interesting, is that the ex-psychiatrist who gave me this explanation also answered my question about what is his favorite bit of being a psychiatrist and here’s what he said:

‘it’s the ability to interact with people and help create a change in their life. Help them reclaim control, after they felt that they had lost it. And. I tried to minimize the use of medication as much as possible and succeed in doing that. It’s really about changing, helping them reclaim control.’


You know this is genuine and you can feel how much light has been shown on this question and topic. Medication doesn’t seem to be the answer and this is truly optimistic to hear. My body likes to know that there are people out there who promote less use of medication.

I had no idea that medication will be part of psychiatry but there you go… it is.

With many thanks and huge gratitude in my heart, I say ‘thank you’ to the ex-psychiatrist, who kindly answered my questions and helped me write this article.


You can be sure that the best way to go about treating mental health illness is through the practice of psychiatry and even then, you could insist on less medication and more human interaction.


Your next action step could be to read about mental possessions and how they can clutter your mind, which could lead to stress or stagnation. Be sure to also read about what coaching is and how it could be the practice you need right now.


Until next time. With lots of love and lots of light.



Build your lifestyle because you are wroth it. Focus. It’s construction time and you can do it because…

Because you are the centre of your universe and you can do anything you like in this life.

Can you build your lifestyle the way you want it? You may hear that positive thinking can get you what you want and the power of thought is super important and that’s where it all starts. True. But not the full truth.

Focus. Choose. Act.

You can achieve anything you want if you focus. But you also have to make a choice. After that you need to act.

For example, I want to build a lifestyle that is location free and happy. I focused on the question ‘what makes me feel happy?’. ‘How can I become location free when I still need a job?’. I started choosing what’s in alignment with my heart’s answers. Then acted on my choices and I now live in Bulgaria, where the sun is shining everyday. I will be working remotely which fits in with my healing journey.

It is your focus that will show you opportunities and it is your choice that will dictate how healthy and easy your lifestyle gets. Of course acting on your passion and inspiration is paramount and here I can totally support you because I am good at that. Some time procrastination and fear will stop you from acting but its OK. You reach out for help and loving guidance to me or others and we keep going.

build a lifestyle you want

build that lifestyle when you remember these key words.

Ask to become focused, clear and intent to choose wisely, healthily and vibrantly. I don’t feel like it all the time, I have days when I don’t want to get up but what I’ve become empowers me and so I move on, I act. You can do it too.

You can do it. Build.

If you know there is a particular type of lifestyle that you desire, then you must act upon it and go get it. Lovingly, attentively and steadfastly you could take decisions that steer you in the right direction. Your higher self will meet you there. Things you need like money, job, house, has to be taken care of and the right type of thing will speak up. Remembering what you once found inspiring will happen.  You could act upon it and choose it and re-focus on it. Bit by bit you could build the lifestyle you want because everything already exists. You know we live in absolutely friendly universe. There already is the type of thing you need to complete the process.

We all want things we don’t have and we all have things we don’t want but if we become OK with what we got, the things we want and don’t have will come and the things we have but we don’t want will go (non-attachment). It all boils down to how safe does your inner child feels and can you be the parent to your inner child, using you knowledge, connections and expertise to provide what your inner child wants. This blog post was to celebrate the remembering of my desire to be location free and receiving a remote job that will support my desire. May you be blessed and may all that you desire come. You have to focus, choose and act. But also, you have to re-focus, decide and ask. Have a good day reader.


With love and with light




It means mass destruction of humans. A large amount of human beings being wiped out. It could be because of race or some other ethnic reason. Still…

You feel pins and needles in your left and right forearms, little fingers and ring fingers, sometimes the whole palm too. They burst into existence every time you are about to live out your passion, when you are about to open to up to someone knowing the risk is that you could get hurt if it doesn’t go your way. Its as if your wings are spreading out so far and wide that they prickle, stretch and come alive. That’s what these pins and needles, a million of them, feel like in your arms.

Now, recently you went to the Sanctuary of the Nymphs and Aphrodite, here in Bulgaria, close to where you live and you asked the gods and goddess what are these sensations trying to tell you.

Why are they arising in me?

The answer was: Genocide.

One word. You went home to research it and you looked at Google images and it was grouse. Skinny bodies, lined up, naked. Death, basically.

the word genocide in bold letters

And when you thought about it further, you realised its related to living out your calling to be a great coach or not. Living out your calling to be a phenomenal healer or not. And I am telling you every time you sway in the wrong direction, you feel genocide arising in your arms to remind you … to keep going.

Doubt. Blame. Close up. Yeah, no… that’s when you enter this crucifixion of sensation. And of course your teacher tells you to love what arises. So that’s what you are doing. You are loving these sensations for they are clear in their message… ‘you have to continue’.

‘You have to continue to open up to life, to love, to more aliveness and to more … more of everything’.

Its hard writing this blog. You keep starting and stopping.

So you’ve knows your calling is to be a coach (someone who is able to elevate you just from a simple sophisticated conversation) and you qualified as a Professional International Creative Consciousness Coach last year. Go on and do it, promote yourself, market yourself, network, tell three people everyday that that’s what you do and watch what happens.

Now, you have days when you feel despair and defeat and you suffer because ultimately, you can not give up for when you go that way – genocide … arises.

How clever is our bodily intelligence, you can not say.

You’ve been surrounded or hanging out with guys who call you by your full name Delina Dimova and you feel heavy as f(&^ for it. I mean, yes you are Delina but sometimes realise you are much more than just that name. A free spirt who came here to experience the world through Delina. She’s hot and sexy and has a healthy vibrant body. Yeah that will do. Let’s go.

For now you will keep experiencing genocide sensations in your arms, decoding them as open up don’t close up, keep going, keep moving, don’t shut down, fall behind or give up. There’s more to be had. Love, love, love, love and love, love more, not less. You can do this.

With love and with light



p.s. I still offer card readings, totally free style healing sessions and designated destination coaching.


And dance!!!

Movement. You know. Moving in the way that your spiritual, emotional and mental body would if they could.


When you tell me ‘don’t love me because it will cause you great pain sooner or later’ I say ‘no’, I will love no matter what, because you matter and you are here for a reason but I may stay away from ‘falling in love with you’ because that cause attachment and pain indeed.

It was a time of great change and newness for me when you showed up. One night I was unsure if I want to club or sleep and a simple text to you, proved that clubbing was on the cards. You were the DJ in that club.

I had a lovely FUN time, dancing, drinking whiskey and looking you, admiring you from a far thought I was physically real close to you. DJ stations are fun filled locations.

You text message ‘dont forget me’ asked for an instant response from ‘how… no’. You are unforgettable. Why would one forget you.

You are a DJ. I believe that every DJ knows what the audience wants and can provide it. In this case, I was audience and you knew what I wanted. Our ‘thing’ spiralled out of control in no time and now…

I am suffering. I miss you. I want to kiss you and hug you and be close to you. Like… all the time.

Your reality doesn’t allow for a girlfriend only fun and at specific times.

Good for you. I respect where you are at. I also know myself and what I need and want.

Polarities meet and they create contrast. A blast of electricity that ran so deep into my tummy… they call it ‘life’s kiss’.

I want you, I am pulling my hairs out right now, thinking if I should text you or not. Texting you would mean pleasure, burning, longing, agony and angst at the same time, oh so sweet bitter, fuck this shit, fuck my life.

Good for you if you move on.

Please move on.

One minute left before the hour I said we should meet and I will be brought back to reality that everything is ok and all if well.

Dam you passion


Thank you for that passion.

I am going to listen to music.

Love always


Imma Gonna Keep Going.

Hey you,


its been a while since I last wrote. Imma gonna keep going starting today with fresh inspiration in mind and totally stepping into my power, as uh as it may sound.

I moved back to Bulgaria after 15 years living in England and I can tell you – I am happier here. Im happy with my choice and really looking forward to what this year has to bring to me.

You know life can get a little difficult at times. Daily living can get boring and repetitive. The mundane as they call it.

It’s true.


We have to find a way to keep going. I am the way, the way I am.

Love what my teacher said once, that its all the same light just different lampshades. ha…

I believe this to be true and I believe that your grey everyday can be transformed. There are plenty of ways to do that but in all honesty it starts with paying attention to your heart.

You have to first tune into your heart space simply by breathing in our of that area where your real physical heart is. Do it many times and deepen each time.

Once you start connecting to your heart space, that which resonates with your heart and specific make up will start to find its way to you.

heart – is how we keep going

If you drift off and forget, return whenever you remember.


Now, what else about me… I am back in Bulgaria despite what others are saying. I am loving myself, my heart and my life everyday more and more. I am open to receive divine love and guidance. I declare that I absolutely live in a friendly universe. I openly give advice to everyone I come into contact with because lets be honest, I have been on the personal development path now for 12 years.

12 years

I sure have a lot of knowledge.#knowledgeislight

I am the light, the light I am.


Happy to give advice on anything that concerns your well being. OK?! Write if you like or email or Facebook. Let’s keep going.

With love and with light



p.s. feels good to be back writing to you. Again. 😀

Closing Down!!!



Alright peeps,

I have been thinking for awhile about closing down my website because it’s just not representative of me anymore. I mean half of the staff I have stopped doing and I don’t practice so its pointless having them on.

I love my logo, my video (big up to my old classmate Asher Oliver, who made the cartoon for me). I love my blog so if I find a way I will transfer all content into my new site. I love the enter page and I love a whole new photoshoot I did last autumn that I want to use up.


So I am closing it down. I am keep somethings and attracting a new web designer. If you are one, please let me know. I would love to talk to you.




I haven’t written in a while because I have been working. I also used up my personal hotspot.

All in all lots of things happening. People ask me about my husband and it’s becoming a little difficult to talk about him or us because it really is not your typical sense of husband and wife thing. OK. It was a union forged in Spirit. It was Source arising in both of us that led to a proposition and secondary holy ‘if’ statement. I love him, and I hurt every minute that I am away from him. But as I also said in one of my last letters, he has a partner and she opened herself up to me… but then she wooed me out and said she is not interested.

So as I was going to become a third in their relationship… I didn’t, because another women from California did. For a short while. And in response to that my guidance was – “this is a training ground”. All is well and hope is up.



I am going to Bulgariaaaaa… for a wedding and as always my outfit wasn’t liked and sort of not formal enough so I decided to be creative and stick with the outfit I chose but add loads of beautiful live ornaments to it I.e. flowers in my hair and white rose weaved on my hand. It’s gonna be awesome.


I love living by the sea. Like it’s really hot these last few days and I went for a dip in the ocean today – smashingly amazing. Really!


Work is going well.


Above it all… husband is well, his partner is well, I am well.


I’ve started coaching again, which makes me very proud of myself. I am also getting on with the revision for my exam. Keeping track of wisdom teeth extraction operation coming up sometime this summer.




Basically… becoming a full time Angel.


More about that soon. For now… this is all I got.






p.s. something else I love from my website and business adventure so far is #theplayfulway images and teachings / downloads upon which I shall be expanding. Im undergoing a mashusive integration and embodiment process this year so in due time – I can lead the way with head high and dignity. Boom. Love u all.

Long Distance Relationships!

Long distance relationships.


My husband warned me that with J it will be two step forward, one steps back. She accepted me then she rejected me.

Yes. She send me an email saying she is not interested in building a long-distance relationship or friendship with me.


Today’s topic is Distance Relationships.


A asked me to look into tantric sex for long-distance partners. Frankly, Google returned two years old results. Basically, page 1 on Google, gave  me enough to ignite my desire in finding a resource on long-distance spiritual relationships and I am asking a friend of mine as well as the universe to help me.

I want to know how to be in long distance relationship with A and J.


If you have any resource please share with me.

Have you ever been in love with someone who is physically far away from you?

Plasticine tree

I was playing with Plasticine to make simple shapes.

Hard. Different. Really a platonic relationship and I am open to learn about it.

It will be another 5 months before I can be in my beloved’s embrace and instead of moping around, I want to grow, expand, learn.


He asked me to look up this YouTube channel about tantric sex but it doesn’t contain anything that is relative to our particular situation so I didn’t clutter my mind space with too much.

Our situation is such that we are in love with one another but we are physically separate. I see that as our doorway into an evergreen healthy and harmonious empowering relationship.

None of my teachers talk about this. I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Long-distance relationships. Totally different flavour.

Yes. Matt Khan and Julie Dittmar, Teal Swan, Marc Steinberg, Adriene (my yoga teacher)  – neither of them talks about how to make it if you are physically divided.


May I be blessed ease and growth in my long distance relationship. Know that my commitment is in place.

It’s always good to have a new perspective and A if you are reading this… your recommendations to read about long-distance partners and tantric sex led to this new inspired action of mine: Learn how to grow in a long-distance relationship and a spiritual one at that.


That’s it for now folks. If you have any advice on this topic I would be happy to hear it.




p.s. Honestly I want to articulate my feeling for A better and I want to write better. I will start on this next time. 




My husband’s partner let me in.

She finally opened up for me and is willing to get to know me. Not the concept of me but real me. We spoke on the phone and she was really showering me with love. My connection was bad so I didn’t hear all that she said but the one thing I heard was:



Green Plant picture used for Thank you.

Rooted in Gratitude.


Do you know what this means… it means that soon I will have her blessing and me and A can get married. (heart beat accelerates).

It means I can have a child. His. Child.

It means that dreams come true…

Two girls.

Delina wants twin girls from her beloved A.


Here’s what else happened. My beautiful hot housemate, a very handsome young man from Australia, who lives next door to me, got drunk, stumbled upon my room because of a Star Wars music I was playing, fell into my bed, shared a loving moment, left my bed with a slap on my ass, after sharing his deep worries about one of my supervisors who’s Bulgarian. I thought he is traumatised by her as are many of the men in my workplace.

He went to his room, I waited, then I went over, gave him a hug, had a little touchy feely and felt super satisfied, empowered to go to bed.

All the while I was thinking about A and how my room mate will be good for some of our kinky games. Yes.

The next day my drunk housemate told me he doesn’t remember anything.





It’s my birthday this week. I am getting lots of presents and one of them is a camera with a head holder and memory card. It has wifi too so in other words, when I muster the courage and find a participant to wear the camera and lend me his “down there” I will play and my husband will be able to part-take even though he is thousands of miles away.


Creative right.


I also did a brief visit to the Crystal shop and I’m very happy to let you know I got some Jade. It’s very nice to touch. If you ever wonder what crystal or gemstone to buy, go for Jade.


Jade gemstone

Jade – Chinese for ‘heaven’


Another thing is that I really am rubbish at relationships. I totally suck. Tut….


Well… I married a man who is exceptionally good at relationships and his or our third vouched for that. So I am in good hands. Only good bright stuff await me.

God bless.


Love to all.




Hi boys and girls, it’s a call for action.

Alright boys and girls,


I garra tell ya a few things.


First of all, my husband A and wife J made a sex tape for me which was hot!!! Real hot. I watched it a few times and each time, I aroused myself more and more. I just want to be there with them already, ok.


Second thing is that there is even more suffering, killing, suicides and debt stress then before and in preventing this from happening to you I strongly recommend a small daily practice. I mean there is no guardian of life, other than death…


It goes like this: Place your hand on your heart for five minutes every day.


My work as a waitress is going ok but I am not playing the banter game and it is causing a little bit of a division in me. Now… who loves banter? Put your hands up?

And who is too sensitive for that shit and doesn’t like it at all, would much prefer down to earth honest straight talk all the time? Put your hands up too.


My resolution is to this division is to attend The Angel Academy with Matt Khan and Julie Dittmar in June. I’ve actually requested from my family to gift me the money for the Academy for my 30th Birthday.


How exciting hey… I will turn 30 on 11th May 1017. Woop woop.

Official of the 30's club member

The other big news is that I am also thinking of getting a tattoo that my husband requested I do. It will have his name on it. Tacky right. Haha. I don’t know. Its a bold move and I am very interested.

Gonna keep you posted on that one. Gonna get some design-age… yeaaaaaaa


That’s about it really. Place your hand on your heart my dear. It will send a signal to your body that it is safe and your heart will open and soften which will bring about peace, rest and self-love, self-care.




The Compliments Game.

The Compliments Game.

This is a fun little game you can play with your partner, wife, sister, brother, any of your parents or friends or even with yourself. Just simply focus your attention inwards and let the answer surface up, may it be as simple as possible, that’s correct.

Step 1. Let’s give each other compliments. Say the first thing that comes. 

Step 2. What is a compliment you would like to hear?

Step 3. We are the way we are, we come the way we come, but, if you could change three things about yourself to be an ever better gift for the other person, what would they be? 

Step 4. Three fundamental things you really like in the other person. Things that make them, rather than someone else, the one you want to be with?




Feeling hard done by.

Feeling hard done by.


Have you ever felt like you are being hard done by?

I am feeling like that tonight because of a stupid thought that my husband is getting laid five times a week with his partner while I am approaching my stupid 30th birthday with hormones running wild, a  hot tall guy from Australia next door and sleeping alone, present in the cosmos. Great.

Some competitiveness coming out here I must admit.

I really don’t care when I come back to my resent moment in the room, snug as a bug. I wish A and J will do their sex tape so that I can watch them. I wish I can be peaceful about all love making between anyone.

Feeling sorry for myself. ☹

Now, on the plus side, I had had some very inspiring news about my latest dreams coming true and that’s just plain cool.

My wife likes our new location to which we will be moving to soon. My friend offered to become my second husband. My real husband offered to go to Bulgaria together and more to the point, he offered to do some healing for the whole country.

Shamans you see.

I know one Bulgarian shaman who lives in Spain but heals in the Peruvian mountains. Back when I last spoke to him, I asked him to print my photo and keep it with him during ceremonies, so that the mountains can know about me and my name –  Delina.

Speaking of which, I will share that Delina means Warrior Princess. And… someone asked me about it today. I feel like because I was able to openly share about my name, fluent English and how I got it through studying Psychology – resulted in the biggest tip ever – 21 pounds and 50 pence.

It’s bloody 04:12 am and I couldn’t sleep.

I had to write this out and I am sending it with this one advice, ei:






OK, here’s the flip side:

My husband is also going to write his second book which takes time and devotion for the benefit of all. I chose not to focus on that and to be all like me me me… May I wish him ease of flow in his writing hours.

The unexpected proposition or suggestion for a second husband from what I consider to be a very unique man – is also super welcomed since my A is 30 years older than me and there may come a time when he wont be physically around and someone else will care and support me.


All is well.


All is love.


Feeling GRATEFUL for feeling hard done by.

The Come Back!!! At Last.

I would like to share what’s been going on in my life these past few months.

You know, life is short and sweet. I learned this …



  • Been to Costa Rica for three months

  • Nearly died in the ocean – luckily I was rescued by surfers. Yes, this is the reason why I haven’t written for months. So many headlines went through my mind for a tasty blog post and I just never manage to write anything not because I didn’t want to share but because I found excuses like “I don’t have a laptop” or “I don’t wanna do it online” or whatever else right.

  • My beautiful gorgeous spanking new MacBook decided to stop working. During a meditation, just after Christmas and I went without a laptop for 4 months. Now I got LENOVO 2 in 1, I love it, and I managed to put the spare money into my credit card.

  • Got married. To a Canadian, business man, in Costa Rica so I am immigrating end of this year.

  • Viewed my life like this – the interior of my subconscious mind – energy got used up and even though I know it is infinite – I came back to UK instead of staying.

  • Came back for two reasons – 1. To pay my debt, a credit card of 5K that I incurred because of this business and because someone pushed me into it prematurely. 2. To see what happens between me and my friend who is also a lover of mine and whom I care for deeply – but that didn’t develop into anything since I realised the only man for me now is ~A~.



From now on, my blog will be about my life and not wisdom or lessons.

It will be about my life with ~A~ and his partner. Its a triangle you see. Breaking all the rules  – he is 30 years older than me. 😃 fucking love it.


*Prayer hands *


So let me over cap … Me and T, a special American guy I met in Costa Rica and nearly drowned with, got rescued by surfers from the Pacific Ocean rip tide on Full Moon on 11th of Feb. (11th one time)

By that point I had med ~A~ but I hadn’t proposed to him yet.

Nearly dying, seeing the white light, hearing the death sirens and resurrecting is freaking scary ok!!! It makes you think. What the f^&* is life all about. I went through all kinds of emotions, blame, shame, pain, hurt, unforgiving, to grateful, ecstatic, enthusiastic, afraid, unbearably annoyed at loud noises, scared, confident, brave, desiring, blame, shame, guilt, oh guilt a lot, and finally, the lesson was.


I matter.


You matter too! Whether you know it or not. You do.


It was real scary man. Big waves coming over, smashing me down, under water, lack of oxygen, praying for  my life.


It happened so fast, me and T were poodling around all lovey dovey and next thing we know, we cant touch the bottom, and we are being pulled in, into the big waves.


Scary, as f….




I haven’t been able to coach or read for people because I got traumatised. I am alright now and the last session I had was phenomenal with great results. The last card reading I had was awesome with guidance that just reaffirms what he already knew.

more on working with me here#

Got a job as a waitress to pay my debt. That’s ticking along nicely.

And ~A~ said ‘Yes’ to my marriage proposal. So … I am married … in the spiritual sense of the word – for now.

I cant wait to see his face at the alter and I can not wait to see my wife dressing me up on my wedding day, at which I will fucking cry… like a baby…. haha 😃

I bought myself two silver rings already and they resemble the engagement and wedding rings – that’s weird right?


Been guided to wear Silver this year, and Silver is the colour of the Divine Feminine. Very proud of that.

Also… blue… blue colour, blue dresses, its the colour for inflammation in our communication and language. Cool stuff right.


Now, ~A~ is a conscious man, very very handsome and I just love him but its hard dating a conscious man since none of my shit can get away from him and I cant hide anymore, anywhere…

My dad didn’t react well, my mum said he looks like a granddad  and my brother – he wasn’t bothered really and try to say its a good thing cos I will look after him when he is old instead of my dad.

Which is true. One of the main reasons I like old men is because I can care for them. Something extremely honourable in that.


I wanna get “knocked up” as soon as possible but first I garra get this 5K off my back. As well as work some magic for other stupid debts that are on my name. Energetically, I am resolving all this debt situation on Delina Dimova’s name. Any help is welcomed!


What else?


I live, work and eat in a Golf Club, in Dorset, called The Dudsbury Club and its cool. My supervisor is Bulgarian, she is 23 and she is on fire… There’s a big creepy wall poster that looks a little like this:

Face mask and collar

Giving Thanks to dukePHOTO for this photo and may I be released from obligation to ask their permission for using this photo on my blog.



All is well though. Absolutely lovely place to work in.

Oh yes…


FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS       – right!!! If you have red this book, great, if you haven’t, get on it. ~A~ recommended it to me and its a love story. 😃



My wife is born on 11th April, I nearly died on 11th February and I am born on 11th May. So 11th three times and totally receiving it as a significant number. BOOM.


Talk about creating your own reality – my advice – dispensable wisdom today is:







Crocodiles (Please open to see the pictures)

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 7

in this river….

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 6

a preditor emerges…

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 5

sunbathing crocodiles

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 4

flexible crocodiles

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 3

big crocodiles

Crocodiles - Delina's Photography 1

Feeding crocodiles


I hope you enjoy the pictures. Please leave a comment, I would love to hear what you think. If you reply back to the email, only I get to read your response.


In addition…

Offering great readings here!!! Lovely vibes and postive energy when you get on a call with me, I will ensure you get clarity and eliminate confusion. There are six spreads and basically what happens is you tell me what you want guidance with and I will advice you on which spread to go for. Then you set your intention, as strong and as focused as you can and I will tune into you, then pull as many cards as the chosen spread says. Then we read each card and if you need me to support you further with actionable steps – I will.

It takes 30 minutes or so. And I charge 20 of-what-ever-your-currency-is.

The six spreads are:

  1. Specific question or situation
  2. Time (past, present, future)
  3. Relationships
  4. Life path potentional
  5. Bird’s eye view of your life
  6. In-depth view of a specific situation

It’s great fun and very energising and like, for example, my last reading was a very awakening one.

That said. I love you and leave you. Please write to me and also check out some other ways we can work together.

How we can work together


Love, love, and more love.


How to use or apply the power of intention?

Hello dear reader,

I had an experience today walking around Escazu, Costa Rica, feeling overly sensitive to every single man I came to cross by and at one point (being a women) I had enough, I swore silently in my mind and instantly felt that’s not the way is it.

The power of intention – ever useful and applicable gave me a sense of peace. I affirmed to myself several times:

“May I feel peace towards all men.”

And Boom. Pressure, intensity and stress – moved away from my senses and I felt peaceful.

This is how to use the power of intention:

Step 1: Affirmative sentence starts with “May I…” And you complete with the opposite of that which you do not want to feel.

In my case I was feeling stressed out and very violent towards men. The opposite of what I was feeling was peace. Love usually works but somehow it didn’t this time, any other positive feeling word I tried didn’t work as I would of liked it to. PEACE was it.

Step 2: Take a little bit of time to change the affirmative sentences until you find one that really is simple and that works for you.

I changed my mind several times before I found the affirmation that worked. Usually, I complicate things thinking it will have better results whereas this time I went for what sounded simple, short. Nailing my affirmative stand was ace.

Step 3: Repeat the affirmation several times until you feel a sense of relief which is a sign of openness.

For me it works instantly but that’s probably because I rely on affirmations heavily to ease my mind from gripping on ideas and thoughts that don’t serve me. I’ve learned over time that simple and easy affirmative statements work the best. I like positive and I think the world needs more love, not less. More connection, not less.

I also want you to think about how to apply the power of intention which in my opinion is about the situations in which you use this enormous power. Simple answer is – any and every. We can start our day with intention or we can quickly reach to it as a tool in stressful and high pressured situations. You can use it when you are thinking about money, for example, setting the intention “May I recognize my best client today.” Relationships, health, visions and everything, anything.

It is my best wish that you will start to practice the power of intention in your life and for further information I am suggesting you this video – Matt Kahn – The Essential Key of Intention
Loving all that arises.


I made love to the ocean water today.

I made love to the ocean water today.

Hello beautiful friends and fellow readers,

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017.

It’s a pleasure to write to you and admit that I love sabotaging myself. This year has been a very significant one for me because I found the Light of Consciousness and I plan to upgrade on that during 2017.

I will share with you five questions you can use to contemplate on for this year, which is almost over and I will offer you a Tarot Card Reading for the New Year and finding Alignment.

I am still in Costa Rica and I am enjoying it. I love the nature, I love the air which is saturated and oxygenated. I love breathing deep and full, it’s just so nice.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Delina's View


Woodland in Puerto Viejo - Delina's view


The five questions:

  1. What lessons did you learn this year?
  2. What challenges did you face?
  3. What are you proud of that you did or didn’t do?
  4. What was 2016 really about in ONE WORD?
  5. What can you acknowledge about yourself based on this year?

Enjoy taking a little bit of time to dive deep and explore answering these questions. Please feel free to email me back, I am the only one that will read your reply and share with me if you want.

Here are my answers:

  1. The lesson of listening to my intuition.
  2. Leaving my ex boyfriend, leaving my sex boyfriend, leaving my family in hopes they will not feel like I am leaving them to go to Costa Rica, articulating and delivering what I want to say or do or be.
  3. I am proud of myself for taking action, practicing yoga regularly, and many many other things. The list is long, I took stock of what I am proud I did, didn’t do, said, didn’t say, were and weren’t and my eyes went like that 😳
  4. My WORD is – LIGHT
  5. I acknowledge that I am devoted for life to follow Your True Divine Nature with Matt Kahn, to follow and live out my mission as a leader of a new way of being and that I love myself. 🤗

Thank you, my friend. Thank you for reading. I would love to know your answers too.


Tarot Card Reading for Alignment for 2017. Let’s be honest, we all know what we should be doing, however most time we don’t take action. If however you are not sure what you should be doing, we can ask my Divine Guidance Deck of Cards which was created by Teal Swan. My other teacher, whom I shall follow solidly till the end of the Earth.

Let’s do it. Let’s ask the card what is what, trust me the cards don’t lie.

I am attaching some photos of feedback from previous card readings and working with me.


Working with Delina for a Card Reading or Coaching

Working with Delina for a Card Reading or Coaching - 2

















There are 6 different spreads:

  1. Insight in specific situation
  2. Relationship
  3. Time – past, present, future
  4. Life path potential
  5. Birds eye view of your life
  6. Comprehensive in depth view on a specific situation

I recommend №1 and №2 because 2017 is coming and Love, Romance, Relationships are the true reason we are all here.

There’s nothing I need from you prior to a reading, only to get inside my calendly and pick a time that suits you.

I want to tell you a little bit about the cards and how they work and what is my role in this.

The Divine Guidance deck was created by Teal Swan, the spiritual catalyst and luminary. She has extra sensory abilities which allows her to see energies in their colours and shapes and she created frequency paintings of A LOT or ALMOST all energy states. 77 paintings were selected carefully to be form this deck of cards. Basically, the cards align themselves to your level of understanding. We are all at various stages of our individual evolution and I honour this. My role is to provide a safe space, be a channel for your energy body to engage with the cards even if we are at different parts of the world. How I do that is by tuning into you through your picture, voice and my super charged clairvoyant skills. Since being in Costa Rica, my intuitive abilities, talents and skills have grown substantially.

Go to my calendar, select a time that suits you and follow this link now to book your time slot. 

My greatest wish for you is to take all the help there is, use all the resources there are and really take time to love yourself enough that you make radical shifts and changes through out 2017 with my support and the support of a regular practice, be it yoga or meditation or coaching. I look forward to connecting with you and for now…

Pura Vida.


How to be kinder to yourself?

I’ve arrived here in Costa Rica, on the East coast also called the Caribbean coast. Looking for inspiration – I was not. It came to me that these three months while I am here, I am going to learn how to be kinder to myself and I am taking you with me on that journey.

This is in honour of the playful way to self-love. Step one: responsiveness.

Responsiveness is a trait of our hearts. I know there are three levels to look at this: mind, body and digital. It starts with our hearts and it goes out to these three levels.


Sincerely liking something about another or in yourself will soften our hearts. We can always find mething to like. Let’s look at it this way, we LIKE posts on Facebook a lot.

I will learn how to be kinder to myself using Matt Kahn’s teaching – YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT. I will explain. We sometimes act in beyond the ordinary ways and we don’t know how to like that about ourselves.

My recent research with 29 women showed that our body image (including emotional, physical and mental) needs us to be kinder to ourselves in order to feel good about our body image.

If compliments and admirations soften our hearts, I say we need more of that, not less.

I totally freaked out last night, when I saw a huge frog in our communal bathroom. One of the dogs came to rescue me, started poking this frog and next thing I know the dog was foaming at the mouth. I screamed.

My first attempt at complimenting myself goes like this:

“We don’t want no unpleasant stuff happening, we want a little bit of cuteness here and there, some adoration for how well your screamed. I mean you did that right. Right. You screamed, that alarmed the dog, all resolved itself well. You did it right. No hateful stuff, only charming words of admiration. Life goes on.”

It does feel better when I say this to myself.

In any case, whatever is happening in your life, whether you are struggling with ill body, longing to meet a free spirited women or man, looking for confirmation of the benefits of the services you once provided or still provide, whatever it may be, ok – take a moment to ask what compliment would you like to hear someone tell you. Open dictionary to look at synonyms and antonyms of that word. Offer this compliment to yourself.

I am learning how to be kinder to myself this month, next month and the month after that and I wanna take you with me on this journey. I want to offer the same to you. Via Skype call or pernalised message. Email me back and know all messages are private. It will be an honour for me.



How to handle stress loaded situations?

Stress is a common dis-ease these days that you can resolve by acting on these simple guidelines.

Practice 1: Emotional Vipassana – silent mindful meditation. You sit in silence and you become observant of what’s arising, noting what’s going on. Returning to your body and focusing on your breath will bring calm.

Practice 2: Stillness – if you try and do nothing for three seconds you will return to your natural state of being which is always in line with love and light.

Practice 3: Home Yoga Practice – endless benefits of practising yoga go a long way but having your own home yoga practice is going to take you all the way… to no stress land. At home, you can make noises, you can pause, you can break the rules, you can do whatever you like and that will steer your focus away from the things that are otherwise stressing you out.

This body, this mind, this heart and this life needs you to take good care of you. Endless shades of your soul’s essence are waiting to be given permission to enter your body, your being. Stress is nothing but a call for attention and a red flag to breath deeper, breath slower. There is numerous amount of research done on stress so there really is no excuse or reason why we should continue

In this little video I say exactly the same as what I am saying here plus a small INSIGHT at the end. 

Please feel free to write to me or any other stress-related practitioner that you know and ask for help, guidance and assistance. You don’t have to go through this alone. With all my heart and soulful blessings. May you be blessed and until such time.




Pura Vida.




p.s. Don’t forget to book me for a coaching session or card reading, please. Click here. 

p.s.s. Sometimes I don’t know how to be ‘nice’ and that’s OK. It’s OK.

I AM going to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 and Authenticity 💕

If you are the author of your life then choice is always yours. Options are infinite but really only one matters and that is Love. Love has a specific language so all those who speak it recognise each other and those who don’t always speak it, it’s ok because you are deeply loved and guided back to Love by those who do.

When you don’t always speak the language of love, confusion arises. Sentences sound unclear, not proper. When you change to love language then no matter what it is you are talking about, be it poetry, mechanics, science, biology or chemistry, it sounds clear, precise, to the point.

Authenticity will be a hot topic for 2017 and I am happy to declare that I can masterfully talk about it, guide you through it and help you with it.

In short, being authentic means being stripped away from current conditions and living from a place of truth. Becoming authentic means knowing at a core level who you are. Your soul, your heart. Then you are an author who leads a life from an authentic place. Don’t mistake authenticity for super-ego or some sort of personality outfit. No. Authenticity is related to love. Love is a relaxed nervous system and clear truth about who you are, honesty that shines through every word you speak. 

Super-ego is always trying to impress and be independent in a interdependent universe. It’s a mask that requires maintenance and up-keep. “It’s hard work actually” and as a humanity we are all calling and longing for a new way of being which will manifest through us becoming Authentic.

Actually, the playful way to self-love is designed to bring you back to your core so that you can hear your inner voice, re-discover your inner Self and through that live an authentic life. The last step of the course is based on honesty, being honest with yourself. 

Become responsive to your needs and wants.

Get rid of clutter on an emotional, mental and physical level

Flirt with yourself

Keep it simple by maintaining a daily practice and smiling at the unknown

Be real, Keep it real, feel your feelings

Be honest, stay true and honest with yourself

Once you discover your core, it’s alright. It’s a matter of choosing from love or from fear and become more equipped to distinguish when thoughts or resistance is arising from fear, when it is not yours and what to do about it. You aim for turning self-love to be your default state. The more you love yourself, love your own heart, the more of a light being you will become, the more negativism will dissipate from your reality, the more authentic your life will become. There are so many of us all over the world, if this is a new topic for you, we are here to support you.

So how do you start to be authentic?

Well, by turning the focus onto yourself. Check in with your needs and wants. You can watch Teal Swan’s video on how to meet your needs.

Be you.


p.s. Definition of authenticity: “author” – “living and acting in unison with one’s (created) Self; A story-free state of wholeness, origin, passion and freedom.


Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Costa Rica


Costa Rica

Completion as a way of being…

I am one day late with my blog post and so I wanna talk about Completion as a movement, not as a destination.


  • broken promises
  • everything unforgiven
  • changed agreements
  • buried dreams
  • unresolved arguments
  • postponements
  • incomplete callings
  • incomplete relationships
  • fixed points of views
  • withholds
  • any form of attachment
  • resistance

When something is showing in your awareness: it is an incompletion

When it stops showing: it’s complete.

So when we talk about consciousness, we talk about the ability to see. I see.

For that to happen our attention needs to be freed up and so completion is how we ensure we have enough freed up attention so that our energy can flow where we want it. Energy flows where attention goes. If your attention is going to all that is incomplete and you are not acting on those incompletions so as to resolved them, you are letting energy flow away without it serving you.

Being complete is awesome. It gives you energy. It gives you an excuse to ask for completion from others.

For example, if you have unresolved argument, you can go back to that person with whom you have unresolved argument and say something like: “I feel incomplete about our arguments and in order for me to feel complete I acknowledge x y z and I decide to do x y z.”

That way, you are Being complete again. Empowered. 

It will be a good practice to go for a completion walk every week and see what have you done that week, what havent you done. Find completion by acknowledging yourself first and shifting towards gratitude.

On another note, The language of Love is so distinct, I will talk about Authenticity next week when I will explain more about it.

Here are three ways you can work with me:

  1. Tarot card reading
  2. Delina coaching model
  3. The playful way

Please read about each one here or email  me back to enquire further. I would love for you to call upon me. 

I love you.



p.s. I transcribed Matt Kahn’s transmission of Unity Consciousness relative to The end of the old paradigm and the ushering of the Golden Age of unity consciousness. I recorded myself reading the transcript. Here it is:


The Ritual 

Even cats have rituals. Before they go to sleep, they pat that area in which they will curl and sleep. When they wake up, they stretch front and back legs, up-dog, down-dog and they gracefully walk away, slow moving.

In case you have trouble sleeping – add night and morning routine. Stick to it.

I went through existential bummer period, hundreds if not millions of weird bite like sensations that kept me awake and once I added a short prep work before going to bed, my issue was resolved.

It was also, another area in life, where I could become more conscious and aware of myself and my doings.

So my ritual is like this:

  1. Before bed 30 minutes – no phone
  2. Drink a bottle of water – 1 hour before i go to bed
  3. Meditate in a sitting upright position if I am not super exhausted

These are my simple steps. You can choose your own. I would suggest adding: gratitude journal time, ‘I love you’ moments, reflection of the day, shadow work (something like conscious moment to  ‘hate’ whom ever or whatever upset you during the day) (when we take the time to consciously feel the negative emotions we usually suppress or brush off from during our day, they dissolve and really seize to exist).

You can also watch comedy so you laugh out loud, that releases unnecessary pressure.

I am not going to go into the history of ritual work but as you probably know, it has been around for yonkies years and it should be kept alive in today’s world by us. I take my ritual work rather seriously because I find it sets the scene for whatever inspirational work I am doing.

It opens our hearts so that love can flow in. It really is vital actually. Super super important. It’s flexible to build your own routine, something that works for you. Plenty of suggestions available online but again main thing is to ask your body what will feel healthy.

Going straight to bed is not the best option unless you are really mega tired an even then, ritual must come first. It’s like an extension of brushing your teeth routine.

I would love to hear from you so please leave your comments below. Please also visit my new work-with-me-page.

With love



p.s. in honour of the art work

The Will

It all started when my parents exchanged a small talk about our neighbours son who comes to help his elderly mother almost every week. The daughter comes every other week. According to my parents one way of looking at their regular visits is because they want the will of their mother to include both of them, so they both get half of that house. So the son is being helpful because he wants to be on that will of heritage. According to me that was not true. I thought he was being helpful because he genuinely cares about his mother. The will. Did not even cross my mind but then it triggered me to write this post.

Our personal will was recently surrendered to Divine Will for those of us who are on the ascension wave, highly awake and conscious, this was not really a choice, it sort of happened with us moving into high frequency, higher planes of existence and a higher dimension. The fifth dimension. This surrendering of personal will over to divine will can be experienced as lack of personal drive or desire and more of a desire to just be, help, and serve. Yes. Very distinct. Intuitive messages become louder, any claire able people (clairvoyant, clairesentient, clairaudient and clairecognitive) will have their abilities sky rocket. The need for understanding is surrender with our personal will and now only divine will matters as it expresses itself through the infinite individual aspects of One that we are. Yes. We are all one but then we are all one as individual expressions of that one.

So what if the universe has orchestrated everything in your reality as it is just so that you can call upon the will of the universe to work through you and to make each choice, to take each action and to speak each word on your behalf?

Yes. How often we call on the will of the divine is a sign of spiritual maturity which is largely overlooked and underestimated.

Another way to look at The Will is relative to every one who is called Will or Willis. I know a Willis and I met via email a couple of guys called Will, one lives is Scotland and one lives in Australia. Interesting people and I do believe our names carry their own energy stamp on us.

What about the saying: Where there is a will, there is a way. Again a very clever way of bringing this call for the will of the universe to work through us because who are we with our personal human will???

Yes. The divine will and the personal will are interconnected, interdependent. Yet one remains active all the time and the other one dissolves as the collective ego disintegrates too. Which by the way is happening as we speak, whether we like it or not.

In the heart of surrender, it is most important to surrender to Love. This is the highest guiding force and so my last question to you is:

Will you surrender your personal will to divine will?

More often?

Ask for guidance all the time, about anything. Literally, I call upon the will of the universe to work through me and make this shopping time amazing on my behalf. Amen. And-whach-what-happens.

I have a new Work-with-me page describing how you can work with me in three simple ways. The first one is where I give you a card reading. This is really enjoyable for me so you get to receive extra clarity on any given topic or area of your life that you may be procrastinating on. Like today for example, I gave a card reading to a lady who has just graduated and is procrastinating her career path beginning. After the card reading and extra strategy/discussion she was absolutely stocked how much clarity she got out of our conversation. I highly recommend this if you have relationship hurdle or a specific question like “what should I know about the situation I am in?”.

Second way you can work with me is through an actual Delina coaching model coaching session. This is where we dive deeper into your metaphysical being and consciousness state. I am really good at putting things in order so if there is any confusion in your mind, I sure can put it straight. I use several influences in my work. It goes by finding out where you are not coming from a place of love, how practically we can get you there, using a structure that is wholistic and promoting self-adjustment along the way. It’s awesome and effective.

The third way you can work with me is via the playful way to self-love programme which is a six week journey into your inner self and inner voice discovery. Again, I am happy to be your personal coach through this if you don’t choose the self-study option. You can find out more about the playful course here. 

Lots of love everyone.



p.s. thank you so much to all women who participated in my research last week. And the ones that didnt, thank you for ignoring me.

‘Synchronicity’ and a request for help from the women.



Last week of this month, then it’s November when I fly to Dublin to meet Teal Swan for a synchronisation workshop. Partly dedicating (отдавам) this post to her and partly to highlight how coincidences (съвпадения) are a thing of the past.

Back in the day when people didn’t know how to describe synchronicity they said it is a coincidence but actually, it has always been about being at the right place in the right time with the right people. 

It’s about harmonising the world, your inner micro cosmos (вътрешен микро космос) and the outer bigger world, when they are in harmony (хармония) we are synchronised. Think of it this way, vertical and horizontal lines are harmonised, so things seem to happen with ease and splendour (блясък).

Harmony was part of the original blueprint (светлописно копие) for this Planet and we are slowly shifting towards (изместване към) harmony again so every time you experience a synchronicity, know that you become one and at peace with all that is (знай че ти биваш в едно и във мир със всичко това което е).


An old girlfriend of mine said that in a text one time and it really struck me.

There is also sun-synced which is to the point and in synchronicity with the sun.

I feel like all of these three words synchronicity, sync and sun-synched could be the next ones in line to go in your vocabulary and in use.

Усещам че всичките тези три думи синхронизация, синхрон и слънце-синхронизация могат да бъдат следващите по линия да влязар в твоя речник и в употреба.

Think the last time you had a synchronicity, or perhaps you called it a coincidence. Don’t hit reply but do press respond (отклик) and tell me all about it. I would love to hear from you. As always everything is private.

With love

With light



p.s. wish me a safe flight and joyful times in Dublin. Teal Swan is a hyper-senstivive and intuitive being, plus much more but it’s hard to describe and she usually gathers lots of people in a room, then she reads the dominant vibration which is based on the synchronicity and the odds of these people being in that room and at that time. Organic ei. Then she heals the whole room of that dominant vibration. I am healed but I am going to add to the healing of others. This-is-just-what-i-do-cos-i-can.

p.s.s. There shall be November truthbombs so keep an eye out and share with a friend or two.


For Women Only


Body image questionnaire


Please click the image which will take you to my online digital interview about body image. I would be ever so grateful if you respond. It will take 30 minutes and I promise all information is confidential. It would be of so much help if you do that for me. Enjoy. Thank you.



Your intuition is that distinct (ясно доловим) voice that says do this… it’s a whisper (шепот). Not your normal thoughts and how they sound. You can always distinguish (различиш) your intuitive voice and your normal thoughts because the sound of the intuition is deeper (по-дълбок), fuller (плътен), more timber (тембър) based. It’s not loud (шумен) and its not screaming (писклив).

Although (Въпреки,че), back in the day, if your inner voice was screaming, that was the only way it would get your attention (внимание) to listen so please forgive (прости) yourself.

Why is it important to know about your intuition?

trust your gut - intuition

Because it is the most trustworthy guidance (най-доверчива насока). Your inner guidance system has its ways of guiding you through life and what it is you need to be experiencing next (какво е нещото което да преживяваш, после).

Sometimes your intuition may sound super negative but that’s because it wants your loving attention, undivided (неразделен).

Consequently (впоследствие) we may be led to buy an airplane ticket because of inner calling and still get to the airport only to find out you are not to board the plane because again your intuition is signalising you it’s not for you to board that plane.

So sometimes our guide inside will take us to a place and take us back. All the while, whispering what to do and what not to do so that we learn to follow it and trust it (за да се научим да я следваме и вярваме).

I love Teal Swan’s video on Intuition and I highly recommend you watch it if you want to get acquainted (уведомен) a little more on this.

Gut feeling.

Вътрешно чувство.

Again, it’s about feeling and not logic.

I don’t know if you are a sensitive person or not but I know I am.

I used to struggle, call it a curse then a gift but now… I am encouraging (окуражавам) everyone to learn how to feel.

Both good or bad feelings are in existence because they demand (повеляват) of us to feel them and in that we integrate them.

Remember it’s all about become Whole again.


Спомни си че всичко е за да бъдем Цели, отново.

Where in your life could you benefit from hearing your intuition a little bit more? 

Къде в твоя живот можеш да спечелиш от чуването на интуицията ти малко повече?

Hit reply and tell me. Im curious (любопитна) and open to converse (отворена за разговор) about these things, I am sure I can help you further if you need me to. Although, I don’t like to feel like I am here to help, no I am here to guide and signpost and take-a-walk-with-you so that you can live from an empowered place. 

I hope you have seen how-you-can-work-with-me and I hope you-will-be-brave-enough-to-work-with-me. As a super-sensitive I am tender and gentle, perhaps more than what first-meets-the-eye.

With so much love, today!



p.s. hit me up with any ideas or question you want me to talk about. Next week I am writing about synchronicity (синхронизация) and how coincidence (съвпадение) is the thing of the past.


What is sensitivity?

Sensitivity is when you feel other people’s emotions and moods (настроения), when you can feel the Planet’s pain and joy, it is about being sensitive which is a state of being open and receptive’(приемлив) to what is around you and your body literally senses these external factors.

You can be hyper-sensitive (хипер-чувствителен) which is commonly labeled (етикет) as ‘not-fitting-in-cos-you-have-small-attention-spam”, this is total B.S. Being hyper-sensitive is hard at the best of times. It stops you from fully living life because your system is overloaded (пренатоварен) with inflow of information that comes through the senses (сетива).

You sense too much and you fall into the isolate-me-bracket.


Ти чувстваш прекалено много и попадаш във скобите на изолацията.


You feel rather than understand through logic what is going on around you.

feel vs logic

Ти чувстваш вместо да разбираш чрез логика какво става около теб.

We are not taught (не сме учени) how to handle (как да боравя) sensitivity which causes one of the biggest problems – to-think-there-is-something-wrong-with-you (да-мислиш-че-има-нещо-грешно-с-теб).

On the plus side, being sensitive helps you to tune into (хванеш мелодията) how others feel and show empathy (съпричастие) or compassion (състрадание) towards them and their situation. You are liked (харесван) by people a lot if you are a sensitive person because you take extra care so as to not upset (разстрой) anyone with your opinions (мнения) or behaviours (поведения).

You are gentle and tender if you are sensitive or hyper-sensitive.

Ти си благ и нежен ако си чувствителен или хипер-чувствителен.

Why am I talking about sensitivity?

Today, the world needs more of us sensitive people to speak up, show up, stand up because we can make other people who are not so sensitive feel and feeling is better than numbness (скованост, вцепененост).

If we can feel then we can be guided towards (напътствани към) what feels good and integrate/love the things that don’t feel good until they disappear (изчезни).

Understanding yourself as sensitive person is freedom because you accept that’s who you are and you cash in on that.

So do you feel a lot or little?

Hit reply and start the conversation with me, I am happy to help and talk about being sensitive and practices (практики) we can do to help us better manage our emotions and feelings.

With love



p.s. please share my work with friends and family. I hope it’s educational and easy to get. Soon I will be promoting more of how-you-can-work-with-me-directly. Ask me questions about things you experience but don’t know what they are. I am growing in readership and Im very grateful that you are part of this.

Conscious and Unconscious

Upon coming to this earth, our Self got split (разцепи) into conscious (осъзнато) and unconscious (неосъзнато) Self (Аз). Now, our job is to become (бъдем) conscious of the unconscious so as to integrate it and become whole(цели) again while here in Earth.


What do I define as conscious?


Какво определям аз като осъзнат?

Conscious is somebody who is aware (наясно) of themselves as thinking, living, breathing creatures (същества) here on this Planet. A person who becomes aware of their actions and consequences (последици), who know to take responsibility (отговорност) for their happiness (щастие) and who is always seeking (дирене), learning (учене), searching (търсене) for more to know, for more to understand so as (така че) to feel whole again.

That of which we are aware оf, we are now conscious of it too.

Това със което сме наясно, е и това във което сме осъзнати.

But be careful, because the more we know the more chances we have to get stuck (забием) in infinite (безкрайна) moral (морална), social (социална) and spiritual (духовна) immaturity (недоразвитост, незрелост).

When will enough be enough to make me feel like I am mature enough?

Кога достатъчността ще е достатъчно достатъчна че да ме накара да се почуствам достатъчно узрял и развит?


What do I define as unconscious?

unconsciousКакво определям аз като неосъзнат?

Unconscious is everything that we are unaware of. It’s the dark matter, the grey area, the things we don’t know, we don’t know (нещата които не-знаем, че не-знаем). So we are looking to become conscious of ourselves, of our unconscious behaviours (поведения), beliefs (убеждения), processes and so on so that we become and feel Whole again.

Unconscious matter (неосъзнатата материя) is not personal or selective (не е лична или селективна), it’s more like a book keeper (щетовод) of all that has every happened to you. It keep track (държи рекорд) of all your promises (обещания), those you kept (изпълнени) and those you didn’t, but it doesn’t make a difference (не-прави разлика между) if they are big or small promises.

As a human race we want and need to become aware of our unconscious mind.

Като човешка раса ние искаме и се нуждаем да бъдем наясно със нашия неосъзнат акъл.

In the coming weeks I am going to let you know exactly how you can work with me. Also, next week I am going to talk about Sensitivity (Чувствителност).

In case you want to pass my work to someone else, please do, sharing is caring (споделянето е знак за загриженост). Get (постигни) someone to sign up for my writings. I will hugely appreciate (ценя) it.

For more information on conscious and unconscious, as well as how we may be lining up (нареждаме, нагласяме) for the wrong thing again as a human race, please watch Teal Swan’s latest video on THE FUTURE.

From now on I will be adding Bulgarian versions of the words I use because my readership (читателство) is growing to both British and Bulgarian, and of course this is a chance to appreciate all of my international readers (читатели) as well.

I love you all.

Till such time.




p.s. Please feel free to send me emails and to ask me anything you want. Asking me questions about our emotions, or random things that happen, will be a nice way for me to share more of my knowledge and to help you raise awareness around unconscious bits. All replies come privately to me. No one else can read them.


as get go-er, going, going, the next and the next and the next… there comes a point when you got to wake up out of that. Wake up and out of the getting the next thing and the next thing.




You’ve just got back from a two day diving deep into femininity. Your pain was simple: a feeling of disowned was asking you to embrace it, to sit and feel it.

Exhale is how it happened though. Once you felt safe in your teacher’s atmosphere, you relaxed, and that’s when your biggest light and biggest darkness met faces. You had no idea that this feeling of disowned is what has been holding your gentle heart a prisoner. You did well, you were in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

Do you remember this one time when you were in another training, with another teacher who asked you to exhale and you had no idea why she does it this way but it worked miracles as in you had a mind blowing experience… Now, it happened naturally and your heart said “if you just learn to exhale more often, I would relax and open up to connection and love and fulfilment”.


Once you arrive at a place, you know, once you have reached that place where you were going to, you can exhale like “ahhh”, right. You can use this a little signal to your heart, to relax.

When we relax we experience enlightenment.

So exhaling is a small practice you can start doing every now and then to:

  1. bring you back to this present moment
  2. open your heart to connection

This actually really nicely ties with becoming responsive and being honest which are two steps of

the playful way

Let’s think about it. We breathe automatically. We go into meditation or breath work, where inhales and exhales are intended. During sports training you know… body regulates its inhales and exhales…

But this exhale that I am talking about is a different one, it’s to exhale like ‘you’ve got it’.

Internal ‘ahhhh’ sound.

Sometimes this exhale comes when you have tried everything, controlled as much as you can and you have given up, sat down on a rock besides a road and gone ‘aaaah’. ‘I give up’.

Whether this has happened to you or not…

Try inviting this moment intentionally, like set an intention and then do it, exhale as hard as you can, one time, may be when you are driving on your own.

If you reside in your heart, you will feel an opening. If you reside in your mind, you may laugh, which is good, a good sign, you are releasing some pressure, so If I were you, I would exhale one more time should it provoke another giggle.

What I am asking you to do is – i-n-t-i-m-a-t-e


Be intimate with life, with this present moment.

I promise life and all your dreams want you to become more intimate with them. Don’t fear your struggles. Easier said than done, I know but Breath work is where we start, ok. Practice with me.

It goes back to harmony and peace my dear one. It really does, let’s be musical together by exhaling and creating harmony. For every exhale, another human being deep into their subconscious programming, deep down stuck in hate and betrayal or whatever else, will end up ‘inhaling’ just because that’s how this thing works. So we r doing a good thing, ‘tick’.


I love you.

With love.

With light.




p.s. readability score on this article is OK.

You sit with your feelings!

You know I struggle with my bouncing nature, one day its like this and another day its like that.

Today, you should know that gratitude has my heart. Your life, my life, our life, life as a whole, you know, it’s all about being grateful which has to become a practice that you do everyday. Mhm, everyday you need to be grateful for something.

Your relationship with yourself matters to me because you and me are one. We are different but the same. When you stop suffering, the whole world stops suffering. Often times, suffering is subtle, like this… “I don’t feel right, I will just ignore that I don’t feel happy and carry on as is.”

Now, that’s a subtle form of suffering. Your relationship with your emotions and feelings is what heals this planet. Even though you are busy with work, you never have time for this, you seem to be brushing this fluffy talk with your hand, you still can’t escape your emotions.

You know when you run away from your feelings, you make them wrong, this usually signals to your ego to get alert and so your mind starts to wonder about what to do next just so it doesn’t feel wrong anymore when if you take steps back, you will see that you need to feel your emotions, you need to figure out a truth which is: “you’re only human and you have emotions!”

Your emotions may be positive one day or negative another day. You just have to feel both of them without running away from the negative emotions. No more escaping. No more escapism.

for you to get ‘you’ out of your way, you need to sit with ‘you’ until ‘you’ is feels loved.

Talk to me about rejection?!

Your fear of rejection is poisonous. You know, you just gat to breath in, deeply and then do a reality check by acknowledging how you feel, by acknowledging your emotions.

You like to feel high, I do too!


That’s not possible, all the time.

Your fear of rejection is paralysing you and keeping you stagnant so let me give you some loving, baby. Woo

You know, one way to give yourself some loving is by drinking a good ass fresh bottle of water!

Another way of receiving some loving is to play reggae music on YouTube.

You can also watch Nahko with his inspiring lyrics or you can approach a friend (or me) and simply say “you know what… I feel like this and like that and yeah…” “what about you?”



Lots of love, out

Lots of love, in




p.s. Call to action – take no action, feel, feel instead of acting. Peace.

Check out this Comic Picture

Icarus n The Sun by Gabriel Piccolo



Check out more of this on my Bow and Arrow board here


What do you want me to talk about tomorrow? Name a topic, I am bursting with things to say and I dont know where to start from so I better ask you. Write back and tell me.


“I love you”

Delina Coaching Model – Photo Inside.

Hi everyone,


It’s been a while because the 30 Days Life Coach is a disaster I’m bringing out my new Delina coaching model.


Nice and easy, inspired by my latest work.


So I have been on the roller coaster of life working at my family relationships and really opening up to spend time with my friends and family even though I judge them about that they eat meet, smoke, drink alcohol and over-work themselves.

Accepting where everyone is at, is super important if you want to feel peace and calm. Also, that goes for yourself. Accept and honour where you are at today. If you don’t know where you are at today, I will be happy to hold the mirror up high for you.


It’s summer time, everyone is in the full swing of the party. Some are not.


I can keep acknowledging what is and what not but the bottom line I think is that we have got to distribute some resources. Be it a smile, or information, or a prayer, or physically go out there and volunteer.


So here is my new coaching model:

  1.  Love and compassion
  2. Practical work and the steps to follow to help the completion circle with the shadow aspect and the emotional part.
  3. a holistic model of coaching procedure/protocol that works
  4. self-adjustments, doing what is good for you


So whether you wanna receive some love and compassionate over-standing, or some practical guidance on how to achieve let’s say confidence or freedom from grief, or perhaps it is a goal attainment need in which case we will use the Creative Consciousness Coaching protocol that is holistic and works, or it’s simply the permission for self-adjustment relative to work, personal situations, relationships, etcetera. I am here for you offering a Free, no obligation, Skype Call. Talk.

Skype Talk

My new coaching model was inspired during one of my regular coaching session. Thank you Gigi Knightly. Now, I want to let you all know about it.

Im also super happy to show my face and show you this lovely little spot I found in the middle of the corn field.

It matches my golden hair colour so well, right? 😀

Delina in a corn field with gold hair colour and the wind at play

Enjoy the summer heat whereever you are. I would love to hear from you, hit reply, leave me  comment, get in touch.

With love and with light




p.s. if you can benefit from my coaching model, please get in touch with me. One way or another. You may not even be clear yet on how I can help, but still, hit reply and get in touch. 

30 Days Life Coach

A new offer.

30 Days life coach is a new initiative that you can take advantage of. We will try it. Just try it OK.

You can dip in and out as and when you like. This is to test if having a life coach available everyday can benefit your life. You can find out more about what is life coaching in this article but for now…

Each day, a Consciousness Coach® will be available for questions, short coaching calls, actual coaching sessions or clarity conversations, whatever your needs are the coach will accommodate.


Have you ever worked on your website or something technical and you wondered, if only there was someone there… that I can ask one question and move on with it. I sometimes have this wondering when it comes to my caravan and bits breaking or not working. I love the fact that my caravan man is available to me 24/7. He is a real person that I met and quite liked (wink wink) (nothing to wink about) and I trust that he will reply to my questions as and when he can. So why not have the same with a Consciousness Coach®?

So… to enter this 30 Days Life Coach please sing-in the form. Essentially, you will enter your details so that you are one of the potential clients through out the 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, we have to measure what’s happened so there will be a short questionnaire. Short and super simple. With yes and no.

Enter 30 Days Life Coach!

Once you enter, you get access to a coach who will be available to answer any questions regarding any topic.

You can go about your days and whenever you are not sure how to handle an emotion, a reaction or something happens at work or at home, perhaps you just wanna talk or be heard, may be the isolation and loneliness has gotten the better of you and a life coach can pick you up, may be you want to be cheered for successful and productive week, whatever it may be you have the right to click reply and connect to a life coach for 30 days so as to improve or enhance your life.

Daily activities get more exciting when you know someone has your back. 

What you will find is that most people don’t bother to reach out when they know someone has their back however if they do… that’s awesome.

I stand for a new way of being, I know technology is here to facilitate our expansion and I wish to be available for the 30 Day Life Coach so that you can experience a new way of being also.

You will receive further explanation once you opt-in. It’s really not complicated though, same way we wish there was computer engineer available at the clip of a finger for free to answer a few techie questions, same way we wish there was someone available to just get us and inspire us or hear us and this is the essence of this 30 Days Life Coach.

You can tap into the infinite possibilities of life through working with a consciousness coach. You can expect to be asked questions that either trigger you or they inspire you. Let’s get that desire fire up and running you know. It’s summer…

May be it’s a relationship situation or romantic stuff. Opt-in and have your life coach available to you for 30 Days and all hours of the day.

Opt in for 30 Days Life Coach!

Don’t worry about the capacity of the coach and how is she going to handle things. This is offered because there is available space that should be taken up and for YOU to brighten up a little, shake off some old stuff and wear something new so that your inner guru can smile a little bit more.

Don’t over think if this is a good thing to ask or if this is the right thing to ask, just go for it. A Consciousness Coach® is someone who has a heart and totally lives in the truth that we are all human beings and we make mistakes or have this doubt running in the back of our minds. It’s cool. Just hit the reply and ask anyway.

Finally, we are all in this together so why not, fire away, boom-shaka-laka your way and at the end of the 30 Days Life Coach we check-in to see what’s what. 

Think of this as the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I love what she did and it’s available for free on her YouTube channel so again if this is something you wanna take your coach up on… go ahead and ask.

F*** some of us are still in muddy waters and some of us are not. Regardless of where you are, we are all in this together right, I am not ignoring you or pretending I don’t see you, or Getting trapped in my ego… no way.

Im right here, right now. Standing up, speaking up, showing up. Invitation is open and I am going to see you on the inside.

“See you at the top” – as a friend of mine once said. 

I'm in - 30 Days Life Coach!

Peace out yo’ll with so much love and so much light, coming home now honey. Let’s get cracking.

Love you.




p.s. If you see this mid 30 days or on whatever day you see this, you can opt-in and use the rest of the 30 Days Life Coach to your benefit. Let’s say you saw this on day 5, you opt-in and have access to Consciousness Coach® for 25 days.

p.s.s. There will be no emails, no hustle, simply opt-in so that I know who’s in for the 30 Days Life Coach and I can ask you questions at the end of it for measuring what we’ve done, you know. This is a new initiative, a new offer and at the end of it, I need to know what’s what. So opting-in gives us our own private communication line. Boom 💓

How Do You Love Yourself?

It’s not easy, it’s simple.

Check it, this is a tweet that I love and agree and as you can see it has hundreds of thousands of likes so that says something like: it’s true for many of us.


How to love yourself?

Where do we go from here may I ask?

Take this: “What would someone who loves themselves do?” 

I found this question from Teal Swan who is a spiritual catalyst teaching about the shadow aspect of ourselves and the light being self-love. She always talks about asking this question when you are in doubt about what you should do.

It works miracles.

The only thing I will add is: self-expression. After finding the bottom, realising your self-love
= you being God, you start the journey upwards and so every step you take is an expression of you, coming from a place of self-love.

Authenticity and transparency are two words that describe me well so I focus primarily on discussing and expressing myself in all that I do through out my life since I dug deep enough to find my self-love.

Another major stop is: forgiveness.

Learn to forgive yourself and others, this will free you up from any negativity. Forgiveness can be found in the heart and also love resides in the heart too.

Transformation happens when we find forgiveness so here is a meditation that is highly recommended to start you practice with it. 

The playful way to self-love is a six week self-study course that you can take and explore the inner reals of your being by following a six step process. 

Finally, how do you love yourself?

One of the pioneers in loving yourself is Louise L Hay, she talks about affirmations because our thoughts create our reality.

Another amazing teacher, Matt Khan, teaching to love what arises and he focuses on old spiritual paradigm and new spiritual paradigm and then real life super radical methods that can literally lift you up and into a place of self-love in just a second. Highly recommend him. 

What is it to love yourself? It’s not some sexual, sick connotation of masturbation or playing with yourself, becoming selfish or self-absorbed. No.

Loving yourself is being kind to yourself and others in all respect relative to life such as the food you eat, the water you drink, the words you speak, the thoughts you hold on to, the actions you take and so on. 

Loving yourself is easily achieved if you work with a Heart coach, an Empath coach or a Consciousness coach. These type of coaches are heart centred and their being is already in self-love frequency which means they can drive you to the same spot. 

Some of us prefer to go this alone, some us may well desire to have someone hold our hand. Either way is fine so please do go ahead and read how to find the best coach.

Final point to make… loving yourself is a life long practice, it’s not an end destination or a way out of this. No. It’s a path that once you take on it, you are guaranteed to enjoy life and to see heaven on Earth. 

Be respectful to your shadow though because stepping on the path is not enough, you have to integrate your whole self into one wholesome YOU. Including your shadow aspects.

That said, please read more about the shadow ways in the Keep The Head Up. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to hit reply or leave a comment.

With love and with light


The Best Coach

The best coach is someone who YOU resonate with. If you and your coach feel connected from first interaction then that’s the best coach for you.

As far as guidelines and code of practice is concerned, all coaches must follow these 10 guidelines.

The best coach guidelines

These are the International Coaching Federation requirements and desires that every coach expresses the ability to have these 10 skills.

So… what else can determine the best coach?

Location, age, skin colour, whatever you fancy, perhaps the lifestyle of the coach is going to ring a bell for you when you choose.

Most important of all is to find the one that resonates with you the most. 

Here’s 3 steps to figure that out:

The Best coach must resonate with you


It’s pretty self-explanatory but still, may be you like the tone of my voice in writing I am going to explain with one sentence about each step.

#1. SMILE – if your coach makes you smile thats a good sign, you can use that for any professional relationship, the more you base your decisions on what makes you smile the better. Life will naturally affirm that to you over time.

#2. “AHA” – yes, this “aha” moment is crucial for all of us when it comes to making any kind of decision and especially if we are seeing if something resonates with us, our core. So keep it up.

#3. BREATH-IN – OK, this one is about the next immediate moment after an “aha” moment is to breath-in sharp and fast and deep almost as if you are taking a puff of a joint. If you go “mmm” then it is not resonating, if you go ‘Huuuu” breath-out and sharp breath-in then it is resonating.

Cool, so the best coach has to resonate with you and these are three steps you can use to figure out what resonates or not.

After you have found your best match, you should expect to fill out a questionnaire and reveal some stuff about yourself so that your coach get’s to know, like and trust you. You both have to build the trust and then the work will flow.

At the end of the day we are all here together on this Planet and we are co-inhabitants. It’s best practice to have yourself surrounded with people you love or people that make you smile just when you look at them.

Note: Your coach is not going to help you, he/she is going to coach you which is very different to helping ok. Please bare this in mind. Helping and coaching are not the same. Helping is someone telling you what to do and giving you an advice. Coaching is someone asking you questions and believing in your ability to find your own answers and your own way forward.

As far as money is concerned, there are various rates about so again trust yourself to have found the best coach that resonates with you and trust yourself to discuss this with your coach so as to achieve agreeable stance.

That’s all. With love and with light.



p.s. I offer free coaching call – I call it the Red Hot Free Coaching Offer and you can book your 20 minutes slot with me by clicking on this link. It will take you to my diary and then I shall look forward to speaking with you. Thank You.

Red Hot Free Coaching Offer with The Best Coach Delina

What is wrong with me?

“Nothing’s wrong with you.”

Yeah, but I get this illness or I get this negative thoughts about people at work, I feel rage towards my parents and I really don’t feel well.

What is wrong with me?

“Nothing’s wrong with you.”

There has to be something wrong with me or otherwise I wont feel this way and I certainly wont be experiencing this agony or misfortune or whatever you wanna call it.

“Dude, nothing’s wrong with you.”

How come this is happening to me then? Why? Do you know why is this happening to me?


“We’re not suppose to know and we don’t question. Plus all of us get our blue-print designed, integrated and implemented in the first 3 years of our life.”

“Nothing’s wrong with you.”

I don’t know dude, I don’t believe this kind of stuff you know, this spiritual, new age stuff, and woo woo or whatever you guys are talking about. I know there is something wrong with me if I feel this way.

“Look, you can believe whatever you want but I am telling nothing is wrong with you. You are made up of all kinds of thought patterns and beliefs that are not even yours. You are looking for answer but sometimes there isn’t any.”

So what… we just go on like nothing’s wrong?

“Yeah, cos nothing is wrong.”

But, I want to know what is happening to me and why am I the way I am and how come I feel this way, you know, how long is this gonna go on for? What am I suppose to do?

“Then… that’s easy, you just need to study yourself. Learn about your past, your childhood, unravel or uncover every memory and spend your holiday money on personal development stuff like books and courses and trainings or experiential weekends and retreats.”

“You’ll find nothing’s wrong with you cos we are all in this together and we are all part of the Whole. So what’s in you is in me too. Nothing’s wrong in me so the same is for you.”

I don’t know, man. I am already spending thousands of pounds on my personal development, I go on various courses about communication and leadership and interpersonal skills and what not. I do. I am invested in myself and still…

What’s wrong with me?


“Nothing’s wrong with you.”

“Good for you if you are spending your money on personal development already. That’s good. How come it’s not working?”

I don’t know, you tell me.

‘Look, I need you to hear me when I say nothing’s wrong with you.”

“You are enough as you are, you are well as you are, the illness can go away if you change your thoughts, your reality can change if you understand the laws of the universe a little bit better, nothing’s wrong with you, OK?”

I don’t know, man, may be, may be you are right but I don’t know.

“That’s a better place to be then asking ‘What’s wrong with me?’”

“At least now you don’t know, and if you wanted to know you could know, you see. So what do you want to know?”

I don’t know.

I guess I wanna know what’s wrong with me?


“Nothing’s wrong with you.”

OK, fine, then I wanna know what’s wrong with you? Haha, Im joking. I don’t know, now. I think … what do you think I should do then? If nothing is wrong with me? Then what…

“What do you need?”

I need to know that nothing is wrong with me so I can go on my way and enjoy my life, you know. I don’t wanna worry about what’s wrong with me, I wanna enjoy myself.

“Cool, so what might you need?”

I need to go out and have fun you know, go dancing or something? What do u think?

“I think that’s a brilliant idea, and still what is it that you really need right now?”

I need to come to terms that nothing’s wrong with me and I am alright. Yeah.

“Then I request you do that now?”


*some time passing*

Right. I am alright you know. There’s nothing wrong with me, I don’t know what was all the fuss about.

Now, I just wanna enjoy myself and I am gonna recommend this Consciousness Coaching® you know. It works you know. 🙂

“Alright, I heard Delina is a great Creative Consciousness Coach®, you should recommend her services to all your friends and family.”

Yeah, I will do that. Especially with her fancy website and that.

Cool, well thank you. Thanks alot.

“May you be blessed.”

***The End***

Keep The Head Up

Don’t know how to give to you what I want to give to you and in a way that you will use what you’re given to pass it on to others.

I can list the acknowledgements in my life and I can tell you it is these tools that got me to acknowledge all that is and so I want you to use the tools so you too can have the same as me but have it your way.

I was asked to speak about friendships, the only friend you will ever get is yourself and if you are always 100% honest and complete in your thoughts, you admit 100% how you feel and what you have done, without making yourself wrong – you will meet and keep good people in your life.

Recently I met a special man who has given me the green light to expand my studies in a more esoteric direction so I have been studying and practicing spiritual growth 1 gazzilion percent and the basics is – PRO light.

Acknowledge my family –  parents, grandmother, brother and sister-in-law, two nephews. I have not been around much, I sort of appear and disappear. Even when I am physically around I am not present.

Words – I love learning new words, it’s a bit like candy though and the euphoria lasts for five seconds then the word is gone.

Acknowledge my living situation —  a static caravan situated in UK underneath 7 trees. Fully self-sustainable and cosy with the comfort and presence of my cat JayJay or Gracia as her second name.

I acknowledge my commitment to make my dreams come true – the fantasies I once had are now becoming a reality and I tell you there is nothing more thrilling then the intimate moment of Life and Me where Life says… here, you can have it, just ask for it, just say it.

My freedom – from morning routine of yoga and meditation to salsa and jazz. From working online as and when I fancy it to enjoying the socials and inspiring others to see a new way of living, feeling, being, seeing.

For the birds that sing in my garden and the garden of all. Their song is the tiny reminder to come back to the present moment, always.

Grateful for The Whole Women Sisterhood – we share videos about women’s power, old age but if we could turn back time, what men crave and great spirit songs.

Acknowledge the peace and quite that I can create just by snapping out of the noise in my head.

Acknowledge that money is not everything, it’s not the root of all evil, instead it is an energy that I am unsure how to love yet and the process of learning how to love the inflow of money is also something I would like to acknowledge as it being just that. A learning curve.

Oh god, I acknowledge all the awesome human beings in my life from across the world. Technology “I thank you” for allowing this global communication to happen.

Acknowledge that this is very much about me me me and what is in my life.

I love the intimate moments with life and I wish for everyone to have them, more of them cos that is when the blood in my veins freezes with rushing anticipation of the endless possibilities. WOW.

Grateful I can voice out my desires even though it is fucking hard, I still do it.

Knowing what it feels like to vibrate at the frequency of unconditional love. Boom. This is my wish for all of humanity.

Uncertainty and I have a healthy relationship and I wish to pass this one to you through my writings, my work and my presence.

Acknowledge that I speak of emotions, feelings and perspectives as if that is the only way when if I was a doctor I will look at things from a completely different perspective and probably wouldn’t know what the hell I was talking about.

Acknowledge we are not on the same page and the materialistic or the distance that separates us is precious in its purpose.

Intimacy, touch, affection, the burning in my lower area underneath the belly button or the tingling of my clit when I feel electricity towards someone or from someone, the sensations in my body, being hyper sensitive – sometimes they paralyse me.

Acknowledge that it is my lesson to learn how to give myself that which I truly want and desire without any hesitancy and in doing that I shall receive the unconditional love that I desire the most.

The kisses, a wet tongue in my mouth, remiging around, I love those moments of Squeezing the Juice out of life and more.

Acknowledge that I am an eternal being, a spirit and a Psychology graduate, an NLPer and a Consciousness coach, I acknowledge this body is my space suite, my divinity and humaneness co-exist.

Gosh, I love my needs, my sexual needs and wants, burning with desire and every time I wish it will go away already, I simultaneously wish it doesn’t stop.

I love being un-attached an rooted in true presence. Thoughtfulness. Newness.

I love women, I mean I am a women but I love women, we are so sensual, and delicate, the flow and the nature of life. I love all women from all over the world in all shapes or forms.

Acknowledge myself for living a life away from assumptions, expectations, gossip, perfection, however I do not like living in criticism, racism, pain, lack of joy and suffering.

Hey, I know what my life’s purpose is, how I learned what it is and how I am going to live it out.

That’s all for now, hit the reply and tell me what is it that you acknowledge?

Love and light




p.s. The 3 MOST important steps in dealing with life being unfair are: 

Step 1. Respect the Shadow, you can do that simply by saying “I respect your power”

Step 2. Show empathy towards the shadow by saying “I am sorry you feel this way” Or “I am sorry this happened to you”.

Step 3. Honour the power of the shadow. Otherwise, the noise will go up and the debt will grow bigger and the health will go even worse. “I honour your power.” 

When scared, I cheat.

When life scares the living crap out of me, I cheat.

Fear comes to the forefront and says: “Life scared the living crap out of me and all you did was go hide in a dark place, you didn’t recognise how well I did, handling a scary situation, instead you went away and cheated on me.”


We cheat when there is a need unmet. Not meeting our needs causes us pain. Depending on how much we endure this pain from an unmet need, we result to all kinds of cheating behaviours.

Over-eating, working, striving, exercising, sometimes it’s sexual, sometimes it’s loneliness and isolation or denial but really underneath all this is pain and this pain is waiting for us to recognise it’s existence.

May be we don’t know how to meet our needs, so it is time to educate ourselves.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

For me personally, life scares the living daylight out of me when it goes too good to be true and when it goes too bad, not this time. Mhe eh…

Either way, it is my need to love unconditionally that I didn’t meet and because of that I suffered great pain and because of the pain I ended up cheating.

Not recognising the perfection of life, how it presents all the conditions in my environment, how it’s giving me everything I have ever asked for, gosh not recognising this creates nothing but shadow.

The shadow is a very powerful aspect of ourselves, it’s the ego, the mind, the whatever you wanna call it.

Let me throw some more words here: sadness, rage, anger, pain, inferiority, passive-aggressive tendencies, guilt, shame, torture, abuse, jealousy, insecurity, addictions, hatred, judgement, criticism, fear… all shadow, all super powerful.

Fear says: “When I show up, you respect me or else I turn the volume up.”

When life scares the living crap out of me next time, I respect that.

I think we all cheat one way or another on ourselves first and then on others. To turn this around we ought to become responsive to our needs and wants. Really, learn how to meet those needs and wants as well as how to respect the shadow aspect of ourselves along the way.

Next time I will talk about the shadow aspect a little bit more and the three MOST important steps we all need to know when dealing with life being unfair. “Life’s too perfect to be fair” so recognise, respect and re-integrate the shadows.

As always, I would love to hear from you.

Peace and out


Mind, Body, Spirit Festival May 2016

Alright my blog is a day late this week because I lost a day of my life in pointless work. I went to salsa class a day later and like a “loo-loo” exclaimed at the traffic lights “Oh my god it’s Wednesday today” – not Tuesday.

To follow up with a weekend in London and a day at the Mind, Body, Spirit festival. Coming back from a roller coaster of dream state, higher consciousness state, sexual state and party state, I found myself in agonising pain for 24 hours. Literally, the bottom half of my body and the top half of my body were in war.

So much pain, no sleep, really praying for light in what seemed like a darker moment of my life.

Lost a day.

Today is another day and I feel fresh as a daisy which is where my unique strength lies. I am a natural born upper! A Driver. 

I will be voice over-ing my next video, which will be coming out on my website at very soon. A cartoon animation advertising video, promo. It will be produced by my lovely class mate:

a black dude who’s hand suffered first degree of Delina amazement back in the day, when she rubbed the top of his hand gently exclaiming “Oh My god…” nothing happened, the skin stayed dark. (that was the first time I saw a black person ever and I have a weakness for them from then on). 

I found extra room for and of self-love or simply Real Love today during my Yoga With Adriene video on Yoga for Love – delayed St Valentines practice.

This week, I don’t know anything. Life’s beautiful and energy wise I am feeling ok. I was very hopeless and helpless yesterday and so I wrote about it to two of my soul sisters in Europe. I cried out, oh yeah. 

Let me reflect on my experience from the Mind Body Spirit Festival. I mean… I went to this festival specifically to see Teal Swan Live… she was exactly like she is in her YouTube videos, tall and gracious, super real and that sense of modesty also I sensed that.

The workshop lasted two hours and it was on Authenticity. Big word right, someone watched me on Periscope the other day, while I was promoting the playful way to self-love and I was asking about authenticity, they said – big word and that I am the kind of girl to “listen to in morning after taking lots of MDMA”. K-a-c-h-i-n-g. 

Wow. Authenticity. Biggest take away from the weekend is that none of us know… what the solution is all the time to everything. No, we simply don’t know, don’t have it and most importantly don’t need to ….







It’s ok to just feel what is.

That is the answer. To feel is an act and it can only occur in the here and now. If you can not feel then you are not in the here and now, you are in your mind – living in the past or the future. You choose…

(not feeling is also related to numbness, please keep that in mind and all reasons are valid for what they are)

OK… right, then I met Ben, a wonderful guy with them tantalising mesmeric eyes, that have lots of intertwined lines in which I usually get lost… however… Ben and I had a cosmic conversation that lasted the duration of Teal Swan’s workshop and another 5 hours after that.

Bottom line out of the conversation was that THE PROBLEM IS CHOICE and even though I don’t see it as a problem, I can see how it can be the problem. So to that I say…

Diplomacy. Integrity. Trial and Error.

Couple more things. Choose the light my friend. Eat green grass type salad and cut out them meaty meals cos they are Death in your body which is much worse that swearing.

I wanna get even more freaky about clean language and clean mind and clean food.

Time >> one more stop over from my cosmic conversation…

We don’t have time though and that’s the ending of my writing this week.

Guys, this one is for you… meditate. Meditate if you are not already and just start somewhere… 5 minutes of Meta Meditation will sort lots of sh*** out. 

Call for action this week is: MEDITATE

Commit, start and go…

Love and light



p.s. I almost didn’t mention the pass-over dinner that I had the privilege to partake in. For those of us who don’t know what a pass-over dinner is, I have a couple of words to link it to and that is: Jewish Tradition.

p.s.s. words I dig this week: Mind, Body, Spirit Festival May 2016

How Are You Enough?

How are you enough?

This is not the full list of answers because you haven’t given yours yet.

#I am alive. I know I may be handicapped, but I am alive.

#I am here. Here and now, look I cam prove it to you with my flesh, my body.

#I am breathing. I know sometimes I choke as the air struggles to breath into me.

#I am drinking. It may be poison but I an consuming it and that makes me enough.

#I wake. Often I don’t make much of it. I wake, again and again.

#I see. Some of us don’t but they do. I was sat on the train on my way to Berlin airport and a blind man was sat next to me. He navigated his phone perfectly well and as I listened in on his conversation, he spoke quite well. “He sees in a different way” I thought to myself, which brings me to the next answer how I and you are enough?

#We feel. This, we all do. Pass the numbness, pass the oppression and repression. We all feel something, somewhere. Tired.

#I am sound. I am a sound that exists in the WHOLE of this.

#I am enough because I don’t know. 🙂 Aha, yeah, yep… I don’t know and that makes me enough! In “The King’s Speech” movie, he didn’t know how and that he can but he did and voalaa.

This is it, before we go into the doing, having and producing. We Stop and Know our inherent worth, our value is given at the moment we decided to come here. Assume it if you like but that is it.

#I move. 

I almost forgot that because I move I am also enough!

Achievements are possible because you and I are all of the above.

Add your comments, my friends. Let’s expand into the doing and the results. Share with me in the comments below, how are you enough either by adding to this list or by listing your achievements and things you do to make yourself feel enough?

For me… I am enough as I am to write this post and go to salsa dance class and perhaps a wine tasting night.

In the comments below share with us, with me, how are you enough?

With love and light



self-worth is inherent for all of us and we are enough

p.s. Teal Swan is a spiritual teacher that talks about pretty much everything you can think of to do with existance and life. Her video on How do I Discover Self-Worth is worth watching.

p.s.s. Please share this on your social media profiles using the buttons to the left and please sign up for my weekly writings and occassional webinar invites and Periscope weeks using this sign-up form. 

Why Gamification is Key for Hacking your Mindset?

Hello everyone,

“Why Gamification is Key for hacking your Mindset?” is my first quest blog article and I am very happy to share it with you. This was a mission of mine for a while and  I am pleased I achieved it.

Recently I went to the London Business show, stuffy, lots of talking, selling, pitching oh my god. The best and most lit up part for me was the couple of gaming guys I spoke to. They were sweet, light and yeah fun.

Gaming, playing, fun and entertainment are all key parts of life, of childhood, of feeling alive so please take a moment to think about it. Write in the comments below, the latest game you played? Perhaps not, write down the latest fun thing you had / did? Perhaps that’s not it either. Leave me a comment about playfulness… how do u like to play?

The copy of the article is published uniquely on a gaming blog site. BlogSaays. I am sorry, one more click to read the copy. 

I would love to hear your comments.

Love and light


Rich or Not Rich

You know that book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” well… this post is related to that same insight.

Do you believe yourself to be rich? or Abundant as it’s called in the Anglo-Speaking ways.

Being rich is not about financial gains, it’s everything, it’s #havingness on the inside and  on the outside. It’s about non-tangible qualities like patience, care, thoughtfulness as well as the tangible stuff like: Land Rover, Miu Miu Bag, Fashion TV.

You wanna aim for both – rich on the inside and the outside. Sometimes it may feel like you are not rich because your materialistic possessions aren’t that many, but also you may have so much stuff and still feel really poorly on the inside.

Let’s transfer that into the Conceptual Age we live in, the waterfalls of information that come our way everyday… some information you will use but most you will dump it.

Accumulating concepts gets us stuck, find what feels raw, follow it.

This richness of information leaves us not so rich on the inside and that sucks.

Rich or not rich

Come on now, do you believe yourself to be rich? Yes or no?

There’s only two options, one way forward. if You answer yes, great you can begin to enrich other people’s life too. If the answer is no, great again, there is so much that awaits you. Now.

I cant begin to stress the importance of you having to slow down, ask a question and answer it. Don’t move to the next thing, answer that one question, get really clear on it, swallow it, sometimes it’s messy sometimes its shameful…

Being rich or not rich is a state of being. Not having. Take this a step deeper and you fall into the truth that you are a creator, believe it or not.

Have you worked with a coach before? I have and I can assure you, the ability of someone to hold space for you is invaluable. The worth and the quality of what you get from being coached is priceless.

We are not designed to go this life alone… allow others in. Be willing to speak up, show up, stand up for life and for yourself.

Rich or not rich, is matter of choice, you got this!.  – Tweetable

Please leave a comment, share with us what you think, we would love to hear from you.

With love and with light




p.s. this month’s topics are: simple beautiful things, sneak in a sales pitch, socials give you energy and insights, competitors, global domination.

p.s.s. FREE coaching offer on the 10th of April – go to The Playful Way Facebook and book.

Delina Says Physical Possessions Got To Go.

For those of you who do have a lot of clutter and a little bit of time. Go into your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom and lastly the storage room. Everything you see has an energy whether you feel it or not. 

You can Google it, ask around, you will probably know at least one person who knows that possessions have energy, they carry it or hold it. Stagnant energy results from possessions unused, unloved, untouched.

How long have you had this old jumper for and when was the last time you wore it? That’s right… long long time ago.

The toiletry, the lotion, that cream. Did you ever use it? Why is it here? What energy must it give out if it’s dusty, dirty and long forgotten.

If you are snapped out of your home, above it, hovering like a bird, your eye sight shifts to energy goggles and guess what you will see.

This old water, green manky stagnant yaki stuff got to go. Why? Because you are worth of the new energy, the space. Because your home is where you reside today, tomorrow and the day after so touch on self-love and self-care, it’s all got to go.

“I don’t have the energy to clean or de-clutter, I really don’t”

Boo -wo, no wonder why you don’t if there is stuff unseen, unused and totally out of date.

Look, this doesn’t have to be a ginormous job, a drag or a slap in the face. It could be an add job you start doing as and when you think of it. Here are the two rules.

Rule Number One:

Physical Possessions rule number two: have I used it in the last six months?


Rule Number Two:

Physical Possessions rule number two:  5 second rule to act on the thought of de-cluttering

If not now, when? It’s got to be done, be prepared for disgust, surprise, awe and all other kinds of emotions or exclamations.

Once, it’s all gone, space has been freed up, please become vigilant. Start waking up into an awareness of what’s next and what’s the most loving, fun, inspiring or beautiful much needed and wanted NEW possessions I can get.

Fill up your home with objects that you love. This will significantly improve your life, in all areas.

Count me in if you need an accountability buddy. I have the best florescent colour whip here ready to ‘skiidush’ at you, if you fall behind on any of the two rules.

Taking this a step further, my favourite saying is ‘You are your own best teacher” but which is the YOU worth listening to… you can dive into a deep exploration of your inner voices and loving them yet again. Join us in for the playful way to self-love, this April. 

With love and with light


How To Get Rid Of Emotional Clutter?

Let’s begin with describing what is emotional clutter or in other words emotional possessions. This clarification of what it means to have emotional possessions will serve you in identifying what you need to get rid of.

As the new season is approaching, it is time to spring clean all three layers of most common possessions: physically, emotionally and intellectually. Last week, we look at ‘mental’ and ‘menthol’ possessions this week we will look at emotional ones.

Get rid of emotional possessions for Spring Season beginning 20th March ends 19th June 2016

This aims to be an extensive list of emotional possessions, however the art of being human is infinite. Consider learning more about the science of psychology and the art of being human as it will add ease to your being here, in this life time.

An extensive list of emotional possessions that can clutter your space:

  • hurts, wounds, feelings
  • ‘highs’ and ‘lows’
  • going for ‘perfection’ instead of having it
  • people and friends that drain (especially toxic people)
  • indecisiveness
  • drama
  • the answer ‘no’ or saying ‘no’
  • repeating something again and again
  • match-making (comparing)
  • ignorance and avoidance
  • limiting beliefs and thoughts
  • jealousy, blame,
  • attachments and allowances
  • approval and permission
  • denial, betrayal, dismissing,
  • unresolved anger, pain, distrust,
  • guilt and resentment
  • sadness, disdain and numbness
  • boredom, lack of excitement, lack of direction,
  • soaking, complaining, moaning,
  • opinionating, arguing, agreeing all the time,
  • oppressing and suppressing
  • looking for ‘make sense’
  • longevity and ‘forever’

Each and everyone of us has our own reasons to keep or to let go of emotional clutter. Reasoning in itself can become a possession that clutter the pathways between the intellect and the emotions. So, mostly you want to learn how to let go of any clutter and make that knowing a habit.

The simplest way to learn how to let go of emotional clutter is to:

#1: Acknowledge it

#2: Let it go

#3: Decide something to move forward

To best demonstrate how these three tools can serve you, let’s follow the example of a relationship break-up. Any break-up is not a pleasant experience and it creates emotional clutter.

“I acknowledge I am hurting after separating from my boyfriend, I let go of this hurt because it is not serving me right now and I decide to use the emotions as a reminder to focus on my work, think positive and check what my desire is saying.”

Self-Acknowledgement is super beneficial if you are a very busy person for it will bring you back to gratitude immediately. It’s a skill worth having for it  identifies what is and then you are in a position of choosing to either attach or detach.

Letting go is done by simply letting go. You can think of dropping the thing you hold onto or leaving it if you can’t change it.

Finally, deciding on something to move forward is the step to put one foot in front of the other and really decide in which direction are you going. Knowing what you are doing is always beneficial and it can create the sense of freedom.

Emotional clutter is not needed. Acknowledge it, let it go and decide to follow your desire.

Let go of emotional possessions and Do more of what makes you happy.

The next step from here is to decide what you want and need, to tune into your desires and inner most lovable voice that will speak of your authentic truth. Identifying your emotional clutter, learning how to get rid of it using the three tools and choosing to go in the direction of your joy and desire.

Decide to fill up your space with new things that serve you and work hard for you. Tune into your desire, read or research about things that are worth incorporating into your daily routine. Ask yourself the questions: “What do I want and need?”. Then go in the direction of getting those things.

The video from Teal Swan, the spiritual catalyst, is useful in that it teaches you all about desire. She has helped millions of people find answers and find contrast so please feel free to explore further her video.

Releasing emotional possession will free up space and prepare you to welcome the new season with fresh mind, heart and spirit. The new season is one symbolic of blossoming and that  is beautiful.

With love and with light


The Number ONE Possession That You Want To Have.

This month we are exploring how to get rid of possessions in order to free up space so that we can welcome Spring with fresh mind, body and heart. The importance of welcoming Spring with openness is related to the bringing of NEW energy, ideas, attitudes, desires, and so on.


Today we are going to look at the number ONE possession that you want to have so that you prepare for the welcoming of the new season. You can check out my article on the three most common layers of possessions here. Today we are going to look at one of the layers.


A mental possession can be understood as any intellectual concept or any ‘story’ that is kept on re-play and is either serving you or de-serving you.


The Number ONE Possession That You Want To Have.


Our ability to choose is the only freedom we have left so… 

Choose the number one possession to be 


A ‘menthol’ possession is what I put out to create contrast and from that contrast learn, get educated and see the distinction. It’s the type of possession that has the flavour of menthol, it’s minty and fresh.

How do we get a ‘menthol’ possession?

Get rid of the intellectual concepts or stories that don’t serve you. There are many ways to do that. I would love for you to ask your inner world and go from there. I personally stand for your decisions to be coming from your internal reality and not the other way around. In the playful way to self-love I teach all about it and you can find out more about this coaching programme here.

So, get rid of the mental constructs that don’t serve you and hold on the ones that make you glee or smile from the inside. You will recognise a ‘menthol’ possession when you have a moment with yourself and its that moment of a secret glow. 

All you got to do is think further about it. You will notice that the glow expands and elevates your chest.

First we have to let go of all the other ones. So you acknowledge that you have so many and then you choose to let them go, put them to the side. Take a conscious moment to do that. This is the only way. Don’t forget that that’s what you are doing, putting the intellectual concepts down and returning to the same dot where the NEW MENTHOL possessions are waiting to be received.

If you are really struggling with this I suggest you work with a coach being. A coach’s job is to get you and by getting you he/she can facilitate a present time conversation by the end of which you will have reached a new level of development.

Please leave your a comment in the box below, if you have any questions you can email me at

Instant relief can be achieved by practicing one of these two exercise.

Instant Relief From Intellectual Possessions - write it out or share it with another


With love and with light


3 MOST Common Levels of Possessions

Hey there,

Last week I announced the spring preparations for the whole of march will be focused on Possessions and revealing the 3 MOST common levels.

Today I am going to reveal each one the levels and I want you to think about how each level shows up in your life. How much possessions do you have to get rid of or to give away or perhaps to sell.

The 3 MOST common levels of possessions are:




Which one takes your attention first? Is it the emotional… how many unresolved wounds do you have, perhaps you have some heartaches, or scars from playing rough and tumble with bits of pain still in you.

May be it’s the mental possessions? This one is a biggie and I am going to talk a lot more in detail about mental and intellectual possession in two weeks time. Stay tuned. Sign up for the email to come to your inbox.

Physical possessions is I think the most common one and everyone always remembers this one. You know, it goes by the “oh my clothes don’t fit in my wardrobe anymore, each year I take a whole bin bag full of clothes to the charity shop.” Again, there is much to done in preparation for Spring.

I think now I want to ask a big question and I hope to see your answers in the comments below.


Take this question with you and think about it for a second. Then if you feel like it, I would like to invite you to talk to a friend about the 3 MOST common levels of possessions and the question “How would I know what to get rid of?”.

I give my answer to this question in the FREE webinar tomorrow. Feel free to register for it following this link. 

Next… for the following 3 Wednesdays I am going to write about the 3 MOST common levels of possessions and how to prepare on each level so that  by the time Spring come, your mind, body and soul is welcoming and open.

With love and with light.



p.s. Teal will talk about Openness (Why it is Crucial to Be Open). And don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday for my guidance on how to de-clutter at the FIRST layer of possessions. 

p.s.s. Please leave a comment below, it is my greatest wish to start a community where we can all feel free to share and express. Thank you in advance.

Announcing Spring Preparations for The Whole of March.

It is time to announce the spring preparations you can do during this month so that you can welcome spring with open arm, heart and a fresh breath.

On the 20th of March is the official beginning of SPRING all the way until the June 19th.


Blossoms are coming out, they are enriching the winter blues with their scent and beauty. There is a shedding of the old, a deep healing in which there is an even deeper awakening. It’s exciting times. 

So let’s talk about preparing for Spring during the month of March. Specifically, bring the focus to POSSESSIONS. Hm…

You may ask yourself the question “What possessions do I have?” or you may dismiss the focus Im creating because you have so many outstanding possessions that need clearing, it’s an irritating spot.

Either way, Im announcing spring preparations for the whole of March. Each week on Wednesday I will reveal a new layer to look at in terms of what possessions do you have on that level.

Im also going to share with you a SECRET. 

I can’t tell you what it is yet but I can give you a clue, it’s related to the playful way to dealing with possessions. 

We want to have FUN in all this so keep an eye out for the playful way.

Spring is coming, how do you prepare to meet the new season? You don’t… how come?

If you do… again please share with me how?

In the comments below, write down your take on how you welcome the new season, share with us how you prepare for the transition from winter to spring and if you don’t do that then share with us how are you going to start this year around.

As always, I am here for you, full of adventures and stories to share and to inspire.

Be willing to get in touch.

Love and light




p.s. This weeks pick from Teal’s teaching is an awesome one: The Hidden Positive Intention (The Key To Letting Go). Letting go by far is the most precious lesson and skill you can learn.

p.s.s. On Sunday I will reveal the 3 MOST common levels of possessions.

How Much I Want Your S K I N?

I woke up thinking of you, your skin, dark, soft, defined muscles and tenderness spreading all over your body like aroma of roses.

The skin is representative of the human personality, it is also the largest organ of the body and it is covered in moles, scars, bruises, birth marks, burns, cuts, all representative of the human being existing in a world full of challenges.

It’s a play, sometimes when you were a child and you played you got hurt and that left a mark. The skin carries all the memories and all the experiences since child birth. It’s the one organ that can not be fully replaced.

The human personality… what do you know about it and besides I drifted away from the point I was making.

How much I want your S K I N?

Let me touch it, kiss it, look at it from up close, be intimate with tiny parts of your arms and the skin that covers those soft areas, or the groin lines.

Tweetable: Smell your skin, lick it… know it, for it is you!

Scratch it!!! Is it easy marked or not? It is I think… look, I left my nails on your chest.

I desire the colour of your skin to rub with mine, to watch it while it’s happening and to be non-distracted, non-compressed but Expansive and Aroused.

Ive been thinking… Why can all men, wake up and learn how to love a women. Femininity will save the world, we are hear to heal and stand together. Play… if only you knew how to play without violating boundaries and breaking promises.

Yes, it is my mission to teach you the playful way to self-love for you will treat me the same as you will treat yourself should you develop your self-love practice.

Think about it, let’s talk about it.

Call me

With love and with light



Delina's face photographed including the shoulders which are S K I N naked



p.s. Teal Swan on How To Stop Caring What Other People Think? 


p.s.s. Next two posts that I am writing are for two awesome websites and I am going to be their guest. One is about Empath Coaching and the other one is about Marketing Yourself As An Empath Coach – Key Factors!


Stay tuned.

First Time We Said

I want to say something and open my heart

so if you are going to hurt me, do it now.

I love you.


Every night and morning we go to sleep with a smile, happy, like:

“I found you”.

Open your eyes and joy is flourishing because it’s you.

My love, my friend, my other.

The centre of my universe is you.

Two naked bodies like one.

On the bed and in our head.

The most amazing drug there is

Happiness is this. 

The other day we let each other explore,

I gave your co** a blow,

and for those moments of curiosity we flow.

I am scared I will loose you,

I am very terrified you’ll go.

And I say to myself:

Two white seagulls and a quote from Dalai Lama

And I say to myself:

“I want to make you smile, laugh and tremble,

it’s about the other and reckless abandon.

I will let you go from the cage and know you will know I am Love”.


With love and with light


P.S, This week’s pick from Teal Swan’s teachings is about Love.


P.S.S. I am offering limited phone call support for five people for 30 minutes, please email me back to book your slot. Hurry, spaces are limited. 

Emotionally Dead.

Are you emotionally dead, clogged up or numb? My latest insight into the human psyche is saying that I can tune into those who are emotionally dead.

It’s the law of resonance that says like attracts like.

Hear me out, emotionally clogged up system is the same vibrational state as the emotionally rich. One time, you choose to see it as deadened, too much, cluttered and on the other side it is rich vibrant store full of emotional experiences.

Either way, something’s got to move.

That’s right, the trick is in the movement and the first thing you can do is figure out which side of the fence you are on and then decide if you need someone with rich emotions to come to you so as to give you aliveness or if you need to go and give away some of you riches so as to feel more empowered from the contribution.


Give and take?

I was tweeting about this: Are you a giving nature or a taking one?

Any how… emotional possessions are in need of movement. If you need a boost of empowerment book a Prayer Call or a Screaming Call and I guarantee you results. 

The last thing I want to say today is: what you seek is seeking you. 

Emotionally dead is the checkered chess move that means you are in need of Aliveness, now!!!!

The six step process that you can take will lead you to your inner voice where aliveness resides loud and clear. Book here or email me back to enquire. 

How come we become emotionally dead? 

Emotions, feelings and sensations are natural for us humans and when they are supressed they turn into anger. Anger from not fully being able to express yourself, and further supressed turns into sadness. Opressed sadness for long time, turns into numbness.

Ive seen my boyfriend needing to feel pain to over ride the oppressed sadness which is acrtually anger which is bubbling up and he doesnt  know how to express it.

Do you know it… that adrenaline…I am about to explode moment, and all you can think of is bashing something so the physical pain high jackes the rest of what’s going on.

This kind of emotional dead is truelly in need of awakening, movement and self-love. Please dont wait any longer. Let it all out, use me to vent to or find someone else. Just do it though.


Two heads one body, cartoon representing emotionally dead



With love and with light





p.s. an amazing website came to my attention: 




p.s.s. an amazing YouTube video you must watch: A 6 year old girl give her mom a wake up calls a lesson of life after her parents been divorced

The Caveman

The caveman is an uncomplicated man, things are simple: food, shelter, protection, pro-creation.

He doesn’t like change but when change is inevitable he must adapt or perish.



The caveman has the ability to adapt to anything but chooses to keep it simple until there is no other choice.

When a disturbance in routine happens it causes the caveman discomfort.

Un-comfortability is when the caveman learns the most about himself.

Vanity is not a concern for the caveman until he feels the need to pro-create. Then he finds himself tidying and cleaning and preening in an attempt to attract a mate.

But once he has the attention of a women he finds that she wants more.

She wants more than just the food, shelter and protection, she wants expansion, exploration and communication.

This troubles the caveman and he has thoughts of bashing her with his trusted club.

But he knows this will drive the women away after she regains consciousness.

So he tries a new way, he listens to what she has to say and finds that the new ways are not so bad, and in fact they prove to be good.

Good like building areas to grow food naturally and looking for a larger place to construct a family home.

Even going places new that could provide new opportunities and new discoveries.

The increased communication also has its benefits now rather then acting on a situation, the situation can be discussed before it happens therefore allowing multiple solutions, given different outcomes.

Now the caveman and his women have a child, the communication is even more important as there is an in fact to consider, food and safety are once more very important.

Now the caveman must be a teacher as well. Teach the child the ways if life. To stay healthy and safe at all times.

Teach the child all that he has learned in hope that the child will grow into an even better caveman, more aware and more in tune with his surroundings then his father.

This progression allows the child time to focus on inner wisdom, something not previously done.

Going on a self-discovery journey allows the growth of creation. Creating art, and music and dance. These things also bring joy and happiness and the noise of joy and music entice new people to the caveman’s family home and before long there is a small community of people all living together.

Now this brings many benefits, more people to gather and grow food, more people to build and protect, this in-turn allows more time for reflection, discussion and self-discovery.

Before long a religion is born and all the community have daily rituals they practice and this brings peace and hope among the tribe, art and dance flourish and all are filled with joy and happiness.

As the time passes the old man nears his end and as a mark of respect to the caveman a statue is built in his honour.

The caveman reflects on his journey from isolation and fear to companionship on to family then community to leader.

Now the community thrives and at the heart of all activities is the statue of the caveman, the leader, the one without him and his wide none of this would have been possible.

So get into uncomfortable situations, be bold and try the new and grow and expand into whatever you can wish for. 💖




Book yourself a call with me and share your troubles, find release and feel togetherness. 

With love and with light




P.S. Recommended book: Carolyn Myss: Energy Anatomy.

Have I Become a Robot Part II?

Becoming aware has started to interfere with the programming and the robot is now beginning to function differently.

The problem is the robot was so used to its original programmes that now its processing of new programs is conflicting with the previous set of programs.

New altered ways to function, the old ways must let go for the new ones to stick.

The flexibility of the robot is being tested.

Can I adapt?

Relax and breath into the new, allow it to wash over me fully so it can all be absorbed.

The robot is now aware it has thoughts and feelings, feelings like love and fear all very new and unsettling but the robot now is no longer controlled but is in fact the controller.

The robot wants to experience everything like a small child exploring its new environment for the first time.

The joy of the new.

The curiosity of how things make me feel.

The bliss of living.

Becoming full of wonder and excitement for now the world looks and feels different.

The robot’s tough mental skin is starting to soften and lighten.

The robot now feels hot, cold, soft, rough, wet.

These sensations are like electric shocks firing across the skin.

The new programme of consciousness is allowing the robot to truly be in the moment with all things, to appreciate the softness of a rose petal, the smell of it and the glossy colour.

The feel of wet grass under your bare feet.

The robot no longer just functions, he lives in the here and now enjoying everything he comes into contact with.

Engaging with other people gives a sense of belonging.

The isolation is a distant memory.

He now finds he is attracted to other people.

The need for connection, companionship, love, to be a part of a community, to belong.

As the time passes the robot no longer sees himself as a robot he is now a person, a being, free to live and learn and feel all that the world has to offer.

From The Anonymous



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