You know I struggle with my bouncing nature, one day its like this and another day its like that.

Today, you should know that gratitude has my heart. Your life, my life, our life, life as a whole, you know, it’s all about being grateful which has to become a practice that you do everyday. Mhm, everyday you need to be grateful for something.

Your relationship with yourself matters to me because you and me are one. We are different but the same. When you stop suffering, the whole world stops suffering. Often times, suffering is subtle, like this… “I don’t feel right, I will just ignore that I don’t feel happy and carry on as is.”

Now, that’s a subtle form of suffering. Your relationship with your emotions and feelings is what heals this planet. Even though you are busy with work, you never have time for this, you seem to be brushing this fluffy talk with your hand, you still can’t escape your emotions.

You know when you run away from your feelings, you make them wrong, this usually signals to your ego to get alert and so your mind starts to wonder about what to do next just so it doesn’t feel wrong anymore when if you take steps back, you will see that you need to feel your emotions, you need to figure out a truth which is: “you’re only human and you have emotions!”

Your emotions may be positive one day or negative another day. You just have to feel both of them without running away from the negative emotions. No more escaping. No more escapism.

for you to get ‘you’ out of your way, you need to sit with ‘you’ until ‘you’ is feels loved.

Talk to me about rejection?!

Your fear of rejection is poisonous. You know, you just gat to breath in, deeply and then do a reality check by acknowledging how you feel, by acknowledging your emotions.

You like to feel high, I do too!


That’s not possible, all the time.

Your fear of rejection is paralysing you and keeping you stagnant so let me give you some loving, baby. Woo

You know, one way to give yourself some loving is by drinking a good ass fresh bottle of water!

Another way of receiving some loving is to play reggae music on YouTube.

You can also watch Nahko with his inspiring lyrics or you can approach a friend (or me) and simply say “you know what… I feel like this and like that and yeah…” “what about you?”



Lots of love, out

Lots of love, in




p.s. Call to action – take no action, feel, feel instead of acting. Peace.